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    Welcome to the comprehensive guide for integrating Geckoboard with Google Sheets. In the fast-paced business environment, real-time data visualization and dashboarding are crucial for quick decision-making and staying ahead of the curve. Geckoboard's seamless integration with Google Sheets unlocks the potential of your spreadsheet data, transforming it into actionable insights displayed on easily digestible dashboards. This integration leverages the flexibility of Google Sheets and the power of Geckoboard’s real-time dashboards to keep your team informed and aligned. On this page, we'll cover the why and how of integrating Geckoboard with Google Sheets, what you need to set up the integration, practical use cases, troubleshooting tips, and a helpful Q&A section to assist you every step of the way.

    Whether you are looking to enhance your team's productivity, streamline reporting processes, or showcase your key metrics on various platforms, integrating Geckoboard with Google Sheets is a strategic move. Given that Google Sheets is widely used for both personal and professional purposes, and Geckoboard connects directly to over 90 data sources including Google Sheets, this integration bridges the gap between data entry and data visualization. We will guide you through the simple setup process, provide examples of how different industries can benefit from this integration, and offer support for any technical questions that may arise during your journey with Geckoboard and Google Sheets.

    Reasons to Integrate Geckoboard with Google Sheets

    • Geckoboard can turn Google Sheets data into dynamic dashboards for easy visualization.
    • These dashboards can be conveniently viewed on various devices, including mobile and TV screens.
    • Dashboard updates occur automatically, ensuring that the information displayed is current.
    • Geckoboard enables the display of text from Google Sheets cells on dashboards, which can be used for sharing feedback or important information like the weather.
    • Data from Google Sheets can be transformed into a range of customizable visualizations with features like comparisons and status indicators.
    • Visualizations can also include data from over 90 other sources, offering a comprehensive view of all your metrics.
    • Dashboards are easily shareable with team members, enhancing collaboration and communication.
    • Third-party plugins allow for the integration of data from various sources into your Geckoboard dashboards.
    • Data can be scraped from web pages into a Google Sheet and then visualized on Geckoboard.
    • Information collected from Google Forms can be presented on a dashboard via Google Sheets.
    • Geckoboard can connect to multiple Google Drive accounts, allowing access to a greater range of Sheets files for widget creation.
    • Users have the ability to create direct download links for their Sheets files from within Geckoboard.

    Requirements for Setting Up Geckoboard Integration with Google Sheets

    Integrating Geckoboard with Google Sheets allows teams to transform spreadsheets into fully customizable dashboards that automatically update and can be shared across devices. To begin the integration process, you will need to follow a series of steps that involve adding a script library to your Google Sheet, configuring an API connection, and setting up the data you wish to display. Below is a list of what you need to have and do to successfully set up the integration between Geckoboard and Google Sheets.

    1. A Google Sheet with the data you want to display on Geckoboard.
    2. Access to the Google Sheets Extensions and Apps Script to add the required Google Apps Script Library.
    3. The Library ID for GeckoboardPusher to link the script library to your sheet.
    4. An API Key from your Geckoboard account to authorize the connection.
    5. The Geckoboard Config spreadsheet to specify the data range and dataset name for the integration.
    6. Optional: A trigger setup for automatic updates at regular intervals, such as every 5 minutes.

    Integrating Geckoboard with Google Sheets

    Geckoboard's integration with Google Sheets offers multiple methods to bring your data to life through dynamic dashboards. From directly connecting to Google Drive to utilizing third-party tools, you can choose the most convenient way to visualize your data.

    Direct Connection to Google Sheets

    Geckoboard connects to Google Sheets by securely linking to your Google Drive, enabling it to pull data directly from your sheets. This data is then transformed into customizable visualizations that can be displayed on various devices such as mobile, TV screens, or shared via links.

    Utilizing Spreadsheet Add-ons

    By using add-ons like Google Analytics Spreadsheet and Supermetrics, you can import data into your Google Sheets from various services. This allows for extensive data calculations and combinations which Geckoboard can then turn into visualizations.

    Incorporating Third-Party Automation Tools

    Tools such as Zapier, Pabbly Connect, and Parabola enable you to automate the data flow to your Google Sheets. These services facilitate data collection, cleaning, manipulation, and sending to Geckoboard, all without the need for writing complex scripts or having coding experience.

    Custom Integration with Datasets API

    The Datasets API provides a more tailored approach by allowing you to send data from in-house systems or third-party tools directly to Geckoboard. This method requires the creation of a script or an app to authenticate and connect with the desired tool's API to request data.

    Professional Integration Services

    If you prefer a hands-off approach, services like Saasler can develop custom integrations for you. They can connect various services to Geckoboard, managing the data transfer process to your dashboard efficiently.

    Alternative: Using Sourcetable

    As an alternative to direct integration, Sourcetable offers a solution by syncing live data from almost any app or database. This can be a powerful option for those looking to integrate their data into Geckoboard without using the platform's native integration capabilities.

    Common Use Cases

    • G
      Google Sheets Integration
      Tracking sales team performance against quarterly goals
    • G
      Google Sheets Integration
      Visualizing website traffic data for a marketing team
    • G
      Google Sheets Integration
      Displaying daily production metrics on a factory floor
    • G
      Google Sheets Integration
      Sharing customer satisfaction ratings in real-time with a support team
    • G
      Google Sheets Integration
      Broadcasting the day’s weather forecast in a hotel lobby

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I turn my Google Sheets into dashboards using Geckoboard?

    To turn your Google Sheets into dashboards, you can use Geckoboard's integration to pull data and create visualizations. Click + Add widget in Geckoboard and select Spreadsheets or Google Sheets from the data sources list.

    Can Geckoboard dashboards be shared or viewed on different devices?

    Yes, Geckoboard dashboards can be viewed through sharing links, on mobile devices, or on a TV screen.

    Will the dashboards update automatically with changes from Google Sheets?

    Yes, the dashboards automatically update with the latest data from your Google Sheets.

    What should I do if I receive an error when adding a Google Sheet widget to Geckoboard?

    If you encounter an error that says 'there was an error fetching the list of spreadsheets', you should allow Google Drive permission to share data with Geckoboard to fix this issue.

    How can I keep my Google Sheet private when integrating with Geckoboard?

    You can create a direct download link for your Google Sheet to keep it private when integrating with Geckoboard.


    By integrating Geckoboard with Google Sheets, you harness the power of real-time dashboard software with the flexibility of an online spreadsheet program. Connect directly to your business tools and over 90 data sources, including the comprehensive suite of Google apps like Google Forms, Slides, Docs, and Meet. With this integration, you can effortlessly share your dashboards on various platforms such as TV, mobile, email, and Slack, ensuring your team stays informed and agile. However, instead of navigating through an integration, consider using Sourcetable as a streamlined alternative that delivers similar capabilities with ease. Sign up for Sourcetable to get started and elevate your data visualization and collaboration to the next level.

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