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Sync Zendesk data to Sourcetable


Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service solution that allows businesses to enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for their sales teams. It can be used to track important customer service KPIs such as sales pipeline progress, support tickets and customer SLAs.

Sync Zendesk data to Sourcetable

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Find out how to make the most of your Zendesk CRM data with Sourcetable

Sourcetable Benefits

Data & analytics

Up-to-date, reliable customer service metrics can make all the difference for business owners looking to gauge their performance over time, and make improvements to guarantee customer retention. Sourcetable is an ideal tool for querying key data from Zendesk and other platforms in one simple, accessible spreadsheet – allowing users to analyze rep performance, build Activity and Campaign Reports and understand user churn at a glance.

Different charts and graphs as an example of data and analytics like Churn, LTV, ROAS, etc.


Syncing your Zendesk data to Sourcetable keeps it centralized and accessible. Everyone on your team will be able to track your business’ customer support data quickly and easily, no knowledge of SQL required.

All your business data in one place

Sourcetable intuitively brings together key data from over 30 different platforms and databases, including Zendesk and Zendesk Chat, allowing product, marketing and finance teams to gauge their ongoing performance at a glance, informing next steps while saving time for what matters most – selling your products.

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Find out how to get the most from your Zendesk CRM data with Sourcetable

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Smart Templates

Use out of the box tried and tested templates in order to merge sales and customer data, and improve data collaboration across your entire organisation

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Quick Analysis

Analyze your Zendesk CRM data alongside findings from separate payment and marketing platforms, generating cross channel reports in the blink of an eye

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Ease Of use

Compile and query all your Zendesk data in one spreadsheet to identify the business insights behind the numbers and improve customer service

Who uses Zendesk data in Sourcetable

💸 CFOs & Accountants

📈 Marketing and Advertising professionals

👷🏿 Sales and Sales Ops folk

🚀 Founders

🏢 Ecommerce businesses

Here's a sample of the Zendesk data that will be available in your Sourcetable spreadsheets:

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Attrbute value containing the name, url and timestamp information of creation and update

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Article is JSON object containing the article information which includes body of article, comments, author id, timestamp information of article and other standard fields describing the state of article

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Audit log is a JSON object representing information of update, delete etc for tracking purpose

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Brand represent a product or a service of your client.

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Page not accessible

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The access rights given to a particular user

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The website of an organisation

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A collaboration of community posts on a subject is called a topic. They can be managed by agents, end users and anonymous users

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Group is a building block of a ticket workflow as whenever a support request comes it is assigned to a group.

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A link between an agent and a group is called a group membership.

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Organizations are used to classify customers where customer can be mapped to a particluar organization

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A link between user and an organisation, an organisation can have multiple users.

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Customizable fields that are displayed on Organization page. The customization can only be done by admins. Types of fields available are Basic text fields, date fields, as well as customizable drop-down and number fields

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A content shared by a user with the community is called post

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A comment made on the post is called post comment

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A rating object representing the satisfaction score of good, better, worst rating by a customer

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A timetable object that contains intervals, timezone information and name of the schedule

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A history record that maintains entries when an agent skipped a ticket without responding to an end user

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A history record that maintains the logs of SLA's between the support provider and customers

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A policy metric describes the metric targets of each value of priority

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A ticket is a mode of communication between end users (customers) and the agents

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A list of attribute values of a ticket containing the name of ticket, timestamp of created and modified date and a unique id

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A comment made on the ticket is called ticket comment, it is an update event which gets stored in the audit logs

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The fields of ticket comprising of title, description, agent description, timestamp and a tag

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The fields of ticket comprising of title, description, agent description, timestamp and a tag

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History of ticket custom fields

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A list of options containing name, id, position, url and values of the custom fields

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no information available


no information available


A tag which is applied on a ticket

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A history table comprising the list of tags being applied to a ticket

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A type of event which gets triggered and is logged in ticket audit table

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Three types of users are there: end users (customers), agents and administrators

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Tags applied on user, they are only available if your account has user tagging enabled

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Sample companies

Online businesses integrating Zendesk with Sourcetable have access to all relevant data on accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, engagement and overall performance.

  • Software as a Service

    (SaaS) companies
  • Retail online stores

  • B2B Platforms

  • B2C Marketplaces

  • Subscription services

What makes Sourcetable special?

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Connect, sync and query data from Zendesk with insights from 30+ other sources, regardless of your level of tech skills.

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Use Sourcetable to automate manual work like adding tickets to your team's project management app, or creating tickets from form entries.

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Create and share workflow templates to drive decisions and improve customer experience based on your Zendesk customer history

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync Zendesk data to Sourcetable?
Sourcetable is currently in Closed Beta. Sign up to the Beta here to tell us a little about yourself and request information on how to sync your Zendesk data.
How easy is it to visualize my Zendesk data using Sourcetable?
Sourcetable comes with a full Visualization suite including charts, graphs, conditional formatting, pivot tables and everything you might need to create shareable reports.
What common integrations do people combine with Zendesk?
Sourcetable spreadsheets are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so anyone can view key performance metrics from Zendesk - and other CRM platforms such as Salesforce and HubSpot - at a glance, without prior knowledge of SQL or other data languages.

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