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    Welcome to the definitive guide for integrating Todoist with Google Sheets. In today's fast-paced work environment, the ability to seamlessly manage tasks and collaborate with your team is more crucial than ever. By integrating Todoist's powerful task management capabilities with the versatile, real-time collaboration features of Google Sheets, you unlock a new level of productivity and data analysis. This synergy allows for an unprecedented alignment of day-to-day task management with dynamic spreadsheet functionalities, catering to a wide array of project management needs and analytical demands.

    On this page, we'll explore the numerous benefits and the essential know-how of bringing Todoist and Google Sheets together. From outlining why this integration is pivotal for your workflow optimization to walking you through the setup process, we've got you covered. We'll delve into practical use cases, provide guidance for troubleshooting common issues, and offer answers to frequently asked questions. Whether you're looking to enhance team collaboration or streamline your project tracking, integrating Todoist with Google Sheets is a game-changer.

    Reasons to Integrate Todoist with Google Sheets

    • Automate workflows to increase efficiency and reduce manual data entry.
    • Move tasks to specific sections within Google Sheets for better organization.
    • Save newly completed Todoist tasks as new rows in Google Sheets for accurate record-keeping.
    • Add multiple rows for newly completed tasks in Todoist to Google Sheets, to keep detailed progress tracking.
    • Create Todoist tasks directly from new or updated rows in Google Sheets to streamline task management.
    • Receive AI-generated summaries of completed tasks for insights and overviews of productivity.
    • Automatically create a new Google Sheets row for every new task added to Todoist, ensuring no task is overlooked.
    • Consolidate scattered tasks from various tools into Todoist using Zapier, centralizing task management.
    • Utilize Google Sheets to create Todoist tasks from voice memos with OpenAI, adding versatility to task creation.
    • Share spreadsheets of tasks with team members easily, enhancing collaboration.

    Setting Up Todoist and Google Sheets Integration

    To establish an integration between Todoist and Google Sheets, certain prerequisites and steps must be followed to ensure a seamless connection. This setup allows you to automate workflows and efficiently track tasks, lead management, project management, and more. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you set up the integration:

    1. Ensure you have a Zapier account to create integrations, known as Zaps, between Todoist and Google Sheets without the need for coding.
    2. Install the Export to Google Sheets extension to facilitate documentation and reporting on tasks within Todoist.
    3. Grant the extension read-only access to your Todoist application data, enabling it to export task-related information.
    4. Sign in to your Google account, which is necessary for the extension to function and to manage data within Google Sheets.
    5. Customize the integration to suit your workflow needs by determining the triggers and actions between Todoist and Google Sheets.
    6. If you wish to discontinue the integration in the future, navigate to Integrations in Todoist, click on Export to Google Sheets, and select Remove to uninstall the extension.

    Integrating Todoist with Google Sheets

    Integrating Todoist with Google Sheets can significantly enhance your productivity by allowing you to document and report on your work progress in a more structured and detailed manner. There are a few methods to establish this integration, each serving the purpose of streamlining your task management and reporting routines. Below we outline the steps to effectively connect Todoist with Google Sheets using the Export to Google Sheets extension, and also provide an alternative method using Sourcetable for live data synchronization.

    Using the Export to Google Sheets Extension

    To integrate Todoist with Google Sheets using the Export to Google Sheets extension, start by opening your Todoist app. Click on your avatar located in the top-right corner of the interface, and then select 'Integrations' from the dropdown menu. In the Integrations section, you can add the Export to Google Sheets extension to your Todoist. Once the extension is added, you can use it by clicking on the three dots icon found in the top-right corner of your desired project. Choose 'Export to Google Sheets' and then select the specific task fields you wish to export, which include active and completed tasks, due dates, task priority, creation date, task description, section, and assignee.

    Customizing Task Exports with the Extension

    With the Export to Google Sheets extension, you are also given the option to customize which tasks are exported to Google Sheets. The extension allows for the export of both active and completed tasks, but it can be configured to only export completed tasks if that is your preference. Additionally, for those who use recurring tasks in Todoist, you can opt to export these as completed tasks only if you decide to complete them forever. This added flexibility ensures that your Google Sheets document reflects your workflow and reporting needs accurately.

    Alternative Integration with Sourcetable

    If you're looking for an alternative to the Export to Google Sheets extension, consider using Sourcetable. Sourcetable is a powerful tool that syncs your live data from almost any app or database, including Todoist. It provides a flexible and real-time approach to managing your task data, ensuring that your spreadsheets always contain the most up-to-date information without needing to export manually. This can be a valuable alternative for users who require continuous sync and the latest data for their reports and documentation.

    Common Use Cases

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      Google Sheets Integration
      Saving newly completed todoist tasks as new rows in google sheets
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      Google Sheets Integration
      Turning google sheets rows into todoist tasks
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      Google Sheets Integration
      Creating google sheet rows for new incomplete tasks in todoist
    • Todoist logo
      Google Sheets Integration
      Adding new google sheets rows to todoist as tasks
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      Google Sheets Integration
      Updating google sheets with new completed tasks from todoist

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What details are exported when using the Google Sheets extension for Todoist?

    The extension exports task details such as due dates, task priority, creation date, description, section, and assignee for both active and completed tasks.

    Are recurring tasks exported as completed by the Google Sheets extension?

    Recurring tasks are not exported as completed tasks by this extension. Active recurring tasks are considered uncompleted, and completed recurring tasks are only considered completed if you choose to complete them forever.

    What permissions are required when using the Google Sheets extension for the first time?

    When running this extension for the first time, users will be asked for read-only access to application data and will be prompted to sign in to their Google account.

    How can I remove the Export to Google Sheets extension from my Todoist?

    The extension can be removed by clicking on the avatar in the top-right corner, selecting the integration, and clicking remove.


    Integrating Todoist with Google Sheets can significantly enhance your productivity by combining the robust task management features of Todoist with the powerful collaborative capabilities of Google Sheets. With Todoist's natural language recognition and automatic sorting, alongside Sheets' Smart Fill, formula suggestions, and seamless integration with other Google apps, your team can collaborate efficiently in real time. Secure encryption ensures that your data is protected both in transit and at rest, while Connected Sheets provide a potent tool for enterprise customers to analyze BigQuery data. However, instead of navigating the complexities of integration, consider Sourcetable, which offers a streamlined solution to manage your workflows with ease. Sign up for Sourcetable today to get started and revolutionize the way you work.

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