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Google Sheets is a program offered by Google, used by businesses to create and edit online spreadsheets and securely compile and share insights in real-time, from any device. Multiple users can simultaneously format, organise and analyse different types of information, while any changes made can be tracked in the spreadsheet’s revision history.

Sync Google Sheets data to Sourcetable

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Find out how to make the most of your Google Sheets data with Sourcetable

Sourcetable Benefits

Query huge databases quickly & easily

E-commerces typically aim to reach a large number of clients, and Google Sheets files are useful for quickly and easily importing and exporting high volumes of important information, such as customer or order data, to and from your company database. Syncing Google Sheets to Sourcetable allows businesses to combine this data with inputs from other platforms and databases, allowing users to keep track of their business metrics and automate key processes.

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Sourcetable combines key Google Sheets data with metrics and insights from other platforms quickly and intuitively, allowing for the automation of processes and freeing up time to focus on other important aspects of users’ businesses.


Syncing Google Sheets data to Sourcetable allows users to query high-volume spreadsheets without having to learn SQL or other database languages – making your key data fully accessible to all members of your team.

Find out how to get the most from Google Sheets with Sourcetable

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Smart Templates

Use out of the box, tried and tested templates to query Google Sheets spreadsheets and enable data collaboration across your entire organisation

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Quick Analysis

Analyse high volumes of Google Sheets data instantly in cross-channel reports

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Ease Of use

Compile all relevant Google Sheets insights into a single, easy-to-use spreadsheet, query it and find the business insights behind the numbers.

Who uses Google Sheets data in Sourcetable

📈 Marketing and Advertising professionals

👷🏿 Sales and Sales Ops folk

🚀 Founders

💼 Project Managers

🏢 Ecommerce businesses

Sample companies

Online businesses integrating Google Sheets files with Sourcetable have access to all relevant data on income, expenses, ad campaigns, estimates and inventory and more.

  • Retail online stores

  • Retail offline stores

  • B2B Platforms

  • Software as a Service

    (SaaS) companies
  • B2C Marketplaces

What makes Sourcetable special?

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Query data from Google Sheets alongside data from 30+ other sources, to drive decisions and improve your business performance.

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Create views and workflow templates, based on data from Google Sheets and other platforms, and share with team mates, no knowledge of SQL required

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Sourcetable automates your Google Sheets data so you can focus on what matters most: selling your product

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync my Google Sheets data to Sourcetable?
Sourcetable is currently in Google Sheetsd Beta. Sign up to the Beta here to tell us a little about yourself and request information on how to sync your Google Sheets data.
How easy is it to visualize my Google Sheets data using Sourcetable?
Sourcetable comes with a full suite of visualization tools for your reporting needs, ideal for simplifying high volumes of Google Sheets data using bar charts, line graphs, burn charts, mapping, scatter plots, and more. Create visually striking dashboards to share with your team and focus on the metrics that matter.
Is there a limit to the amount of Google Sheets data I can sync to Sourcetable?
No. Not only can Sourcetable handle high volumes of data from Google Sheets files, it can also make this data easier to process thanks to its full suite of visualization tools.

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