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Sync Zuora data to Sourcetable


Zuora offers software to help businesses launch subscription-based services, and manage the complexities of recurring revenues, whether they are monetized via subscriptions, consumption or other pricing strategies. The platform can be used to measure key subscription-based metrics including monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and churn rate.

Sync Zuora data to Sourcetable

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Find out how to make the most of your Zuora data with Sourcetable

Sourcetable Benefits

Query financial data quickly & easily

Zuora acts as a central hub for subscription-based businesses, allowing them to launch, monetize and manage their entire order-to-revenue process on a single platform. Syncing data from Zuora to Sourcetable allows users to build auto-updating models and monitor billing KPIs alongside key advertising, sales, marketing, product and support metrics, in order to accurately track the performance of their subscription-based business.


Syncing Zuora data to Sourcetable allows users to compare subscription metrics with other KPIs quickly and easily, without having to learn SQL or other database languages - making your key data available to all members of your team, regardless of their level of tech skills.


Sourcetable allows users to automate key data and processes from Zuora and other platforms, freeing up time to focus on other important aspects of their business.

An example interface to create an automation when sales surpass certain number


Sourcetable’s full suite of visualization tools meets all your reporting needs and lets users create charts, graphs, conditional formatting, pivot tables and more, to share with their team and focus on the metrics that matter.

A simple flow showing how a table converts to a chart easily

Find out how to get the most from Zuora with Sourcetable

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Smart Templates

Use out-of-the-box, tried and tested templates in order to compile key metrics and enhance data collaboration across your entire organisation

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Quick Analysis

Analyse your subscription management data from Zuora instantly alongside key metrics from other platforms and databases, in instantaneous cross-channel reports

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Ease Of use

Query all your Zuora data in one easy-to-use spreadsheet, to find the business insights behind the numbers and track the financial health of your business.

Who uses Zuora data in Sourcetable

💸 CFOs & Accountants

📈 Marketing and Advertising professionals

👷🏿 Sales and Sales Ops folk

🖊️ Content writers and teams

Sample companies

Online businesses integrating Zuora with Sourcetable have access to all relevant data.

  • Software as a Service

    (SaaS) companies
  • Subscription Services

  • B2C Marketplaces

  • Retail online stores


What makes Sourcetable special?

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Connect, sync and query Zuora payments data with findings from 30+ other sources, without the need for SQL or other coding languages.

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Among other processes, Sourcetable can automatically create and back up subscription receipts and alert you about new billing information using Zuora data.

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Create workflow templates to drive decisions and improve your subscription-based business’s financial wellbeing, based on data from Zuora and other platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync Zuora data to Sourcetable?
Sourcetable is currently in Closed Beta. Sign up to the Beta here to tell us a little about yourself and request information on how to sync your Zuora data.
What common integrations do Sourcetable users combine with Zuora?
Sourcetable spreadsheets are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so anyone can view key data from Zuora - and other payments platforms such as Stripe and ReCharge - at a glance without SQL.
Which recurring payments platform works best with Sourcetable – Recurly or Zuora?
Sourcetable enables users to combine data from both platforms, enabling businesses to better understand the relationships among available data, and gain new insights for making better decisions or identifying new opportunities.

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