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    Integrating Jotform's fillable PDF form creator with Google Sheets brings together the flexibility of custom form creation with the robust data management capabilities of a powerful spreadsheet program. Whether you're gathering applications, conducting surveys, or collecting e-signatures, this integration ensures that the data captured through your fillable PDF forms flows seamlessly into Google Sheets, allowing for real-time collaboration, advanced analysis, and streamlined workflows. On this page, we'll delve into why integrating fillable PDF form Jotform with Google Sheets is a game-changer, what you'll need to set up the integration, and the step-by-step process of linking your forms to Google Sheets.

    Moreover, we'll explore various use cases to illustrate the versatility of this integration, provide guidance on troubleshooting common issues, and offer a comprehensive Q&A section to help you navigate any questions about using fillable PDF form Jotform with Google Sheets. This integration is not just about efficiency; it's about transforming the way you manage data across devices and platforms, ensuring that your workflow is optimized for maximum productivity.

    Reasons to Integrate Fillable PDF Form Jotform with Google Sheets

    • Integration fills spreadsheets with form data automatically, cutting out manual processes.
    • It allows the creation of new spreadsheets with form data for organized record-keeping.
    • Google Sheets can be used as a database for storing and accessing form responses.
    • Both Jotform Tables and Google Sheets can import various file types, including Excel files.
    • Jotform Tables' VLOOKUP function works similarly to Google Sheets, facilitating data searches.
    • Chart summary feature in Jotform Tables suggests charts based on your data for quick insights.
    • Jotform Report Builder creates visual representations of data, which can be easily shared online or as a PDF.
    • Google Sheets' features like conditional formatting, pivot tables, and VLOOKUP enhance data analysis.
    • Jotform Tables offers an all-in-one collaborative interface with customizable templates and smart automation.
    • With more than 250 table templates, Jotform Tables serves various industries and tracks business expenses.
    • Streamlines data collection by automatically exporting form data to Google Sheets.

    Setting Up Jotform and Google Sheets Integration

    To integrate Jotform, an online form builder, with Google Sheets, you need to follow a series of steps within the Form Builder. This process will allow you to automatically upload form responses to a Google Sheet, making data management and analysis easier. Ensure you have a Jotform account and access to Google Sheets for a seamless integration experience.

    1. Select 'Settings' in the Form Builder.
    2. Select 'Integrations'.
    3. Search for Google Sheets.
    4. Select Google Sheets from the search results.
    5. Connect and authenticate your Google account.
    6. Choose to create a new spreadsheet or select an existing one.
    7. Select the form fields you wish to send to Google Sheets.
    8. Save the integration to finalize the process.

    Integration Methods for Fillable PDF Forms with Google Sheets

    Integrating Jotform's fillable PDF forms with Google Sheets can streamline data collection and analysis, offering a seamless transition from form submission to spreadsheet organization. This integration can be achieved through various methods, each suited to specific needs and preferences. Below we explore the different approaches to connecting Jotform with Google Sheets, ensuring that your data is automatically and efficiently managed.

    Direct Integration via Jotform's Form Builder

    To directly integrate a fillable PDF form with Google Sheets, start by accessing the Form Builder in Jotform. Navigate to the 'Settings' tab and select 'Integrations' on the left-hand menu. Here, you can search for the Google Sheets integration, connect and authenticate your Google account, and decide whether to create a new spreadsheet or select an existing one. Once set up, the form responses will automatically populate the connected Google Sheet, with the option to reorder columns to match any new fields added to the form.

    Google Drive Integration with File Upload URLs

    When file uploads are a component of your form, integrating Google Drive can be beneficial. In addition to creating a Google Sheet for form responses, this integration generates a column with URLs for the uploaded files, offering a convenient way to access and manage uploads directly from the spreadsheet. This requires authenticating your Google account and setting up the integration within Jotform's Form Builder, similar to the direct Google Sheets integration process.

    Post-Submission Table Integration

    If you prefer to work with submission data in a tabular format within Jotform before syncing with Google Sheets, you can integrate a Google Sheet with a Jotform submission table. This method ensures that new submissions create an empty row in your Google Sheet, providing a clear view of each entry. Bear in mind that text from the Jotform view will no longer be visible after integration, emphasizing the importance of the spreadsheet for data review.

    Using Sourcetable as an Alternative to Integration

    For those seeking an alternative to direct integration, Sourcetable offers a powerful solution. This platform syncs live data from a wide array of applications and databases, including Jotform. With Sourcetable, you can effortlessly manage form submissions and other data without the need for manual integration, giving you the flexibility to work with your information across various platforms and ensuring that your data is always up-to-date and accessible.

    Common Use Cases

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      Google Sheets Integration
      Analyzing customer survey responses for market research
    • F
      Google Sheets Integration
      Tracking and managing event registration data
    • F
      Google Sheets Integration
      Automating expense tracking and reporting
    • F
      Google Sheets Integration
      Collecting and ranking sports team statistics
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      Google Sheets Integration
      Consolidating patient feedback for healthcare providers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I integrate my fillable PDF form JotForm with Google Sheets?

    Yes, JotForm forms can be integrated with Google Sheets, allowing you to automatically forward your form entries to a Google Sheet.

    Will changes in my Google Sheets spreadsheet affect my JotForm form entries?

    No, changes in your Google Sheets spreadsheet do not affect your JotForm form entries.

    What should I do if the integration between JotForm and Google Sheets stops working?

    If renaming column headings in Google Sheets or other modifications break the integration, you can redo the integration in JotForm to fix it.

    Are there any limitations on the number of form responses that can be pushed to Google Sheets?

    There is no limit to the number of responses that can be pushed to Google Sheets, although some users have reported issues with not all submissions being pushed.

    Can I move or rename the Google Sheet that is integrated with my JotForm and still maintain the integration?

    Yes, you can move or rename the integrated Google Sheet and the integration will still work, as it is based on the unique URL of the new sheet.


    In conclusion, the integration of Jotform's fillable PDF form creator with Google Sheets offers a seamless workflow for collecting and organizing data across different platforms. Whether you are looking to gather applications, conduct surveys, or automate your business processes, the combination of Jotform's versatility in creating fillable forms and Google Sheets' powerful spreadsheet functionalities ensures that your data is easily accessible and manageable on any device. Moreover, for a more streamlined experience without the need for integration, consider using Sourcetable. Sign up for Sourcetable today to get started and elevate your data management to the next level.

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