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    Integrating Ontraport with Google Sheets harnesses the power of a comprehensive marketing and sales platform with the versatility of an advanced online spreadsheet tool. This powerful combination allows businesses that are ready to scale to streamline their processes by automating data transfer, enhancing real-time collaboration, and unlocking new insights with intelligent data analysis. By leveraging Ontraport's all-in-one capabilities with Google Sheets' real-time collaboration and intelligence features, organizations can increase efficiency, improve data accuracy, and make more informed decisions. On this page, we'll cover why integrating Ontraport with Google Sheets is important, what you need to set up the integration, how to integrate Ontraport with Google Sheets, use cases for integrating Ontraport with Google Sheets, troubleshooting your Ontraport integration with Google Sheets, and Q&A about integrating Ontraport with Google Sheets.

    The integration process not only simplifies the management of your online business activities but also provides a seamless flow of information across your sales, CRM, and marketing automation systems. Whether you are looking to create custom campaigns, manage membership sites, or analyze customer data effectively, connecting Ontraport with Google Sheets will facilitate a more cohesive work environment. With the added benefits of Sheets' security, including encryption in transit and at rest, businesses can confidently manage their data with the assurance that it is protected. Stay tuned as we delve into the step-by-step guide to setting up this integration and explore how to maximize its potential for your growing business.

    Reasons to Integrate Ontraport with Google Sheets

    • Generates more leads by leveraging the integration capabilities of Ontraport with Google Sheets.
    • Enables the creation of new leads directly in Google Sheets using data from Ontraport.
    • Facilitates the updating of Google Sheets leads with the latest information from Ontraport.
    • Allows easy access to Ontraport data in a spreadsheet format, enhancing team collaboration.
    • Provides connection options through Google Sheets scripts or third-party addons, despite potential reliability and debugging issues.

    Requirements for Ontraport and Google Sheets Integration Setup

    To establish a seamless integration between Ontraport and Google Sheets, certain prerequisites must be fulfilled. This integration is designed to automate workflows, making lead management and reporting tasks more efficient. By satisfying the requirements listed below, users can ensure a smooth setup process through the Zapier platform.

    1. A Zapier account is necessary to create and manage the integrations.
    2. The Zapier app must be used to connect Ontraport and Google Sheets.
    3. An active Google Sheets app is required to facilitate the integration.
    4. The Ontraport app is needed to sync with Google Sheets.
    5. If utilizing Team Drive, the Team Drive app is also required.
    6. A Google Sheets account is essential for accessing and managing spreadsheets.
    7. An Ontraport account is necessary to manage contacts and automate workflows.
    8. A Google account is required to use Google Sheets and to connect with Zapier.

    Methods of Integrating Ontraport with Google Sheets

    Integrating Ontraport with Google Sheets can be accomplished through several methods, each offering unique capabilities to automate workflows, manage data, and enhance productivity. From direct integration features to using third-party add-ons, users have multiple ways to connect these powerful tools.

    Direct Integration Features

    Ontraport's direct integration with Google Sheets enables users to automate the creation of new rows and update existing ones with contact and tag information from Ontraport. This seamless connection allows for real-time data syncing between the two platforms, facilitating automated insights and efficient data management.

    Utilizing Script Functions

    Scripts can be written within Google Sheets to handle specific actions such as reading data from Ontraport with a personal access token, logging this data, and writing it to the spreadsheet. The "readData" function fetches data from Ontraport's API, while the "updateData" and "writeData" functions manage the data within the Google Sheets, creating headers and rows as necessary.

    Apipheny Add-on

    For businesses ready to scale, using the Apipheny add-on is considered a best practice for integrating Ontraport with Google Sheets. This add-on simplifies the connection process to Ontraport's API, eliminating the need for complex scripting and enabling a more user-friendly experience for managing the integration and automating data flows.

    Alternative Method: Sourcetable

    If seeking an alternative to direct integration or add-ons, Sourcetable offers a powerful option. As a tool that syncs live data from various apps or databases, it presents a viable solution for users looking to streamline their data management without relying on traditional integration methods.

    Common Use Cases

    • O
      Google Sheets Integration
      Automatically create new google sheets rows for ontraport form submissions
    • O
      Google Sheets Integration
      Add tags in ontraport to create google sheets rows
    • O
      Google Sheets Integration
      Create ontraport contacts for new google sheets rows
    • O
      Google Sheets Integration
      Update ontraport contacts with new or updated google sheets rows
    • O
      Google Sheets Integration
      Create google sheets rows for new ontraport purchased products

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you automate workflows between Ontraport and Google Sheets?

    You can automate workflows between Ontraport and Google Sheets by using Zapier to create automated tasks. This is done without the need for coding by using Zapier's templates.

    What triggers are available to start an automated workflow with Ontraport and Google Sheets?

    Common triggers include the New Form Submission trigger, which starts a Zap when a contact fills out an Ontraport form, and the Tag Added or Tag Removed triggers, which start a Zap when a tag is added to or removed from a contact or custom object.

    Can you find or create rows in Google Sheets based on Ontraport actions?

    Yes, you can use the Find Row action to locate a row in a Google Sheet, and the Find or Create Row action to find or create a lookup row based on Ontraport actions.

    Is there a cost associated with integrating Ontraport with Google Sheets?

    The integration itself is free, although Zapier may have its own pricing plans depending on the level of usage and complexity of the Zaps you create.

    What are some common queries used in Ontraport Google Sheets integration?

    Common queries include 'Finds a row by a column and value', 'Returns the entire row if one is found', 'Worksheet', 'Spreadsheet', 'Lookup Column', 'Lookup Value', 'Supporting Lookup Column', and 'Supporting Lookup Value'.


    Integrating Ontraport with Google Sheets empowers growing businesses to streamline their marketing, sales, and customer relationship management by leveraging the real-time collaboration and intelligence features of Sheets. With this integration, businesses can efficiently scale their operations, automate processes, and utilize the robust analytics and customization capabilities of both platforms. This seamless synergy allows for a more cohesive management of online business activities, from lead capture to membership sites, all while ensuring data security and accessibility across Google Workspace applications. However, if you're looking for an even more comprehensive solution without the need for integration, consider using Sourcetable. Sign up for Sourcetable today to get started and experience a unified platform designed to simplify your business management needs.

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