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    Integrating Jira with Excel unlocks a multitude of capabilities that enhance project management, data analysis, and business processes. While Jira excels at issue tracking and agile project management, it lacks the advanced data manipulation and visualization tools that Excel offers. By bridging these two powerful platforms, organizations can leverage Excel's strength in data analysis and reporting, creating a more robust and dynamic system for managing projects, tracking expenses, and forecasting budgets. Here, we'll explore the importance of this integration, detailing what you need for setup, how to execute the integration, various use cases, along with essential troubleshooting tips and a helpful Q&A section.

    Whether you're looking to edit multiple issues in Jira, visualize project progress, or generate detailed reports, integrating Jira with Excel is a strategic move. Despite the availability of the Excel Add-In being limited to certain Jira products, the benefits of such an integration can significantly streamline your workflow. This page serves as a comprehensive guide to help you harness the full potential of Jira and Excel combined. Dive into an in-depth look at the setup requirements, step-by-step integration instructions, and practical use cases that will transform the way you manage and analyze your projects.

    Integrating Jira with Excel

    Integrating Jira with Microsoft Excel can enhance productivity by allowing users to export, visualize, and analyze their Jira data within Excel. There are primarily two ways to integrate Jira Cloud with Excel: using an add-in available in the Microsoft Store and employing the Jira Cloud for Excel plugin developed by Atlassian for Excel Desktop users.

    Using the Jira Cloud Add-In from the Microsoft Store

    To integrate Jira with Excel using the add-in, first locate and install the Jira Cloud for Excel add-in from the Microsoft Store. Once the add-in is installed, initiate the integration by clicking on the add-in icon within Excel. Begin the process by clicking \"Get Started,\" which will prompt the add-in to generate a unique code. This code is essential for approving the OAuth integration. Follow the instructions to enter the code on the OAuth approval screen and select the correct Jira site to complete the integration.

    Using the Jira Cloud for Excel Plugin by Atlassian

    For Excel Desktop users with an Office 365 subscription, the Jira Cloud for Excel plugin by Atlassian provides a robust integration option. This plugin is specifically designed for Excel Desktop version 1904 or later for Windows, or version 16.24 or later for Mac. Once installed, users can leverage the Jira Cloud for Excel plugin to export Jira data into Excel, create dynamic charts and graphs, and run Jira queries using the Jira() function directly within Excel. This method is particularly useful for those who require advanced data analysis and visualization capabilities.

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    Sourcetable Integration

    Integrating Jira with Sourcetable

    Integrating Jira with Sourcetable offers numerous benefits over traditional use of Excel for managing project data. Sourcetable provides a dynamic and automated approach to data synchronization, ensuring that live data from Jira is seamlessly updated in real-time. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors associated with updating Excel spreadsheets.

    With Sourcetable, teams can automatically pull in data from Jira and other sources, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity. The familiar spreadsheet interface of Sourcetable means that there is no steep learning curve, allowing teams to start leveraging its capabilities without extensive training. Additionally, Sourcetable's powerful query features enable users to easily analyze Jira data for informed decision-making and strategic business intelligence.

    The automation capabilities of Sourcetable significantly cut down on the time and effort required to manage project data. This allows teams to focus on more critical tasks, improving overall efficiency. By choosing Sourcetable over Excel for Jira integration, businesses can enjoy a more robust, error-resistant, and insightful data management system that aligns with the needs of modern project management.

    Common Use Cases

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      Excel Integration
      Building custom reports by pushing Jira data into an Excel spreadsheet
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      Excel Integration
      Querying Jira data using JQL from within Excel
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      Excel Integration
      Connecting to live Jira project management data from Excel using the Jira ODBC Driver
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      Excel Integration
      Importing Jira data into Excel using the CData ODBC driver through Microsoft Query
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      Excel Integration
      Linking Jira data with applications like Microsoft Access and Excel using standard ODBC interface

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I integrate Jira with Excel?

    To integrate Jira with Excel, you can use the Jira Cloud for Excel add-on available in the Microsoft Store. Install the add-on on Excel desktop, which will generate a code for you to approve the integration.

    Can I import data from Jira into Excel?

    Yes, using the Excel 365 Connector for Jira, you can import data from Jira into Excel as well as send changes from Excel back to Jira.

    Is it possible to use complex Excel functions within Jira?

    While Jira has smart values for some calculations, for more complex Excel functions, you would need to use Excel as a plugin, which may require a self-developed interface using Jira's API and potentially deploying custom code to the server.

    What features does the Jira Cloud for Excel add-on offer?

    The Jira Cloud for Excel add-on allows you to export Jira data to Excel with a single click, refresh Jira data in Excel, visualize Jira data with charts and graphs, and use the Jira() function in Excel to run powerful queries.

    Do I need an Office 365 subscription to use the Jira Cloud for Excel add-on with Excel Desktop?

    Yes, if you are using the Jira Cloud for Excel add-on with Excel Desktop, you must have an Office 365 subscription.


    Jira Cloud's integration with MS Excel, through an add-in available on the Microsoft Store, offers teams the flexibility to create custom reports and push data directly from Jira into Excel spreadsheets. With the ability to query Jira data using JQL from within Excel, this integration streamlines data management and reporting processes. However, for those seeking a simpler alternative without the complexity of plugins or custom code, leveraging smart values in Jira for calculations presents a less demanding option. Instead of navigating these integrations, consider the ease and efficiency of using Sourcetable. Sign up for Sourcetable to get started and enhance your data analysis experience with ease.

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