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    Welcome to the comprehensive guide on integrating Eventbrite with Google Sheets—a powerful combination that leverages the event management capabilities of Eventbrite with the versatile data handling features of Google Sheets. By integrating these two platforms, event organizers can streamline their workflow, gain real-time insights, and enhance participant engagement. This integration facilitates the seamless synchronization of event data, allowing for efficient ticket management, personalized event recommendations, and improved attendee experience. Understanding the importance of data integrity and security, this integration ensures that your valuable information is handled with the utmost care, encrypted both in transit and at rest.

    On this page, we'll cover the essential topics to help you maximize the benefits of integrating Eventbrite with Google Sheets. You'll discover why this integration is pivotal for your event management processes, what you need to set up the integration, and a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Eventbrite with Google Sheets. Additionally, we will explore various use cases for integrating Eventbrite with Google Sheets, provide troubleshooting tips for your Eventbrite integration, and offer a Q&A section to address your inquiries about this powerful pairing.

    Reasons to Integrate Eventbrite with Google Sheets

    • Automates workflows, saving time on manual data entry.
    • Facilitates easy tracking of event attendees for better management.
    • Enables event managers to quickly follow up with attendees post-event.
    • Helps prevent errors associated with manual entry of attendee information.
    • Allows for efficient tracking of the return on investment (ROI) for events.
    • Creates a seamless end-to-end process automation for event management tasks.
    • Helps in creating a new Google Sheets row automatically for each new event order and attendee.
    • Allows for the creation of worksheets in Google Sheets for organizing different event-related data.
    • Provides the ability to update Google Sheets in real-time as new attendees are registered.
    • Offers a free trial with premium features for testing the integration before any commitment.

    Setting Up Integration Between Eventbrite and Google Sheets

    To streamline your event management and data handling processes, setting up an integration between Eventbrite and Google Sheets can be highly beneficial. This integration allows for the automation of various tasks such as data entry, lead management, attendee check-ins, and the creation and updating of spreadsheets with new events, orders, and attendee data. Utilizing Zapier as the intermediary platform, you can establish this connection to enhance efficiency and accuracy within your workflows.

    1. Access to Zapier for creating the integration.
    2. An Eventbrite account with events to manage.
    3. A Google account with access to Google Sheets.
    4. Selection of a suitable Zapier template for the integration.
    5. Understanding of triggers in Eventbrite that start the automation (Zap).
    6. Knowledge of actions in Google Sheets that the Zap will perform.

    Integrating Eventbrite with Google Sheets

    Integrating Eventbrite with Google Sheets opens up a multitude of ways to streamline event management and data handling processes. With the help of Zapier, a tool that offers over 6,000 integrations, businesses can connect Eventbrite to Google Sheets to automate workflows, data entry, lead management, and much more. This integration simplifies tasks ranging from capturing leads to generating comprehensive reports, ensuring that every part of the lead funnel and end-to-end event processes are efficiently managed.

    Using Zapier for Integration

    Zapier acts as a bridge between Eventbrite and Google Sheets, allowing users to create integrations that can automate various tasks. By setting up Zaps—Zapier's term for automated workflows—users can transfer new Eventbrite attendees into Google Sheets, update existing rows with new attendee information, and create new spreadsheets for upcoming events. These automated workflows can be customized using templates provided by Zapier or built from scratch to fit specific needs.

    Eventbrite API and Google Sheets

    For a more advanced level of integration, the Eventbrite API can be utilized in conjunction with Google Sheets via Zapier. This enables users to perform a range of actions such as authenticating, creating and formatting worksheets, updating rows, and finding specific data based on column and value. The Eventbrite API for Google Sheets is designed to facilitate complex tasks and provide a deeper level of customization for businesses looking to integrate crucial parts of their operations.

    Sourcetable as an Alternative Integration Tool

    Aside from using Zapier, businesses seeking to integrate Eventbrite with Google Sheets have an alternative in Sourcetable. This platform specializes in syncing live data from a wide array of apps or databases, presenting another viable option for users who wish to maintain up-to-date and synchronized information across their event management and data analysis tools.

    Common Use Cases

    • Eventbrite logo
      Google Sheets Integration
      Creating new rows in a google sheet from new eventbrite orders
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      Google Sheets Integration
      Adding new eventbrite attendees to a google sheet
    • Eventbrite logo
      Google Sheets Integration
      Logging new eventbrite attendee check-ins and creating multiple google sheets rows
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      Google Sheets Integration
      Creating a google sheet for new eventbrite events
    • Eventbrite logo
      Google Sheets Integration
      Updating google sheets rows with new eventbrite attendees

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can Eventbrite integrate with Google Sheets?

    Yes, Eventbrite integrates with Google Sheets through Zapier, allowing you to create automated workflows between the two.

    Is it possible to automate data entry between Eventbrite and Google Sheets?

    Yes, using the integration through Zapier, data entry can be automated, such as creating new rows in Google Sheets for new events, attendees, and orders from Eventbrite.

    Do I need coding skills to integrate Eventbrite with Google Sheets?

    No, integrating Eventbrite with Google Sheets does not require coding skills when using Zapier to create the automated workflows.

    Can the integration automatically update a Google Sheet with data from Eventbrite?

    There is a feature request for the ability to automatically update a Google Sheet with data from Eventbrite, indicating that this functionality is in demand but may not be available directly at this time.

    What are some ways I can use the integration between Eventbrite and Google Sheets?

    You can manage leads, automate managing attendees, orders, and events, and create a variety of spreadsheets to organize your event data efficiently.


    Integrating Eventbrite with Google Sheets can significantly streamline your event management and analysis process. By leveraging the powerful real-time collaboration features of Sheets and its integration with other Google apps, you can effortlessly track ticket sales, analyze attendee data, and coordinate events with your team. Google Sheets’ encryption ensures that your Eventbrite data remains secure, whether in transit or at rest. However, for a more seamless and efficient experience, consider using Sourcetable. Sourcetable offers a specialized workspace designed to centralize your event planning and data analysis, without the need for complex integrations. Sign up for Sourcetable today and take the first step towards simplifying your event management workflow.

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