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Integrate Custom Salesforce with Google Sheets

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    Reasons to Integrate Custom Salesforce with Google Sheets

    • Saves time by enabling users to edit Salesforce data directly in Google Sheets.
    • Adds flexibility by allowing for the visualization of Salesforce data in Google Data Studio and integration with various Google products.
    • Facilitates data analysis by allowing the creation of pivot tables from Salesforce data in Google Sheets to track sales opportunities and forecast revenue.
    • Improves data management by providing capabilities to import, sync, and update Salesforce data within Google Sheets.
    • Enables automatic data refresh through scheduled syncs, keeping Google Sheets data up-to-date with Salesforce.

    Setting Up Custom Salesforce Integration with Google Sheets

    Integrating Salesforce with Google Sheets allows for seamless synchronization and management of data between the two platforms. Custom integration can be achieved using various tools and services designed to cater to specific data handling requirements. Depending on the complexity and volume of the data transactions, as well as the need for automation and no-code solutions, different methods and tools can be employed to set up the integration.

    1. Salesforce Data Loader, for handling large data transactions using CSV files.
    2. Google Cloud Connector, to pass data directly from Google Sheets into Salesforce.
    3. Zapier, for a no-code solution that connects with thousands of apps and allows for automatic data syncing and comprehensive solutions.

    Methods of Integrating Custom Salesforce with Google Sheets

    There are several approaches to integrating custom Salesforce with Google Sheets, enabling seamless data synchronization and enhanced functionality. Organizations can leverage these solutions to improve their data management and reporting capabilities significantly.

    Using "Data Connector for Salesforce" Add-on

    The "Data Connector for Salesforce" add-on is a direct way to integrate Salesforce with Google Sheets. This add-on allows users to import, update, and delete Salesforce data within Google Sheets. It also provides a query builder and SOQL for setting up custom data pulls. The add-on is currently available only in English and can be found and installed from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

    Utilizing MuleSoft for Advanced Integration

    MuleSoft, as Salesforce's integration and automation platform, offers the capability to connect Salesforce with various applications including Google Sheets. This provides a powerful and flexible way to create custom integrations that can handle complex data workflows and synchronize with legacy systems.

    Developing Custom Solutions with Apps Script

    Google Apps Script can be employed to automate Google Sheets and create custom integrations with Salesforce. By writing custom functions, macros, and scripts, users can tailor the integration to their specific needs. Apps Script also allows for adding custom menus, sidebars, and dialogs to enhance the user interface within Google Sheets.

    Connecting Through the AppExchange and Google Workspace

    Users can leverage pre-integrated apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange, along with Google Sheets' ability to connect with other Google Workspace apps and third-party services. These connections can be established to streamline data flows and enhance productivity across platforms.

    Alternative Integration with Sourcetable

    As an alternative to direct integration methods, organizations can use Sourcetable to sync live data from Salesforce and almost any other app or database. Sourcetable provides a user-friendly platform for data synchronization without the need for complex integration setups, allowing for real-time data updates and easy management.

    Common Use Cases

    • C
      Google Sheets Integration
      Automatically transfer google sheets data to salesforce in real time
    • C
      Google Sheets Integration
      Create a streamlined lead management system for an organization
    • C
      Google Sheets Integration
      Enable custom, automatic workflows via zapier integration

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I start integrating Salesforce with Google Sheets?

    To integrate Salesforce with Google Sheets, you must first set up the Salesforce Data connector add-on for Google Sheets.

    Can I update or delete Salesforce data directly from Google Sheets?

    Yes, after importing data into Google Sheets using the Salesforce Data connector, you can update or delete data inside your Salesforce account with caution.

    Is the Salesforce Data connector add-on available in multiple languages?

    No, the Salesforce Data connector add-on for Google Sheets is only available in English.

    What should I be careful of when copying data from Salesforce to Google Sheets?

    You should be cautious when copying data from Salesforce to Google Sheets as making changes in Google Sheets may unintentionally update or delete data in your Salesforce account.


    Integrating custom Salesforce with Google Sheets allows users to combine the robust capabilities of Salesforce's customizable objects and fields, including the use of common data types like Checkbox, Date or DateTime, and Formula, with the versatility and collaborative power of Google Sheets. This integration enables a streamlined workflow on any device, leveraging Salesforce best practices alongside Google Sheets' assistive features and templates for enhanced productivity in both personal and professional environments. Instead of navigating the complexities of direct integration, consider using Sourcetable, a platform designed to simplify this process. Sign up for Sourcetable to get started and unlock the full potential of your Salesforce and Google Sheets data.

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