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    Welcome to the essential guide for harnessing the full potential of Contact Form 7 and Google Sheets integration. Combining the robust functionality of Contact Form 7, a versatile WordPress plugin managing multiple forms with the dynamic capabilities of Google Sheets, an online spreadsheet program, unlocks a new level of efficiency and data management. Integrating Contact Form 7 with Google Sheets allows for real-time collection and organization of form submissions, facilitating seamless collaboration and streamlining workflows for both personal and professional applications. This integration is pivotal for those who seek to enhance data analysis, improve team coordination, and leverage the full spectrum of Google's connectivity with other apps.

    On this page, we'll delve into the myriad of reasons to integrate Contact Form 7 with Google Sheets, outline the prerequisites for setting up the integration, and provide a step-by-step guide on how to merge these two powerful tools. Additionally, we'll explore practical use cases for the integration, assist with troubleshooting common issues, and address frequently asked questions. Whether you're looking to capture leads, organize survey results, or automate data entry, integrating Contact Form 7 with Google Sheets can transform the way you manage and interact with your data.

    Reasons to Integrate Contact Form 7 with Google Sheets

    • Seamless connection of Contact Form 7 forms to Google Sheets automates data collection.
    • Real-time submission updates into Google Sheets eliminate manual data entry errors.
    • Enhanced organization and accessibility of form submission data for improved data management.
    • The PRO version's custom Google API integration offers advanced automation features.
    • Ability to create new Google Sheets directly from the plugin settings streamlines the process.
    • Convenient rearrangement and customization of fields and headers in Google Sheets with the PRO version.
    • Synchronization of existing entries for WPForms PRO users optimizes data consistency.
    • Visual customization options for header and row colors in Google Sheets enhance readability.

    Setting Up Contact Form 7 and Google Sheets Integration

    To establish a seamless integration between Contact Form 7 and Google Sheets, a series of steps need to be meticulously followed. This process involves installing a dedicated plugin, connecting to Google Sheets with an access code, and configuring both the WordPress form and the Google Sheets to communicate effectively. Below is a structured list of requirements to help you set up the integration.

    1. Install the CF7 Google Sheets Connector plugin by uploading it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory on your server, or install it directly through the WordPress site admin panel by searching for "CF7 Google Sheets Connector" and then installing.
    2. Activate the plugin within the WordPress admin panel to enable its functionality.
    3. Obtain the access code by navigating to Admin Panel > Contact form 7 > Google Sheets screen and clicking on the "Get Code" button. This code is essential for establishing the connection between your website and Google Sheets.
    4. Enter the access code into the plugin’s settings to connect your Contact Form 7 to Google Sheets.
    5. Ensure the Google Sheet is correctly set up with the first row containing column names that correspond to the mail tags in your Contact Form 7 form. The first column must be labeled "date" followed by the appropriate mail tags such as "your-name", "your-email", "your-subject", "your-message", etc.
    6. Log into Google Sheets, create a new sheet, and name it. Then, copy the Sheet Name, Sheet ID, Tab Name, and Tab ID for use in the plugin’s settings.
    7. In the WordPress Admin, go to the Contact Form 7 form you wish to integrate and access the "Google Sheets" tab. Here, enter the Google Sheets sheet name and tab name into their respective fields.
    8. Save your settings in both WordPress and Google Sheets to finalize the integration.

    Integrating Contact Form 7 with Google Sheets

    There are several methods for integrating Contact Form 7 with Google Sheets, allowing users to seamlessly send form submissions directly to a spreadsheet. This can be done using the Contact Form 7 Google Sheets Connector plugin or through other similar plugins that offer this functionality. Each method has a series of steps to ensure a successful connection between your WordPress site and Google Sheets.

    Using the Contact Form 7 Google Sheets Connector Plugin

    To integrate using the Contact Form 7 Google Sheets Connector, start by installing the plugin on your WordPress site. Once activated, you will need to create a new sheet in Google Sheets and name it appropriately. With the Google API key in hand, go to the "Google Sheets Accounts" tab in WordPress to add a new account and authenticate the connection with Oauth 2.0. After that, under the "Google Sheets Feeds" tab, create a new feed, mapping the form fields to the corresponding Google Sheets columns, ensuring that names and spellings match for both the form settings and the sheet. You can send a test entry and verify it in the "Google Sheets Logs" tab. The PRO version of the plugin offers additional features such as sending attachments and tracking geolocation information.

    Connecting Multiple Google Sheets

    For more advanced use cases, it's possible to connect multiple Google Sheets to a single Contact Form 7 form. This can be done within the same plugin interface by creating multiple feeds. Each feed can be configured to send all entries or only specific ones based on user input. The logs for each submission are detailed and available for review, and entries can even be resent to Google Sheets if necessary.

    Alternative to Plugin Integration: Sourcetable

    As an alternative to direct plugin-based integration, Sourcetable offers a solution to sync live data from almost any app or database, including Contact Form 7 submissions. By using Sourcetable, users can manage their form data without the need for specific WordPress plugins, providing a flexible and powerful way to handle form submissions and other data sources in one place.

    Common Use Cases

    • C
      Google Sheets Integration
      Storing and managing contact form data efficiently
    • C
      Google Sheets Integration
      Analyzing contact form data for customer and visitor insights
    • C
      Google Sheets Integration
      Automating processes using stored contact form data

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the Contact Form 7 integration with Google Sheets work?

    The integration works by using a plugin that connects Contact Form 7 forms to Google Sheets. When a form is submitted, the plugin sends the data to a specified Google Sheet using OAuth 2.0 authentication and the Google Sheets API V4.

    Can I connect one form to multiple Google Sheets?

    Yes, you can connect one form to multiple sheets. You can also connect multiple forms to a single sheet and map each form field to any sheet column.

    Is there a difference between the free and PRO version of the Google Sheets integration plugin?

    Yes, the PRO version has more features, including custom Google API integration settings, the ability to create a new sheet from the plugin settings, to freeze header settings, and to sync existing entries for WPForms PRO users.

    What should I be careful about when setting up the integration?

    You should ensure that the names and spellings of the form fields match exactly between the Google Sheets and the form settings. If they do not match, the plugin may produce unpredictable results.

    Do I need to set up Google Sheets authentication each time I create a new form?

    No, the plugin only requires a one-time setup of Google Sheets authentication. Once set up, it can be used for multiple forms and sheets.


    In summary, integrating Contact Form 7 with Google Sheets can significantly enhance your productivity and streamline your data management process. While Contact Form 7 provides a versatile and user-friendly approach to managing multiple contact forms on your WordPress site, Google Sheets offers the flexibility of an online spreadsheet program that supports real-time collaboration and connectivity with other Google apps. However, instead of navigating the complexities of integration, you can opt for Sourcetable. Sourcetable simplifies your workflow by combining the capabilities of a form with the power of a spreadsheet in one easy-to-use platform. Sign up for Sourcetable to get started and unlock a more efficient way to handle your data.

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