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Sync Intercom data to Sourcetable


Intercom is a messaging platform which allows businesses to communicate with prospective and existing customers within their app, on their website, through social media, or via email. The platform can be used to track key customer support KPIs, including Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Conversations pulled per hour (CpH) and reviews of teammates’ conversations, among others.

Sync Intercom data to Sourcetable

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Find out how to make the most of your Intercom messaging data with Sourcetable

Sourcetable Benefits

Query data quickly & easily

Syncing Intercom to Sourcetable gives your marketing and support teams the tools they need to create the best customer experience, and automatically link Intercom to all other relevant apps.

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Syncing Intercom data to Sourcetable allows users to compare customer engagement metrics with other key performance indicators quickly and easily, without having to learn SQL or other database languages, making key customer support data available to all members of your team.

Auto-update your data

Sourcetable brings together key data from Intercom and other platforms quickly and intuitively, allowing users to automate processes and free up time to focus on other important aspects of their business.

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Sourcetable’s comprehensive suite of visualization tools lets users create bar charts, line graphs, burn charts, mapping, scatter plots, and more to share with their team and focus on the metrics that matter.

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Find out how to get the most from Intercom with Sourcetable

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Smart Templates

Use out-of-the-box, tried and tested templates in order to merge databases and enable data collaboration across your entire organisation

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Quick Analysis

Analyse your Intercom customer engagement data instantly in cross-channel reports that pull data from other platforms and services.

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Ease Of use

Compile all your customer support data into a spreadsheet, query it and find the business intelligence behind the numbers, to improve user experience going forwards

Who uses Intercom data in Sourcetable

📈 Marketing and Advertising professionals

👷🏿 Sales and Sales Ops folk

🚀 Founders

👩🏼‍💼 Customer Support Professionals

🏢 Ecommerce businesses

Here's a sample of the Intercom data that will be available in your Sourcetable spreadsheets:

Sample companies

Online businesses integrating Intercom with Sourcetable can quickly access all relevant data on customer engagement, feedback, chats and automatic email sequences.

  • Software as a Service

    (SaaS) companies
  • Retail online stores

  • B2B Platforms

  • B2C Marketplaces

  • Subscription services

What makes Sourcetable special?

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Connect, sync and query your Intercom customer engagement data with data from 30+ other sources, to drive business decisions and improve customer experience.

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Create intuitive workflow templates based on data from Intercom and other platforms, and share among your team quickly and easily

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Automate data from Intercom so you can save time and focus on running your business as successfully as possible

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync my Intercom data to Sourcetable?
Sourcetable is currently in Closed Beta. Sign up to the Beta here to tell us a little about yourself and request information on how to sync your Intercom data.
How easy is it to visualize my Intercom data using Sourcetable?
Sourcetable spreadsheets are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so anyone can view key data from Intercom - and other customer support platforms such as Zendesk and Freshdesk - at a glance without SQL.
Which customer support platform works best with Sourcetable – Intercom or Zendesk?
Both platforms work equally well on Sourcetable, allowing users to combine data, better understand the relationships among available data, and gain new insights for making better decisions or identifying new opportunities.

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