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    Integrating Vizzlo with Google Sheets brings the power of advanced chart generation to the flexibility and accessibility of a leading spreadsheet program. By combining Vizzlo's AI-driven chart generator, which supports over 100 different graph types, with Google Sheets' collaborative and versatile platform, users can seamlessly enhance their data visualization and analysis capabilities. This integration is pivotal for professionals who rely on data-driven decision-making and desire to present their insights compellingly within tools like Google Slides and PowerPoint. On this page, we'll delve into why integrating Vizzlo with Google Sheets is essential, what you need to set up the integration, how to execute the integration, explore use cases for the integration, troubleshoot common issues, and answer frequently asked questions about this powerful combination.

    Whether you're looking to customize your charts to align with your brand, add team members for collaborative chart creation, or leverage Vizzlo's powerful additional analysis functions, integrating with Google Sheets streamlines your workflow. We will guide you through making the most of Vizzlo's features such as time-shift and data sync, all while taking advantage of Google Sheets' real-time collaboration and assistive features. Let's unlock the full potential of your data by enhancing your Google Sheets experience with Vizzlo's intuitive interface and robust charting capabilities.

    Reasons to Integrate Vizzlo with Google Sheets

    • Vizzlo can automatically update charts, offering real-time insights as your data changes.
    • It saves time by providing the ability to schedule automated updates for Google Sheets documents.
    • The integration allows for flexibility in data management, including selecting, re-ordering, and duplicating data ranges.
    • Charts can be connected to any public Microsoft Excel file or Google Sheet document via a URL.
    • Vizzlo integrates seamlessly with Google Drive, simplifying storage and management of documents.
    • It enhances team collaboration by syncing Vizzlo docs with Google Drive.
    • Access to project files is available anytime and from anywhere through Google Drive integration.
    • Google Drive's features can be utilized to manage Vizzlo documents more effectively.
    • Previews of .VZL files are possible from any synced device due to the integration with Google Drive.
    • Support for various file formats and integration with other platforms like PowerPoint and Google Slides.
    • Vizzlo's versatility extends to creating many types of data visualizations and charts suited for business and project management.
    • It is a lightweight and cost-efficient tool, making it a practical alternative to other visualization software.

    Setting Up Integration Between Vizzlo and Google Sheets

    Integrating Vizzlo with Google Sheets allows you to connect your data for dynamic and visually engaging presentations. To set up this integration successfully, ensure you have all the necessary components and access permissions in place. Follow the steps below to establish a seamless connection between Vizzlo and your Google Sheets documents.

    1. Verify that the Google Sheets document you want to connect is publicly accessible or that you have at least read-only access if it's in a cloud storage provider.
    2. Activate Link Sharing on the Google Sheets document to be used, and set the sharing permissions to "Anyone with the link" to ensure Vizzlo can access the data.
    3. Copy the URL of the public Google Sheets document or obtain the link from the cloud storage provider, which can be Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive, provided you are connected to it.
    4. Establish a Google Drive connection if you intend to use links to shared documents within Vizzlo.
    5. In Vizzlo, use the copied URL to connect to the Google Sheets document and import the desired range of data for your visualizations.
    6. Set up scheduled automated updates within Vizzlo if you want your visuals to refresh with new data from XLSX, CSV files, or Google Sheets documents.

    Integrating Vizzlo with Google Sheets

    Integrating Vizzlo with Google Sheets can be accomplished through several methods, each catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you are looking to connect to public data for a quick visualization or require scheduled updates from private documents, Vizzlo provides the flexibility to streamline your workflow.

    Connecting via Public URL

    To integrate a public Google Sheets document with Vizzlo, users need to paste the document's public URL into Vizzlo's data sync dialog. This allows Vizzlo to directly access and import the data range required for visualization. Ensure that Link Sharing is activated and set to "Anyone with the link" to make the document accessible.

    Scheduling Automated Updates

    Users can schedule automated updates for their Vizzlo charts by connecting them to Google Sheets documents stored in a cloud service provider. This ensures that the charts remain up-to-date with the latest data without manual intervention. At least read-only access is necessary for Vizzlo to fetch the data from these documents.

    Formatting Data Correctly

    When preparing a Google Sheets document for Vizzlo integration, it's important to format the data correctly. Vizzlo charts require a categorical variable in the first column followed by numerical variables. Users should choose the appropriate worksheet format—wide or narrow—and ensure that the first row is used accordingly as column headers.

    Connecting to Private Documents

    If you need to connect Vizzlo to a private Google Sheets document, first activate Link Sharing and select "Anyone with the link" to share the document. Then, paste the link into the data sync dialog in Vizzlo. Alternatively, connect your Google Drive cloud storage to Vizzlo to access private or shared documents directly.

    Alternative: Using Sourcetable

    As an alternative to integrating Vizzlo directly with Google Sheets, users can consider using Sourcetable. Sourcetable syncs your live data from almost any app or database, offering a robust solution for managing and visualizing data across various platforms.

    Common Use Cases

    • V
      Google Sheets Integration
      Automating updates for visualizations by scheduling vizzlo to fetch data from google sheets documents
    • V
      Google Sheets Integration
      Creating grouped bar charts in vizzlo with data directly imported from a public google sheets document via a url
    • V
      Google Sheets Integration
      Reordering or duplicating data within vizzlo after selecting arbitrary ranges from the connected google sheets data source
    • V
      Google Sheets Integration
      Efficiently managing and syncing vizzlo documents with a team’s cloud storage by connecting to google drive
    • V
      Google Sheets Integration
      Browsing and editing vizzlo documents stored in google drive and sharing them with appropriate permissions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I connect my Vizzlo chart to a Google Sheets document?

    You can connect any chart you create in Vizzlo to a Google Sheets document by using the document's URL.

    Can I schedule automatic updates for my chart's data?

    Yes, you can schedule automated updates for XLSX, CSV files, and Google Sheets documents.

    Is it possible to import data from cloud storage providers into Vizzlo?

    The data source you connect to Vizzlo can be from cloud storage providers.

    Can I duplicate or re-order columns when importing data into Vizzlo?

    Vizzlo allows you to duplicate columns and re-order the columns from the data source.

    Are there any limitations for embedded charts in Google Slides with Vizzlo?

    Embedded charts cannot be linked to remote data sources, and there is no automated way to convert existing slides to use embedded charts.


    By integrating Vizzlo's AI-powered chart generator with Google Sheets, you can effortlessly elevate your data visualization and analysis. Utilize Vizzlo's extensive library of over 100 graph types, team collaboration features, and brand customization directly within the versatile, device-agnostic environment of Google Sheets. This powerful combination enhances productivity and ensures your data not only looks professional but resonates with your audience through a seamless, intuitive experience. However, if you're looking for a unified solution that bypasses the need for integration, consider Sourcetable. Sign up for Sourcetable to streamline your workflow and get started on a comprehensive platform designed for efficiency and impact.

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