Manage all customers’ campaigns from a single spreadsheet.

Manage all customers’ campaigns from a single spreadsheet.

A screenshot of a Sourcetable dashboard with Salesforce and Stripe data
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Used by the world's most innovative teams

“Sourcetable has pulled back the veil allowing us to see, in nearly real time, how our strategies affect results. Thank you, Sourcetable!”

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“We've been able to increase our ROI and get quicker feedback on where to spend more, when and where to pull back.”

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“It's just about streamlining analytics. So, if we can have analytics from multiple platforms in one place, that just saves us tons of time and energy.”

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Introducing: Sourcetable Templates for marketing agencies

Enjoy our carefully curated set of templates to track, monitor, and act on critical metrics for your customers. Sourcetable Templates combine industry expertise, best practices, and years of experience in creating and growing digital agencies. Reduce communication gaps with customers and improve campaigns with Sourcetable Templates.

What makes Sourcetable

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Focus on your work while Sourcetable automatically syncs data from more than 100 sources to optimize and improve your campaigns.

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Be on the same page with your customers: invite them to your dashboards, and receive automated reports on your day-to-day activities.

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With an intuitive and user-friendly interface - the spreadsheet, Sourcetable instantly becomes a go-to tool for dashboard creation, reporting, and data tracking.

Who can use Sourcetable?

Digital marketing agencies

Support customer growth strategy and communicate your impact with data.

Branding agencies

Measure the impact of your activities on the company’s brand image.

Advertising agencies

Communicate ROI of paid acquisition campaigns and improve the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you store my data?
Sourcetable provides users with a turnkey data warehouse out of the box. Users can centralize and store large amounts of marketing data without needing a data engineer. Data is encrypted with read-only access (Sourcetable cannot overwrite your data source).
What type of reports can I generate in Sourcetable?
Short answer: any reports you can imagine. All our customers have access to the template library that helps them navigate through essential types of reports every agency needs. Also, in the Sourcetable spreadsheet, you can create reports from scratch, add visualizations and connect necessary data sources in a couple of clicks.
Can I customize the design of my reports for different customers?
Yes, you can! Both for your team and your customers. You can use customers' design aesthetics to adjust colors and types of visualizations. Add the customer's logo to your reports and provide an additional level of personalization.
Do I need a developer?
Sourcetable is a no-code tool and you don’t need any technical skills to use it. If you’re an Excel user - you’ll love Sourcetable and instantly can adopt it for your day-to-day work.

Everyone can play.

Analyze data, automate reports and create live dashboards
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