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    Welcome to the essential guide for integrating Ecwid by Lightspeed with Google Sheets, a strategic enhancement that unlocks the full potential of your ecommerce operations. In today's data-driven environment, the seamless fusion of Ecwid's robust ecommerce capabilities with the versatility of Google Sheets is not just an advantage, but a necessity for small businesses aiming to simplify, scale, and elevate their operations. This powerful integration caters to both online and physical stores, facilitating multichannel sales, expansion to new locations, and connection to supplier networks—all while promoting exceptional customer experiences.

    On this page, we'll explore the myriad of reasons why integrating Ecwid by Lightspeed with Google Sheets is a transformative move for your business. We'll guide you through what you need to set up the integration, provide step-by-step instructions on how to merge these platforms, and discuss practical use cases that showcase the integration's benefits. Additionally, we’ll offer troubleshooting tips for your Ecwid and Google Sheets integration and answer frequently asked questions to ensure a smooth and productive experience for you and your team.

    Reasons to Integrate Ecwid by Lightspeed with Google Sheets

    • Automate workflows between Ecwid by Lightspeed and Google Sheets for increased efficiency.
    • Directly save new Ecwid orders to Google Sheets for better order management.
    • Add line items from new paid Ecwid orders to Google Sheets as multiple rows for detailed record-keeping.
    • Create Google Sheets rows for every new order in Ecwid to keep track of sales.
    • Effortlessly add new Ecwid products to Google Sheets to maintain your inventory.
    • Use Google Sheets to create columns specifically for organizing new Ecwid order information.
    • Update Ecwid product details directly from Google Sheets rows to ensure accuracy.
    • Track abandoned carts within Ecwid by Lightspeed using Google Sheets to improve conversion rates.
    • Launch an online store on any website, Facebook page, or multiple sites simultaneously with Ecwid by Lightspeed.
    • Create a new Google Sheets row for every new document added to a collection in Firebase, integrating with Ecwid by Lightspeed.
    • Generate Microsoft Outlook calendar events from a Google Sheet in connection with Ecwid by Lightspeed.
    • Collect Webflow form responses in a Google Sheet with Ecwid by Lightspeed integration for customer insights.
    • Sell anywhere, to anyone, with the versatile selling options offered by Ecwid by Lightspeed.

    Requirements for Integrating Ecwid by Lightspeed with Google Sheets

    To set up an integration between Ecwid by Lightspeed and Google Sheets, you need a few essential tools and services. This integration leverages Ecwid by Lightspeed's capabilities as an online store builder with the versatility of Google Sheets for data management, facilitated by Zapier's automation platform. The process requires a systematic approach to connect these applications and enable an automated workflow that captures and manages store data efficiently.

    1. Ecwid by Lightspeed: An active account with Ecwid by Lightspeed, which allows you to build and manage an online store.
    2. Google Sheets: Access to Google Sheets, where you can create, name, and organize your spreadsheet data.
    3. Zapier: A Zapier account to connect Ecwid by Lightspeed with Google Sheets and to create Zaps (automated workflows).
    4. Integration: Knowledge of how to integrate these platforms and set up basic data entry and end-to-end processes.
    5. Automate Lead Management: Configuration to automate lead management to capture leads efficiently.
    6. Custom Actions: Set up custom actions in Google Sheets to automate customer-related actions, such as tracking new abandoned carts.
    7. Spreadsheet Creation for New Products: The ability to create spreadsheets and update rows in Google Sheets for new products and orders from Ecwid by Lightspeed.

    Integrating Ecwid by Lightspeed with Google Sheets

    Integrating Ecwid by Lightspeed with Google Sheets opens up a multitude of possibilities for automating workflows, managing orders, and creating reports. This integration, facilitated through Zapier, allows for seamless synchronization of data between the two platforms, enhancing productivity and providing valuable insights into your e-commerce operations.

    Automating Workflows

    Workflows such as saving new orders from Ecwid into Google Sheets rows or adding line items from new paid orders as multiple rows can be automated. This streamlines the process of tracking sales and inventory, and ensures that data is consistently and accurately recorded without manual input.

    Creating and Updating Spreadsheet Rows

    The integration allows for creating new rows in Google Sheets for every new order or product added in Ecwid. It also enables updating existing spreadsheet rows with the "Update Spreadsheet Row(s)" action, ensuring that your Google Sheets always reflect the most current data from your store.

    Order and Product Management

    For new paid orders, you can create customer profiles and orders in Ecwid using the "Create Customer" and "Create Order" actions, respectively. Similarly, the "New Product" trigger can update product details or search for orders, effectively managing your Ecwid inventory through Google Sheets.

    Accounting and Reporting

    The Google Sheets integration is particularly useful for accounting purposes and creating detailed reports. By having all the order details saved and shareable in a Google Sheet, team members can access up-to-date information, allowing for comprehensive financial analysis and collaborative planning.

    Setting Up the Integration

    To set up the integration, create a "zap" using Zapier that connects Google Sheets to your Ecwid store. This "zap" will enable actions such as updating products in Ecwid when changes are made in Google Sheets. Make sure you have a Google Sheet ready with column names and product details to facilitate this process.

    Using Sourcetable as an Alternative

    While the integration via Zapier is a robust solution, there is an alternative for syncing live data from Ecwid by Lightspeed. Sourcetable offers a way to connect to almost any app or database, including Ecwid, to synchronize your data in real time, providing another layer of flexibility and control over your e-commerce data management.

    Common Use Cases

    • E
      Google Sheets Integration
      Syncing product inventory levels between ecwid and google sheets
    • E
      Google Sheets Integration
      Automatically adding new products to ecwid from a google sheets spreadsheet
    • E
      Google Sheets Integration
      Updating product details in ecwid by modifying a google sheets document
    • E
      Google Sheets Integration
      Managing multiple ecwid store inventories from a single google sheets file
    • E
      Google Sheets Integration
      Setting up automated workflows for inventory management using zapier triggers and actions between google sheets and ecwid

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can Ecwid by Lightspeed be integrated with Google Sheets?

    Yes, Ecwid can be integrated with Google Sheets using Zapier.

    What Ecwid plans support integration with Google Sheets?

    The integration is available on the Venture, Business, and Unlimited Ecwid plans.

    What are the benefits of integrating Ecwid by Lightspeed with Google Sheets?

    The integration is useful for accounting purposes, creating reports, and sharing order details with staff.

    How can I automate workflows between Ecwid by Lightspeed and Google Sheets?

    Use Zapier to automate workflows by creating Zaps, which connect your apps and automate tasks like adding new products, creating new rows from orders, and updating rows with order changes.

    What tasks can I automate with Zapier between Ecwid by Lightspeed and Google Sheets?

    You can automate tasks such as creating new Google Sheets rows for every new Ecwid order, updating a Google Sheet when an order is updated, and managing data entries.


    Integrating Ecwid by Lightspeed with Google Sheets empowers small business owners to streamline their operations, scale efficiently, and enhance customer experiences by leveraging the real-time, collaborative nature of Google Sheets. Such integration allows for seamless management of both online and physical store data, multichannel sales tracking, and expansion planning—all while staying connected to supplier networks. Moreover, Google Sheets' ability to work across devices, with assistive features and connections to other Google apps, provides an unparalleled level of flexibility and efficiency. Instead of navigating the complexities of direct integration, consider using Sourcetable, which simplifies this process even further. Sign up for Sourcetable today to get started and take your business to the next level of operational excellence.

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