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Coupa is a unified, cloud-based platform that helps companies manage and track key Business Spend Management (BSM) activities, including invoicing, contracting and payments. The platform can be used to analyse important financial KPIs including Invoice Exception Rate, and Average Time & Cost to process invoices.

Sync Coupa data to Sourcetable

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Find out how to make the most of your Coupa data with Sourcetable

Sourcetable Benefits

Query financial data quickly & easily

Coupa's cloud-based suite of Business Spend Management applications lets users track and control their spend and supply chains at a glance. Syncing Coupa data to Sourcetable, and combining it with findings from other platforms and databases, allows users to create auto-updating models and analyze key financial management metrics alongside other key metrics.


Syncing your Coupa data to Sourcetable allows users to compare business spend management metrics with other KPIs quickly and easily, without having to learn SQL or other database languages - making key data available to all members of your team.

Auto-update your BSM data

Sourcetable brings together key data from Coupa and other platforms quickly and intuitively, allowing users to automate processes and free up time to focus on other important aspects of their business.

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Find out how to get the most from Coupa with Sourcetable

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Smart Templates

Sourcetable provides out-of-the-box, tried and tested templates for cross-referencing sources and findings, improving data collaboration across your entire organisation

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Quick Analysis

Analyse your Coupa financial data instantly in cross-channel reports, drawing on insights from multiple platforms and applications.

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Ease Of use

Compile all pertinent Coupa data into a single spreadsheet, to query it and identify the business intelligence behind the numbers.

Who uses Coupa data in Sourcetable

💸 CFOs & Accountants

📈 Marketing and Advertising professionals

👷🏿 Sales and Sales Ops folk

🚀 Founders

Sample of the Coupa data that will be available
in your Sourcetable spreadsheets

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Helps mimic your business' financial structure

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Includes primary_address_id ,primary_contact_id ,currency_id ,created_by_id ,updated_by_id ,active ,created_at ,legal_entIty_name ,name ,updated_at

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Inlcudes account_type_id , created_by_id ,updated_by_id ,active ,created_at ,description ,error_message ,name ,updated_at and segment_* .

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Address API can be used to query, create, or update personal or supplier remIt-to address information.

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Approvals API can be used to create, update, or query the approval of a document and Includes specific endpoints to take action (reject/hold/approve) as well as requisition details like requestor, line items, and shipping details.

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Inlcudes created_by_id , updated_by_id , ship_to_address_id ,ship_to_user_id ,ship_to_warehouse_id , supplier_id ,asn_number ,bill_of_landing , container , created_at , delivery_date , export_flag , gross_weight , packing_slip , ship_date , ship_method , ship_note , standard_carrier_alpha_code , status , tracking_number , trailer , uom and updated_at

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Budget line API can be used to create and update budget lines that you have associated wIth your accounts

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Content groups can be assigned to users to restrict access to other objects in Coupa.

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Includes account_type_id ,created_by_id ,merchant_currency_id ,order_header_id ,statement_id ,supplier_id ,updated_by_id ,virtual_card_id ,card_provider_account ,charge_date ,created_at ,exported ,external_ref_id ,last_exported_at ,mcc ,statement_name,supplier_name ,total ,updated_at

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Includes created_by_id , parent_id , updated_by_id ,active ,category ,created_at ,deductibilIty ,name ,sub_category and updated_at

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Includes commodIty_id ,created_at ,locale ,name and updated_at

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Contracts API can be used to create, update, or query a contract and includes the business groups involved, key dates, the status of the contract, and the financial terms.

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Includes id ,created_by_id , updated_by_id ,active , authoring_method ,created_at , description ,hierarchy_type ,name and updated_by

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Includes id ,created_by_id , updated_by_id ,code ,decimals ,enabled ,name and symbol

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Includes id , created_by_id , updated_by_id , end_time ,file_content_type,file_file_name ,file_file_size ,integration_id ,integration_run_id ,progress ,records_count ,records_created ,records_updated ,result_text , source_for ,start_time ,status ,type , updated_at and upload_errors_count

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It used to mimic your business' operating structure and organize content groups and users accordingly.

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It used to manage exchange rates for currencies your company uses to pay for goods.

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Includes id , account_id , accounting_total_currency_id ,created_by_id , currency_id , expense_category_id ,expense_line_imported_data_idexpense_line_mileage_id , expense_line_per_diem_id ,expense_line_preapproval_id ,expense_report_id ,foreign_currency_id , integration_id ,order_line_id ,period_id , receipt_total_currency_id and So on

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Inlcudes id , created_by_id, currency_id ,expensed_by_id ,payment_id , reimbursable_total_currency_id , submItted_by_id , updated_by_id , audIt_score , audItor_note , created_at , exported , external_src_schema and So on

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Includes id ,business_object ,code ,created_at ,direction ,end_system ,end_system_type ,integration_type ,name ,standard and updated_at

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Includes id ,contact_alert_type ,contactable_id ,contactable_type ,created_at ,created_by_id ,updated_at and updated_by_id

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Includes id , created_by_id , integration_id , integration_run_id , updated_by_id ,contact_alert_type, created_at, creation_method , document_id ,document_revision ,document_status , document_type ,external_id ,integration_filename , resolved ,status and updated_at

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Includes id ,created_by_id ,integration_id ,integration_run_id ,updated_by_id ,inventory_transaction_id ,invoice_header_id ,order_header_id ,contact_alert_type ,created_at ,creation_method ,document_id ,document_revision ,document_status ,document_type ,external_id ,resolved ,status and updated_at

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Includes id , integration_id ,created_at ,end_time ,records_processed ,start_time ,status ,total_records and updated_at

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Includes id , account_id ,asn_header_id ,asn_line_id ,created_by_id ,currency_id ,from_warehouse_id ,from_warehouse_location_id ,inspection_code_id ,Item_id ,order_line_id ,receipt_id and to_warehouse_id


Includes id , abandon_reason_id , account_type_id ,bill_to_address_id ,account_holder_type ,contract_id ,created_by_id ,currency_id ,destination_country_id ,invoice_from_address_id ,legal_destination_country_id ,origin_country_id ,payment_term_id ,remIt_to_address_id ,requested_by_id ,ship_from_address_id ,ship_to_address_id and shipping_term_id


Item API is used to create, update, or query goods not provided by suppliers that your employees will select from when creating a requisItion.

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Lookup values API is used to create a hierarchy of accounts

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Includes id ,created_by_id ,currency_id , payment_term_id ,pcard_id ,requester_id ,requisItion_header_id ,ship_to_address_id ,ship_to_user_id ,shipping_term_id ,supplier_id ,updated_by_id ,acknowledged_at acknowledged_flag

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Includes id , created_by_id , current_approval_id ,department_id ,reject_reason_id , acknowledged_at ,created_at ,exported ,justification ,order_header_id ,payment_method ,po_number ,price_hidden ,requisItion_header_id ,ship_to_attention ,status , supplier_inItiated ,transmission_emails , transmission_method_override , updated_at and version

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Includes id ,base_value_currency_id ,created_by_id ,updated_by_id ,add_all_Items ,any_supplier ,base_value ,created_at , locked ,name ,updated_at and use_base_value

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Includes id ,created_by_id ,updated_by_id ,amount_paid ,check_number ,created_at ,notes ,payable_id ,payable_type , payment_date and updated_at

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Includes id ,created_by_id ,updated_by_id ,active ,code ,created_at ,days_for_discount_payment ,days_for_net_payment description and discount_rate


Includes id ,created_by_id ,updated_by_id ,active ,created_at ,expiry ,name ,nickname ,number ,shared and updated_at

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Includes id , commodIty_id , created_by_id ,updated_by_id ,active ,created_at ,description ,display_date_range_warning ,end_date ,mention_name ,name ,open ,start_date and updated_at

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Includes id ,allow_award_individual_line_Item ,allow_multiple_response ,automatic_bid_unsealing , comments ,description ,end_time ,event_type , sealed_bids ,sealing_type ,start_on_submIt ,start_time and timezone.

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Includes id , approver_id , created_by_id , currency_id ,current_approval_id , department_id , pcard_id , receiving_warehouse_id ,requested_by_id ,ship_to_address_id ,updated_by_id , buyer_note ,created_at , exported ,justification ,line_count , mobile_total ,need_by_date ,price_hidden ,reject_reason_commentship_to_attention , status ,submItted_at , total and updated_at

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Includes account_id , commodIty_id ,contract_id ,created_by_id ,currency_id ,Item_id ,order_line_id ,order_pad_line_id ,payment_term_id , period_id ,punchout_sIte_id ,shipping_term_id , supplier_id , uom_id , updated_by_id , requisItion_header_id ,created_at and So on.

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Includes id ,created_by_id ,updated_by_id ,active , code , created_at ,description and updated_at


It used to create, update, and query the suppliers in Coupa.

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Includes id ,supplier_id ,created_at ,number_field_01 ,number_field_02 ,number_field_03 ,number_field_04 ,number_field_05 ,number_field_06 ,number_field_07 ,number_field_08 ,number_field_09 ,number_field_10 and updated_at

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Includes id ,created_by_id ,country_id ,updated_by_id ,active ,created_at ,local ,number ,owner_id ,owner_type and updated_at

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It used to create, update, or query users and it ranges from basic demographics, to managing passwords, to managing the groups and approval permissions

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Includes id ,created_by_id ,owner_id ,updated_by_id ,active , can_approve ,created_at ,description ,mention_name ,name , open ,type and updated_at

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Includes id , user_group_id , user_id,created_at,owner,participant and updated_at

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Includes id ,created_by_id ,currency_id ,order_header_id , requested_by_id ,updated_by_id ,card_number ,card_type ,coupa_pay_id created_at,credit_account, document_id ,document_type ,expiry_month , expiry_year ,external_ref_id ,name status ,total_booked ,total_charged , updated_at ,valid_from and valid_to

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Sample companies

Online businesses integrating Coupa with Sourcetable can quickly access all relevant data on revenue, expenses, statements, estimates and accounting.

  • Retail online stores

  • Retail offline stores

  • B2B Platforms

  • Software as a Service

    (SaaS) companies
  • B2C Marketplaces

What makes Sourcetable special?

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Compile, sync and query your Coupa business spend management data with findings from 30+ other sources, to drive decisions and improve business performance.

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Create workflow templates based on data from Coupa and other platforms, and share with your team, no tech skills required

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Automate your key Coupa data and processes, freeing up time to focus on other aspects of your business

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync Coupa data to Sourcetable?
Sourcetable is currently in Closed Beta. Sign up to the Beta here to tell us a little about yourself and request information on how to sync your Coupa data.
How easy is it to visualize my Coupa data using Sourcetable?
Sourcetable spreadsheets are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so anyone can view key data from Coupa - and other financial management platforms such as Quickbooks Online or NetSuite - at a glance without SQL.
Which BSM software works best with Sourcetable – Coupa or NetSuite?
Sourcetable enables users to combine data from both platforms, enabling businesses to better understand the relationships among available data, and gain new insights to inform decisions and identify new opportunities.

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