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    Integrating Salesforce, a comprehensive CRM suite, with Google Sheets, an online spreadsheet tool, unlocks a new dimension of efficiency and collaboration for businesses of all sizes. Leveraging the strengths of both platforms, users can seamlessly manage customer relationships while analyzing and visualizing data in a familiar spreadsheet environment. This integration facilitates real-time collaboration, connects Salesforce data to Google's suite of apps, and ensures that decision-making is supported by the most current data available. On this page, we'll delve into the benefits of this powerful synergy, providing you with the knowledge to effectively combine these tools.

    We'll cover the essentials of why integrating Salesforce with Google Sheets is a strategic move for your business operations, what prerequisites are needed for the setup, and a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the integration. Additionally, we will explore practical use cases that illustrate the added value and efficiency gained from this integration. To ensure a smooth experience, we will also provide troubleshooting tips for your Salesforce integration with Google Sheets, followed by a comprehensive Q&A section to address any lingering questions you may have about this process.

    Reasons to Integrate Salesforce with Google Sheets

    • Integrating Salesforce with Google Sheets allows for data from Salesforce to be pulled into Google Sheets, streamlining data management.
    • Editing Salesforce data in Google Sheets automatically updates the data in Salesforce, ensuring consistency and saving time.
    • This integration saves time by avoiding the need to export, make changes, and re-upload data, enhancing productivity.
    • It allows Salesforce data to be visualized in Google products, offering better data analysis opportunities.
    • Salesforce data in Google Sheets can be used to create pivot tables, providing dynamic data organization and reporting.
    • Both Salesforce and Google Sheets are classic apps widely used by salespeople, making integration familiar and user-friendly.
    • Automating sales processes with tools like Workato can save time, prevent data entry errors, and give sales reps a better view of their prospects.

    Setting Up Salesforce and Google Sheets Integration

    To streamline your workflow and enhance productivity, integrating Salesforce with Google Sheets is a strategic move. Leveraging a data connector app like Coefficient simplifies the process, allowing for easy syncing, updating, and deletion of Salesforce data within Google Sheets. Below is a step-by-step guide on what you need to initiate this integration.

    1. On your active Google spreadsheet, navigate to the top menu bar, click Add-ons, and select Get add-ons.
    2. Click on the Coefficient add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace.
    3. Review the terms and click Allow to give the necessary permissions.
    4. Go back to Add-ons on the Google Sheets menu, select Coefficient, then click Launch to activate the add-on.
    5. Click Import Data on the Coefficient sidebar that appears on the right side of the interface.
    6. Choose Salesforce from the list of Coefficient’s supported data sources and platforms.
    7. Select a report to import from the list of reports available in your Salesforce account.
    8. Click Import Report to import the selected report from Salesforce into your Google Sheet.

    Methods for Integrating Salesforce with Google Sheets

    Integrating Salesforce with Google Sheets can be achieved through various methods, each tailored to different user needs and technical expertise. These methods range from manual synchronization to fully automated solutions, providing a spectrum of options for importing, updating, or deleting data within Google Sheets. Whether you are a developer looking for a robust tool or a business user in need of an easy-to-use solution, the integration process offers flexibility and efficiency.

    Using Salesforce Data Loader

    For developers, Salesforce Data Loader is an ideal tool that facilitates the manual syncing of Salesforce data to Google Sheets. This tool allows for precise control over the data import process, catering to those who require a more hands-on approach to data management.

    Google Cloud Connector for Salesforce

    The Google Cloud Connector for Salesforce is a dedicated Google Sheets extension that enables automatic synchronization of Salesforce data with Google Sheets. It provides a seamless connection between the two platforms, simplifying the data integration process for users.

    Point-to-Point Data to Destination Tools

    Point-to-Point Data to Destination Tools offer an easy-to-use solution for syncing Salesforce data to Google Sheets. These tools are designed for users who prefer a straightforward and user-friendly approach to integration without the need for complex configurations.

    iPaaS and AI-Assisted Data Tools

    iPaaS solutions like Zapier and AI-assisted data tools such as AirOps enhance the automation of syncing Salesforce data to Google Sheets. These tools are especially beneficial for users aiming to automate their data workflows with minimal effort while ensuring the data remains up-to-date.

    Reverse ETL Tools

    Reverse ETL tools like Census and Hightouch provide a powerful way to sync Salesforce data to Google Sheets, even in complex scenarios. They cater to users with sophisticated data integration needs, enabling them to manipulate and synchronize data in intricate ways.

    Alternative: Using Sourcetable

    As an alternative to direct integration methods, Sourcetable offers a versatile platform that syncs live data from almost any app or database, including Salesforce. This solution is designed for users who require a comprehensive data management system that extends beyond the Salesforce and Google Sheets integration.

    Common Use Cases

    • H
      Google Sheets Integration
      Importing salesforce data into google sheets for analysis and report creation
    • H
      Google Sheets Integration
      Updating or deleting salesforce records directly from google sheets
    • H
      Google Sheets Integration
      Setting up automatic data refresh schedules to keep google sheets data current
    • H
      Google Sheets Integration
      Sharing salesforce data with team members via google sheets for collaborative decision-making
    • H
      Google Sheets Integration
      Using google sheets to edit salesforce data and sync changes back to the salesforce account

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I import Salesforce data into Google Sheets?

    Yes, the add-on allows users to import Salesforce data into a Google spreadsheet.

    Is the Salesforce integration with Google Sheets available in multiple languages?

    No, the add-on is only available in English.

    Can I edit Salesforce data directly in Google Sheets?

    Yes, the add-on allows users to edit data in a Google spreadsheet and transfer the changes to Salesforce.

    How can I refresh Salesforce data in my Google Sheets?

    The add-on allows users to manually or automatically refresh their data from Salesforce in Google Sheets.

    Can I delete Salesforce data using Google Sheets?

    Yes, the add-on allows users to delete data from Salesforce in Google Sheets.


    Integrating Salesforce with Google Sheets allows users to leverage the robust capabilities of both platforms, creating a powerful synergy for managing customer relationships and data analysis. With Salesforce's comprehensive CRM suite and Google Sheets' dynamic spreadsheet functionalities, users can make data-driven decisions, collaborate in real-time, and even build custom applications tailored to their business needs. This integration ensures your data is secure and accessible within the ecosystem of Google's productivity tools, including Docs, Slides, and Meet, as well as compatibility with Excel. However, if you're seeking a streamlined solution that bypasses the need for complex integrations, consider Sourcetable. Sign up for Sourcetable today to seamlessly manage your CRM and spreadsheet data in one place and get started on simplifying your workflow.

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