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    Welcome to the comprehensive guide on integrating Harvest Timekeeping with Google Sheets. In today's fast-paced work environment, especially among companies who operate remotely, the synchronization of time tracking and data analysis tools is paramount. By combining Harvest's robust time tracking capabilities with the versatility of Google Sheets, teams can harness enhanced insights, streamline their workflows, and ensure seamless collaboration. This integration allows for a real-time, web-based approach to managing and interpreting timekeeping data, accessible from any device and perfectly tailored for companies that value efficiency and data security.

    On this page, we'll explore the numerous benefits of linking Harvest Timekeeping with Google Sheets. From setting up the necessary components for a successful integration to walking you through the actual process of merging these powerful platforms, we've got you covered. You'll discover various use cases that demonstrate how this integration can revolutionize your approach to time management and data analysis. Additionally, we will provide troubleshooting tips for your Harvest Timekeeping integration and answer frequently asked questions to ensure a smooth and productive experience with Google Sheets. Let's dive into the world of streamlined productivity and enhanced data intelligence.

    Setting Up Integration Between Harvest Timekeeping and Google Sheets

    Integrating Harvest Timekeeping with Google Sheets can streamline your workflow and automate data transfer between the two applications. To establish this integration, different methods, such as using Coupler.io, Zapier, or the API Connector add-on for Google Sheets, can be employed. Each method has a specific set of steps and requirements to ensure the seamless flow of data between Harvest and Google Sheets.

    1. Choose the integration platform: Coupler.io, Zapier, or the API Connector add-on for Google Sheets from the Google Marketplace.
    2. For Coupler.io, follow a five-step process including connecting the Harvest account, selecting data to export, and setting up a data import schedule.
    3. For Zapier, set up automated workflows such as creating rows in Google Sheets for new Harvest time entries or projects.
    4. For the API Connector add-on, install it from the Google Marketplace and create a new request in the API Connector interface within Google Sheets.
    5. Select Harvest as the application and connect it by clicking the Connect to Harvest button.
    6. Create a custom API request to Harvest, specifying the endpoint URL and any necessary headers or parameters.
    7. Choose an output sheet in Google Sheets where the data from Harvest will be populated.
    8. Set the request to run on a schedule if continuous data updates are needed.

    Integrating Harvest Timekeeping with Google Sheets

    Harvest timekeeping can be integrated with Google Sheets through a variety of automated workflows using Zapier, which is a tool that connects two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. These integrations, known as Zaps, can significantly enhance productivity by connecting Harvest with Google Sheets in multiple ways.

    Creating Spreadsheet Rows for New Time Entries

    Zapier can create new rows in a Google Sheets spreadsheet whenever new time entries are recorded in Harvest. This means that time tracking data is instantly recorded and accessible in Google Sheets, making it easier to manage and analyze.

    Project Management Enhancements

    With Zapier, new projects in Harvest can automatically generate corresponding rows in Google Sheets. This feature ensures that project lists are kept up-to-date, and project management becomes more streamlined.

    Invoicing and Financial Records

    Zapier facilitates the addition of new rows in Google Sheets for new paid invoices and for new invoices generated in Harvest. This automation can help keep financial records organized and easily accessible for accounting purposes.

    Task Creation From Google Sheets

    Automation isn't just one-way; Zapier can also add new tasks in Harvest whenever new rows are added to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. This is particularly useful for task assignment and project planning directly from spreadsheet data.

    Timers and Time Entries

    Stopping a Harvest timer can trigger the creation of a new row in a Google Sheets document, allowing for immediate logging and analysis of time spent on specific tasks or projects. Additionally, Zapier can create multiple rows for new time entries, allowing for detailed tracking and reporting.

    Project Creation from Sheet Updates

    Updating a row in Google Sheets can trigger the creation of a new project in Harvest. This allows for dynamic project initiation based on spreadsheet data changes, enhancing project setup efficiency.

    Integration with Firebase

    For those who use Firebase, the integration allows for the creation of new Google Sheets rows for every new document added to a collection in Firebase, maintaining a seamless flow of data across platforms.

    Using Sourcetable as an Alternative to Zapier

    As an alternative to using Zapier for integration, Sourcetable provides a platform to sync live data from almost any app or database, including Harvest and Google Sheets. This could be a useful solution for users looking for a direct way to manage their data across different applications.

    Common Use Cases

    • H
      Google Sheets Integration
      Automating the creation of new rows in google sheets for every new harvest time entry
    • H
      Google Sheets Integration
      Generating reports in google sheets for newly created or paid invoices in harvest
    • H
      Google Sheets Integration
      Creating new harvest projects directly from updated rows in google sheets
    • H
      Google Sheets Integration
      Recording the stoppage of harvest timers by adding new rows to google sheets
    • H
      Google Sheets Integration
      Mapping custom fields in google sheets to correspond with harvest time entries for enhanced data analysis

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I automate workflows between Harvest and Google Sheets?

    You can use Zapier to create integrations that automate workflows such as timekeeping, creating projects, tasks, and invoices between Harvest and Google Sheets.

    Can I create custom reports in Google Sheets using Harvest data?

    Yes, by using Coupler.io to integrate Harvest with Google Sheets, you can create custom reports and even build dashboards in Google Data Studio.

    Is there a way to back up my Harvest time tracking data?

    Coupler.io allows you to collect time tracking data from various apps and create a backup in BigQuery, ensuring that you have a secure copy of your data.

    How can integrating Harvest with Google Sheets improve team collaboration?

    Integrating Harvest with Google Sheets improves collaboration by allowing team members to collaborate on shared data extracts and by syncing data in real-time for up-to-date information.

    Can I blend Harvest data with other sources in Google Sheets?

    Yes, with Coupler.io integration, you can combine and blend data from Harvest and various sources in a single worksheet in Google Sheets.


    By integrating Harvest timekeeping with Google Sheets, companies of all sizes and industries can take advantage of a seamless, easy-to-use solution that not only enhances remote work management but also helps identify and alleviate employee overburden. Google Sheets' robust features such as real-time collaboration, built-in intelligence, and extensive connectivity bolster the simplicity of Harvest, enabling businesses to devote more attention to solving complex engineering challenges. Moreover, the strong security protocols and compliance with privacy regulations of Google Sheets ensure that your data is safe and secure. However, for an even more streamlined experience, consider using Sourcetable, which offers a tailored solution that eliminates the need for integration. Sign up for Sourcetable today to get started and maximize your team's efficiency and productivity.

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