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    Integrating Xero, the comprehensive accounting software designed for various business types, with Google Sheets, the versatile spreadsheet tool, unlocks a new level of efficiency and collaboration for your business. By connecting Xero's time-saving automated features, such as bank transaction reconciliation and invoice reminders, with Google Sheets' real-time collaboration and data analysis capabilities, you can streamline your financial management and drive informed decision-making. This integration is not only about saving time but also about enhancing the control you have over your cash flow and the insights you gain from your financial data.

    On this page, we'll delve into the numerous benefits of merging the functionalities of Xero with Google Sheets. You'll learn everything you need to set up this powerful integration, including a step-by-step guide on how to connect Xero with Google Sheets. Furthermore, we'll explore practical use cases, provide assistance for troubleshooting your integration, and answer frequently asked questions to ensure a smooth and productive experience with integrating Xero with Google Sheets.

    Reasons to Integrate Xero with Google Sheets

    • Enhances productivity by streamlining tasks and workflows
    • Automates repetitive tasks to reduce manual effort and increase efficiency
    • Improves collaboration with real-time data sharing and communication
    • Saves time, allowing for a more efficient use of resources
    • Increases data visibility for better insights into operations
    • Provides a competitive advantage with customizable and advanced features
    • Cost-effective solution suitable for small businesses and startups
    • Easy to set up with platforms like Appy Pie Connect and G-Accon
    • Allows for custom report and dashboard design for better analytics
    • Enables real-time collaboration and sharing between users
    • Facilitates automatic data synchronization and custom field mapping
    • Can connect to Google Data Studio for enhanced data manipulation and analytics
    • Streamlines the process of importing and exporting data in bulk

    Setting Up the Integration Between Xero and Google Sheets

    To set up the integration between Xero and Google Sheets, there are specific requirements and steps that you need to follow. The process involves using Zapier to automate workflows, which is advantageous as it requires no coding skills. There are also numerous templates available on Zapier that can assist in creating these automated workflows, simplifying the integration process. Here is a detailed list of what you need to prepare for the integration:

    1. A Xero account with access to the data you wish to integrate with Google Sheets.
    2. A Google account with access to Google Sheets, where you want to send or receive data to or from Xero.
    3. Access to Zapier, which will be used to create Zaps for automating the workflows between Xero and Google Sheets.
    4. Choose the desired workflow templates from Zapier that match your integration needs or create custom Zaps using available triggers and actions.
    5. Set up the triggers and actions in Zapier to define how Xero and Google Sheets will interact.
    6. Test the integration to ensure that the data flows correctly between Xero and Google Sheets as intended.

    Integrating Xero with Google Sheets

    There are a multitude of ways to integrate Xero with Google Sheets, each designed to automate different workflows and tasks. By using Zapier, a platform that connects apps and automates workflows, these integrations can transform the way you manage your financial data.

    Using Zapier Templates

    Zapier provides several pre-made templates to quickly connect Xero to Google Sheets. These templates, known as Zaps, are designed to handle specific tasks such as saving new Xero invoices to Google Sheets rows, adding rows in Google Sheets from new Xero payments, adding new Xero bills to Google Sheets as rows, and creating bills in Xero from new rows in Google Sheets. By using these templates, you can streamline your financial operations with ease.

    Customizing Your Workflow with Triggers and Actions

    For custom integration, Zapier allows you to set up your own workflow with triggers and actions. Triggers such as "New Spreadsheet Row" and "New or Updated Spreadsheet Row" initiate the integration process. Actions like "Create Spreadsheet Column," "Create Multiple Spreadsheet Rows," or "Send Sales Invoice By Email" can be set up to perform tasks automatically. This ensures that your financial data is always up-to-date and accurately reflected across both platforms.

    Advanced Integration Techniques

    Advanced users can take advantage of more intricate actions, such as "Lookup Spreadsheet Rows" for finding specific data, "Find or Create Worksheet" to manage worksheets dynamically, or "Copy Worksheet" to duplicate data for further processing. Additionally, actions like "Format Spreadsheet Row" and "Update Spreadsheet Row(s)" allow for meticulous control over how data is presented and maintained within Google Sheets.

    Alternative Integration with Sourcetable

    As an alternative to direct integration through Zapier, Sourcetable offers a solution to sync live data from almost any app or database, including Xero, with Google Sheets. This platform can be a powerful tool for those who need real-time data synchronization without the need for setting up individual Zaps.

    Common Use Cases

    • Xero logo
      Google Sheets Integration
      Create custom financial reports and dashboards in google sheets using xero data
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      Google Sheets Integration
      Automate the transfer of invoice and payment data between xero and google sheets
    • Xero logo
      Google Sheets Integration
      Consolidate financial data from multiple xero companies into a single google sheets document
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      Google Sheets Integration
      Schedule regular data refreshes and email updates of xero reports within google sheets
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      Google Sheets Integration
      Enhance business intelligence by connecting xero data to google data studio through google sheets

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can Xero data be imported into Google Sheets?

    Yes, you can import Xero data into Google Sheets using a Google Apps Script, the Xero API, and services like Actiondesk Xero templates.

    Is it possible to automate workflows using Xero and Google Sheets?

    Yes, by integrating Xero with Google Sheets, you can automate workflows such as creating invoices, adding rows from new payments, and managing contacts.

    How can I create Xero invoices using Google Sheets?

    You can create new Xero invoices from Google Sheets rows by using the integration to automate the transfer of data between both platforms.

    Can I manipulate Xero data directly in Google Sheets?

    Yes, with G-Accon for Xero add-on, you can manipulate Xero data in Google Sheets and auto-upload the changes to Xero.

    What are the advanced actions available in the Xero Google Sheets integration?

    Advanced actions like the API Request action, which is in beta and includes Xero authentication, allow for raw HTTP requests. There is also the Create a new action using AI, which is custom and uses AI to create the action.


    Integrating Xero with Google Sheets combines the robust accounting features of Xero with the flexibility of Google Sheets, enabling businesses to centralize their finances, enjoy automated features like bank transaction reconciliation and invoice reminders, and perform trend analysis and customizable reporting. Real-time collaboration through Google Sheets enhances financial workflows and decision-making, while seamless connections with other Google apps and data tools expand the capabilities further. However, to streamline this integration process and unlock more potential for your business, consider using Sourcetable. Sourcetable offers a powerful, unified solution that can replace the need for integration, providing an even simpler and more efficient way to manage your financial data. Sign up for Sourcetable to get started and experience the ease of managing your business finances in one place.

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