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    Welcome to the comprehensive guide on integrating WPForms, the leading WordPress form plugin, with Google Sheets, the versatile online spreadsheet program. In today’s digital landscape, the synchronization of form data with spreadsheets is paramount for efficient data management and analysis. By combining the drag & drop functionality of WPForms with the collaborative and assistive features of Google Sheets, you open up a world of possibilities for streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity. Whether you’re looking to collect payments, manage event registrations, or gather customer feedback, this integration facilitates real-time data capture and organization.

    On this page, we'll delve into the numerous benefits of integrating WPForms with Google Sheets, outline the essentials for setting up the integration, and provide a step-by-step guide on how to seamlessly connect the two platforms. Additionally, we will explore various use cases illustrating how this integration can be leveraged across different scenarios. For those encountering any hiccups, we'll offer troubleshooting tips for your WPForms and Google Sheets integration. Finally, we'll address common questions in our Q&A section to ensure you have all the information you need to make the most out of this powerful integration.

    Reasons to Integrate WPForms with Google Sheets

    • The Google Sheets Addon sends form entry data directly to a Google Sheet, facilitating real-time data storage and management.
    • Form entries are stored in a spreadsheet format on Google Sheets, allowing for easy filtering and data manipulation.
    • An automatic connection between WPForms and Google Sheets ensures data is seamlessly transferred without manual intervention.
    • With the integration, you reduce the risk of data loss, ensuring all form entries are preserved.
    • Conditional logic can be used to filter form entries, so only the most relevant data is stored in the Google Sheet.
    • Smart Tags can be saved directly to a column in your Google Sheet, enhancing data organization.
    • The ability to create a new Google Sheet from the WPForms form builder streamlines the data collection process.
    • Integration eliminates the need for third-party tools to transfer data to Google Sheets, simplifying the workflow.
    • Using your Google Drive account, the integration automatically stores copies of all form entries received, providing a backup.

    Requirements for WPForms and Google Sheets Integration Setup

    Setting up integration between WPForms and Google Sheets requires a specific set of tools and steps to ensure a seamless data flow from your forms to a specified Google spreadsheet. This integration is particularly beneficial for WPForms Pro users looking to automate the collection and organization of form submission data. Below is a detailed list of prerequisites and steps to establish this connection.

    1. A WPForms Pro license for access to necessary features.
    2. The latest version of WPForms plugin installed on your website.
    3. The Google Sheets addon, available as a WPForms Pro feature.
    4. A Google account to link with WPForms for the integration.
    5. If desired, a custom Google application for the connection, recommended for developers or advanced users.
    6. Enabling of the required scopes for Google Sheets integration.
    7. Verification and publishing of the custom Google application, if used.
    8. Creation of the application credentials, including the client ID and client secret.
    9. Configuration of the Google Sheets addon settings in WPForms.
    10. Addition of the Google Sheets integration to a WPForms form.
    11. A new or existing Google spreadsheet selected for storing form data.
    12. Proper naming of the spreadsheet and individual sheet within.
    13. Configuration of field mapping to align form fields with spreadsheet columns.
    14. Saving the form to finalize the integration setup.

    Integrating WPForms with Google Sheets

    WPForms provides a seamless integration with Google Sheets, offering multiple methods to connect your forms to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. This integration allows for efficient management and analysis of form data, making it an essential tool for users looking to enhance their data handling capabilities.

    Using the Google Sheets Addon

    To integrate WPForms with Google Sheets, a WPForms Pro license is required. Installation of the WPForms plugin is the first step, followed by adding the Google Sheets addon. Once the addon is installed, you must connect your Google account with WPForms. After your account is connected, a form must be created or edited within WPForms to utilize the integration. Subsequently, the Google Sheets addon settings need to be configured, ensuring the form fields are correctly mapped to the corresponding Google Sheets spreadsheet columns. Finally, the form should be embedded on a webpage to start collecting and sending data to Google Sheets automatically.

    Advanced Configuration

    For more advanced users or developers, the Google Sheets Addon can be connected to a custom Google application. This requires enabling various APIs such as Google Drive API, Google Sheets API, and Google Picker API. Additional steps include adding a User Type, App Domain, developer contact information, and necessary scopes for the app. Scopes can be enabled by clicking a checkbox, and it is also possible to add test users and review the app registration. Before the integration can function, the app must be published, and credentials need to be created.

    Using Sourcetable as an Alternative

    As an alternative to direct integration, Sourcetable offers a way to sync live data from almost any app or database, including WPForms and Google Sheets. This can be an efficient solution for users looking for a more flexible and extensive data management tool that goes beyond the integration capabilities of WPForms and Google Sheets alone.

    Common Use Cases

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      Google Sheets Integration
      Easy sorting and management of form data
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      Google Sheets Integration
      Easy team collaboration
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      Google Sheets Integration
      Quick data analysis
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      Google Sheets Integration
      Automated saving of form entries
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      Google Sheets Integration
      Paperless form management


    WPForms, a leading drag & drop WordPress form builder, and Google Sheets, a versatile online spreadsheet program, can be integrated to streamline data collection and analysis. By leveraging WPForms’ ease of use, responsiveness, and over 1,300 form templates, forms such as contact, payment, and registration forms can be created without any coding skills and used on any WordPress site. The data collected can then be effortlessly synced with Google Sheets, where it can be edited, shared, and collaborated on in real-time, taking advantage of Sheets' powerful assistive features and templates. However, instead of setting up an integration, you can simplify your workflow even further by using Sourcetable. Sign up for Sourcetable to get started and unify your form management and data analysis in one accessible platform.

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