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    Efficient data management is crucial for businesses relying on precise mapping and routing information, which is where ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools come into play for PC*MILER data. ETL processes are invaluable in extracting data from PC*MILER, transforming it into a structured format, and loading it into a spreadsheet for enhanced analysis and decision-making. This streamlined integration maximizes the utility of PC*MILER's extensive location data and optimizes route planning and logistics operations. On this comprehensive page, we will delve into the intricacies of PC*MILER, explore the ETL tools designed for handling PC*MILER data, and discuss practical use cases for implementing ETL with PC*MILER data. Furthermore, we will introduce an innovative alternative to traditional ETL—Sourcetable—and its relevance to PC*MILER users. Additionally, we'll provide insightful answers to common questions about conducting ETL processes with PC*MILER data, ensuring you have all the necessary information to leverage these powerful tools effectively.

    What is PC*MILER?

    PC*MILER is a routing, mileage, and mapping software specifically designed for the transportation industry. Recognized as an industry standard, it is extensively utilized by carriers, shippers, third-party logistics companies (3PLs), and brokers. The software is crucial for precise mileage calculations, drive time estimations, and providing accurate rates for lane analysis. Additionally, PC*MILER plays a pivotal role in calculating driver pay and ensuring that each route is optimized for performance, profitability, and safety.

    The software boasts a comprehensive street-level digital map of the North American road network and includes the most extensive set of commercial truck restrictions available. This robust feature set ensures that PC*MILER users have access to the critical data necessary for efficient and compliant route planning.

    ETL Tools for PC*MILER

    PC*MILER ETL tools are specifically designed to cater to the transportation industry's needs. These tools are essential for truck routing, mileage, and mapping, ensuring that transportation companies can achieve precise mileage calculations. These calculations are crucial for a variety of critical operations within the industry, including drive time assessments, lane analysis rate calculations, driver pay determinations, and mapping of the extensive North American road network. By leveraging PC*MILER ETL tools, companies can find the most efficient routes, which is fundamental for both cost reduction and timely deliveries.

    In addition to the routing and mileage capabilities, PC*MILER ETL tools provide robust features for data integration. With the ability to integrate PC*MILER Web Services into third-party applications, these tools offer flexibility across different platforms and frameworks. Accessible via SOAP or RESTful APIs, these web services allow for seamless integration into various systems. Moreover, the JavaScript Mapping, Routing, and Geocoding APIs facilitate the creation of customized applications that can be tailored to specific business and customer needs. For businesses requiring on-premise installations, PC*MILER | Connect offers a solution that can be integrated into a local or network server environment, further enhancing the tools' versatility and utility.

    Sourcetable Integration

    Streamline Your ETL Processes with Sourcetable

    When it comes to working with data from PC*MILER, leveraging Sourcetable as your ETL (extract-transform-load) solution can bring numerous advantages over using third-party ETL tools or attempting to build an in-house ETL system. Sourcetable is designed to sync your live data seamlessly from a wide array of apps or databases, including PC*MILER. This capability ensures that the extraction phase of your ETL process is as efficient and reliable as possible.

    With Sourcetable, the transformation and loading of data into a spreadsheet-like interface are not only intuitive but also highly automated. This means that users who are comfortable with spreadsheets can quickly adapt to the Sourcetable environment, reducing the learning curve and accelerating the implementation of business intelligence and automation strategies. This contrasts with third-party ETL tools or custom-built solutions that can be complex, requiring specialized knowledge and additional resources to manage.

    Sourcetable's ease-of-use and automation features make it an excellent choice for those who need to integrate data into their decision-making processes without the overhead of managing complicated ETL systems. Its spreadsheet-like interface is familiar to most users, which simplifies the querying and manipulation of data, enabling faster insights and more effective outcomes.

    Common Use Cases

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      Sourcetable Integration
      Use case 1: Calculating truck-specific routes and mileage for logistics planning directly within Microsoft Excel
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      Sourcetable Integration
      Use case 2: Estimating toll costs for commercial vehicle trips by integrating PC*MILER data into spreadsheet calculations
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      Sourcetable Integration
      Use case 3: Managing hazardous material routing compliance by utilizing PC*MILER features through Excel add-in functions
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      Sourcetable Integration
      Use case 4: Scheduling and time management for commercial vehicles by setting departure and arrival times and calculating ETA/ETD within Excel
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      Sourcetable Integration
      Use case 5: Analyzing the impact of road speeds and traffic on delivery schedules by using PC*MILER Excel functions to assess route time estimates

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can PC*MILER Web Services be used to generate routes and maps?

    Yes, PC*MILER Web Services can be used to generate routes, maps, and driving directions.

    Is it possible to build web-based applications with PC*MILER Web Services?

    Yes, PC*MILER Web Services can be used to build web-based applications.

    Can PC*MILER | Connect be integrated with PC*MILER Web Services?

    PC*MILER | Connect can be integrated locally or in a network server environment with PC*MILER Web Services and is a companion solution.

    How does PC*MILER | Connect work with PC*MILER Web Services?

    PC*MILER | Connect is used in an on-premise installation with PC*MILER Web Services.

    Can PC*MILER Web Services be integrated with third-party applications?

    Yes, PC*MILER Web Services can be integrated with third-party applications using APIs.


    ETL tools are essential for efficiently moving data between systems, specifically tailored for applications like PC*MILER where reliable routing, mapping, and driving directions are crucial. They are designed to meet the multifaceted demands of data transportation, ensuring safety, reliability, and scalability. With capabilities to handle everything from bulk loading to complex data transformations, ETL tools are the backbone of data integration projects. For those seeking a streamlined alternative for ETL into spreadsheets, consider using Sourcetable. Sign up for Sourcetable to get started and simplify your data management process.

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