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    Welcome to the comprehensive guide on integrating VideoAsk with Google Sheets. In today's interconnected digital space, the ability to seamlessly collect and organize data is crucial for efficient business operations. By integrating VideoAsk's dynamic video form capabilities and asynchronous interview features with the versatility and accessibility of Google Sheets, you unlock a powerful synergy that enhances data analysis, streamlines conversations, and fosters stronger business relationships. This integration not only facilitates real-time collaboration and management of contact information but also amplifies the potential for research, feedback, training, and customer support initiatives.

    On this page, we'll delve into the 'why' and 'how' of integrating VideoAsk with Google Sheets, providing you with the essential information you need to set up the integration. We'll explore various use cases that demonstrate the practical benefits of this combination, guiding you through troubleshooting your VideoAsk integration with Google Sheets, and addressing frequently asked questions. Whether you are looking to enhance your data collection methods or optimize your workflow, this guide is designed to ensure you make the most out of VideoAsk and Google Sheets.

    Reasons to Integrate VideoAsk with Google Sheets

    • Allows for the automatic collection of data in a Google Sheet upon the receipt of a new response to a videoask.
    • Enables the combination of historical data with newly acquired data for comprehensive analysis.
    • Facilitates the merging of datasets from multiple videoasks for streamlined data management.

    Setting Up VideoAsk and Google Sheets Integration

    To effectively integrate VideoAsk with Google Sheets, certain prerequisites must be met. This integration streamlines the process of capturing responses directly into a spreadsheet for easier analysis and data management. Below is a step-by-step guide outlining what you'll need to ensure a smooth setup.

    1. A VideoAsk account, a Google account, and a Zapier account.
    2. Custom variables set up in your videoask URL.
    3. The Product name field enabled in your VideoAsk contact form.
    4. Complete the workflow setup prior to sharing the videoask with your audience.
    5. Add column headers to the first row of the Google Sheet where responses will be stored.
    6. Submit a test response to your videoask to verify the custom variable integration.
    7. Login to your Zapier account to create a zap.
    8. Choose VideoAsk from the Zapier app catalog and set New Response (From a Respondent) as the trigger event.
    9. Select the appropriate VideoAsk account, organization, and videoask for the integration.
    10. Test the trigger to confirm the setup.
    11. Choose Google Sheets as the action and Create Spreadsheet Row as the event.
    12. Map the response data to the corresponding column headers in the Google Sheet.
    13. Perform a test action to ensure the data populates correctly in the spreadsheet.
    14. Review the Google Sheet to verify that all data appears as expected.
    15. Publish the zap to finalize the integration and start collecting responses in your Google Sheet.

    Ways to Integrate VideoAsk with Google Sheets

    Integrating VideoAsk with Google Sheets opens up a multitude of possibilities for automating workflows and enhancing data management. With over 6,000 integrations available on Zapier, users of any size business can tailor their integration to suit their specific needs, from lead management to automating entire sections of their lead funnel. The process can be simplified using Zapier's templates or set up manually for a more customized approach.

    Using Zapier to Create Automated Workflows

    To integrate VideoAsk with Google Sheets using Zapier, you need to have accounts on all three platforms. Begin by organizing your Google Sheet with column headers for the data you want from VideoAsk responses. After submitting a test response on VideoAsk, log into Zapier to create a new Zap. Select VideoAsk as the trigger app, and choose the 'New Response (From a Respondent)' event. After configuring the trigger by selecting your VideoAsk account and the specific VideoAsk, test it to ensure it's working. Then, choose Google Sheets as the action app, select the 'Create Spreadsheet Row' event, and specify the destination in Google Sheets. Match the data fields from VideoAsk to the corresponding Google Sheets columns and test the action. Once satisfied, publish the Zap to automate this workflow.

    Automating Workflows with Templates

    Zapier provides templates that make automating workflows between Google Sheets and VideoAsk straightforward. These templates are designed to save time and simplify the process for users who may not be familiar with creating Zaps from scratch. By selecting a pre-made template, you can quickly set up an integration that fits your needs, whether it's for lead management, automating repetitive tasks, or managing every part of your lead funnel.

    Alternative Integration Method: Using Sourcetable

    If you're looking for an alternative to using a dedicated integration service like Zapier, Sourcetable offers a viable solution. Sourcetable allows you to sync live data from almost any app or database, including VideoAsk and Google Sheets. It's an effective tool for those who require real-time data synchronization without the need for creating individual Zaps. This can streamline the process for businesses that manage a large volume of data across various platforms.

    Common Use Cases

    • V
      Google Sheets Integration
      Tracking responses received on videoask in a spreadsheet
    • V
      Google Sheets Integration
      Automatically adding a new row to a google sheet with each new videoask response
    • V
      Google Sheets Integration
      Importing existing videoask data to google sheets or excel for further analysis
    • V
      Google Sheets Integration
      Using zapier to integrate videoask responses with airtable for response tracking

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens if I change the name of a column or sheet after integrating VideoAsk with Google Sheets?

    Changing the name of a column or sheet breaks the connection between VideoAsk and Google Sheets. You will need to disconnect and reconnect to a new sheet if the name of a column or sheet is changed.

    If I need to connect to a new sheet because changes were made, what should I do with the old data?

    Old data must be copy/pasted to merge datasets if a new sheet is connected.

    Will the integration be affected if I change the title of the columns in my Google Sheet?

    Yes, the connection will break if the title of the columns of the sheet are changed.

    What should I do if I add or change steps in my videoask?

    If steps are added or changed, you need to disconnect and reconnect to a new sheet, as the number and order of steps in the videoask will align with the sheet columns.

    How can I view the responses from my videoask in Google Sheets?

    You can export responses to .csv or .xlsx to view complete responses from respondents, including metrics and answers per step.


    Integrating VideoAsk with Google Sheets transforms the way you collect and organize data, enabling a seamless flow of information from video-based interactions directly into a versatile, accessible spreadsheet environment. By leveraging VideoAsk for asynchronous interviews, gathering feedback, and customer support, combined with Google Sheets' collaborative and real-time editing capabilities, businesses can significantly enhance productivity and decision-making processes. Streamlined conversations and the ability to build stronger business relationships are now effortlessly managed and analyzed within Google Sheets, giving you the power to use templates for various applications and connect with over 1,500 other apps through Zapier. However, instead of navigating multiple integrations, consider using Sourcetable, a solution designed to simplify your workflow even further. Sign up for Sourcetable to get started and elevate your data management to the next level.

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