Make your startup data-driven without technical expertise.

Build financial reports, track your metrics, and collaborate with your product and marketing teams - all in a familiar interface.

A screenshot of a Sourcetable dashboard with Salesforce and Stripe data
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Make better decisions with Sourcetable Templates

Enjoy our carefully curated set of templates to track, monitor, and act on critical metrics for your startup. Sourcetable Templates are an artisanal blend of industry expertise, best VC and startup practices, and years of experience in the industry. Made by founders, for founders. Make better decisions with Sourcetable Templates.

What makes Sourcetable

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Focus on scaling your business while Sourcetable automatically updates your dashboard to support your decisions.

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Be on the same page with your team: invite them to your dashboards, and receive automated reports on your data.

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With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Sourcetable instantly becomes a go-to tool for dashboard creation, reporting, and data anomaly tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Sourcetable better than other SaaS tools for marketing, sales, and product development?
The more tools you use, the more fragmented your data. Sourcetable provides a single source of truth, in an interface that your team already knows how to use: the spreadsheet. Whether you’re using Salesforce, Hubspot, Shopify or Postgres, you’ll find it’s easier to create, visualize and collaborate on reports using Sourcetable.
I’m a non-technical founder of a seed-stage startup, does Sourcetable still beneficial for me?
Absolutely! Sourcetable is a perfect first-choice analytics tool: it’s powerful, doesn’t require an engineer to set it up, and with Sourcetable Templates you can skip common mistakes and pitfalls in financial modeling and make sure you’re tracking events and metrics that matter for your growth.
Do you store my data?
Yes. Sourcetable provides users with a turnkey data warehouse out of the box. Users can centralize and store large amounts of data, without needing a data engineer. Data is encrypted, and Sourcetable only has read-access to your data (cannot overwrite your source of truth).
I can’t find a template I need. Can you help me out?
Every paid plan comes with a Sourcetable account manager who can help you create a perfect template that suits your needs. Sign up for a free trial and use the support button to learn more!

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