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    Integrating Wix with Google Sheets is a powerful synergy that leverages the robust website building features of Wix with the versatile spreadsheet capabilities of Google Sheets. This integration is essential for businesses and individuals looking to streamline their operations, enhance real-time data management, and facilitate seamless collaboration across platforms. By connecting Wix's scalable solutions and advanced site management features with Google Sheets' flexibility and assistive features, users can unlock a new level of efficiency and productivity. On this page, we'll explore the benefits of this integration, what you need to get started, and the step-by-step process of merging these two dynamic tools.

    From sharing data between your website and spreadsheets to managing eCommerce inventories or tracking marketing campaigns, integrating Wix with Google Sheets opens up a myriad of possibilities. Whether you're looking to automate data entry, synchronize content, or create dynamic web experiences, the combination of Wix's AI-driven capabilities and the collaborative power of Google Sheets can transform the way you operate online. We will also delve into practical use cases, provide guidance for troubleshooting common issues, and answer frequently asked questions to ensure you make the most out of your Wix and Google Sheets integration.

    Reasons to Integrate Wix with Google Sheets

    • Streamlines data management by automatically sending Wix form submissions and invoice details to Google Sheets.
    • Facilitates collaboration by allowing multiple users to access and work on Google Sheets without needing access to the Wix dashboard.
    • Enables the creation of new Google Sheets spreadsheets directly through Wix Automations to efficiently organize data.
    • Allows for setting specific times and frequencies for data transfer to Google Sheets, optimizing workflow.
    • Ensures that any changes made to the structure of a Google Sheet used in an automation can be addressed by editing the automation in the Wix dashboard.
    • Provides the ability to reset permissions or disconnect Wix's access to Google Sheets, maintaining control over third-party app integrations.

    Setting Up Integration Between Wix and Google Sheets

    To set up an integration between Wix and Google Sheets, you need to utilize the functionalities of Zapier to create and automate workflows. This integration facilitates the automation of various tasks, such as updating spreadsheets based on actions performed in Wix. However, it is essential to ensure that your Google account is connected to your automation and that you have the necessary permissions to create or sync the spreadsheets you intend to use.

    1. Create a new automation through Zapier, with the action set to update Google Sheets.
    2. Connect your Google account to the automation to gain access to your Google Sheets.
    3. Select an existing spreadsheet or create a new one within Google Sheets to use in the automation.
    4. Choose the specific tab within the spreadsheet by using the Choose sheet drop-down menu.
    5. Utilize the Match Data to Sheet feature to align the data from the Wix trigger to the correct columns in the spreadsheet.
    6. Set the timing for when the action should occur, which can be immediate or at a custom time.
    7. Determine the frequency at which the action should be repeated, ensuring it aligns with your workflow requirements.

    Integrating Wix with Google Sheets

    Wix offers versatile integration options with Google Sheets, enabling users to streamline their workflows by sending data directly to spreadsheets. These integrations facilitate automatic updates from various Wix features such as forms and stores, and the ability to create and manage automations right from the Wix dashboard. Below are the different methods by which you can integrate Wix with Google Sheets.

    Form Submissions and Invoice Details

    Wix allows for direct integration with Google Sheets to send form submissions and invoice details. By connecting your Google account with Wix, you can set up automations that will automatically sync data like names and email fields from Wix forms, as well as recent store orders, to a chosen Google Sheet. This requires that the spreadsheet is one you have created yourself.

    Creating and Managing Wix Automations

    In the Wix dashboard, users can create automations that leverage Google Sheets to organize and analyze data. These automations can be connected, edited, and disconnected as needed. They can also be configured to match trigger data and activate at specified times, ensuring that the workflow fits the user's schedule and requirements. However, if you alter the columns in your Google Sheet, you may need to reconfigure the automation. Additionally, if Wix permissions are removed, it could result in the disconnection of the automation, which may then require resetting Google permissions and possibly cause trigger mismatches.

    Displaying Google Sheets with Table Master App

    To display a Google Spreadsheet on your Wix site, you can utilize the Table Master app. This app requires that the Google Spreadsheet be published online. Once set up, the spreadsheet will appear on your Wix site, but keep in mind that updates to the spreadsheet may not be immediately visible on the live site and could take some time to refresh.

    Alternative: Sourcetable Integration

    As an alternative to direct integration, users can opt for Sourcetable to sync live data from almost any app or database, including Wix. Sourcetable offers a seamless way to integrate your data without the need for manual updates, making it an efficient option for users seeking real-time data synchronization.

    Common Use Cases

    • W
      Google Sheets Integration
      Sending form submissions from wix to google sheets for analysis
    • W
      Google Sheets Integration
      Transferring invoice details from wix to google sheets for financial tracking
    • W
      Google Sheets Integration
      Collaborating on wix-generated data in google sheets without dashboard access
    • W
      Google Sheets Integration
      Using wix automations to regularly update a google sheets spreadsheet with new store orders
    • W
      Google Sheets Integration
      Configuring wix api to match data from different wix apps with the appropriate columns in google sheets

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I rematch data after editing a Google Sheet?

    To rematch data, go to the action section of the Automation, select the data to match the Google Sheet column, and save the changes.

    How do I reset permissions for my Google Sheets?

    Disconnect the Google Account, reconnect the Google Account, and make sure Wix is allowed to see and download Google Drive files, as well as see, edit, create, and delete Google Sheets spreadsheets.

    How do I integrate Wix with Google Sheets?

    Be on Wix, create a new automation, choose Update Google Sheets as the action, connect your Google account, match the trigger data to the correct columns in the spreadsheet, set the timing and frequency of the action, and activate the automation to publish it.


    Incorporating Wix's robust website building features with Google Sheets' versatile spreadsheet capabilities can significantly streamline your business operations, allowing you to manage your website and data seamlessly. With Wix's drag and drop editor, AI technology, and advanced design features, you can create a high-performing, secure website. Simultaneously, Google Sheets' real-time collaboration and assistive features ensure your data management is efficient and integrated. However, if you're looking for a unified solution that bypasses the need for an integration, consider Sourcetable. Sourcetable offers a streamlined experience that simplifies managing your data and website in one place. Sign up for Sourcetable to get started and take your online presence to the next level.

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