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Google Data Studio vs Minitab: A Comparative Guide

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    Choosing the right tool for business intelligence is crucial for efficient data analysis and reporting. Google Data Studio and Minitab are two popular options, each with unique strengths and applications. This webpage will compare these platforms in terms of usability, features, and ideal use cases.

    Despite their capabilities, both tools can present challenges in user experience and integration. We will also explore Sourcetable, a contemporary solution that offers a spreadsheet-like interface and seamless data synchronization, as a viable alternative for these business intelligence tasks.

    Google Data Studio

    What is Google Data Studio?

    Google Data Studio is a business intelligence and analytics tool that enables the creation of dashboards for data analysis and the presentation of strategy results. As a part of the Google Marketing Platform toolkit, it serves as a free, robust solution for transforming raw data into strategic information. This tool is particularly useful in the realm of digital marketing. Google Data Studio's ability to integrate with various platforms enhances its utility for businesses looking to make data-driven decisions.

    • Core Features

    • Business analytics tool
    • Dashboard creation for data analysis
    • Free access
    • Part of Google Marketing Platform
    • Integration with multiple platforms
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    What is Minitab?

    Minitab is a company specializing in data analytics solutions. The company's offerings include predictive analytics and statistical software designed to aid in continuous improvement and innovation across various business sectors. Minitab's products are tailored for businesses seeking to address a range of challenges through data analysis.

    • Minitab Solutions

    • Statistical software for data analysis
    • Predictive analytics for forecasting and decision-making
    • Tools for managing and sharing improvement initiatives
    • Business Application

      The tools provided by Minitab are geared towards businesses and can be applied to solve diverse business challenges. The software supports tracking, managing, and the dissemination of information related to improvement projects.

    • Cloud Availability

      Minitab's statistical tools are accessible on the cloud, allowing for flexibility and scalability in data analysis and collaborative work.

    Google Data Studio

    Key Features of Google Data Studio

    Google Data Studio offers a comprehensive suite of tools for data visualization and business intelligence. With 23 distinct features, it caters to various data handling and presentation needs.

    Feature Categories

    Its capabilities are distributed across 5 feature categories, enhancing its versatility for users.

    Reporting and Dashboards

  • Ad hoc reporting enables dynamic data analysis.
  • Customizable reports and dashboards allow for a tailored data presentation.
  • The dashboard creation feature facilitates the compilation of data visualizations.
  • Collaboration and Sharing

  • Collaboration tools support teamwork on data projects.
  • Access Controls/Permissions ensure secure data management.
  • An Activity Dashboard tracks user interactions.
  • Customization and Branding

  • Customizable branding allows for a personalized interface and report aesthetics.
  • Integration and Automation

  • The API feature enables integration with other systems and automation of tasks.
  • Ad hoc Query supports bespoke data inquiries.
  • Monitoring and Management

  • Alerts/Notifications inform users of significant events or changes.
  • Audit Management helps track changes and maintain records.
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    Minitab Key Features

    Statistical Analysis Features

    Advanced statistical tools in Minitab facilitate a wide range of analyses. These include:

  • Basic statistics such as descriptive statistics
  • Hypothesis testing with various t-tests and Z-tests
  • Comprehensive regression analysis options
  • Stability studies incorporating residual and factorial plots
  • Control charts for multivariate processes
  • Process capability analysis for quality assessment
  • Diverse quality tools for process improvement
  • Experimental design with multiple design types
  • Reliability and survival analysis methodologies
  • Calculations for power and sample size
  • Predictive analytics including automated machine learning
  • Time series analysis and forecasting tools
  • Nonparametric testing capabilities
  • Equivalence tests for comparing groups
  • Various statistical tables for data analysis
  • Graphical Analysis Features

    Minitab's graphical tools enable effective data visualization:

  • Graph Builder for creating multiple plot types
  • Real-time graph updating as data evolves
  • Graph brushing for detailed data exploration
  • Graph exporting options in multiple formats
  • Google Data Studio

    Advantages of Google Data Studio for Business Intelligence

    Cloud-Based and Managed

    Google Data Studio's cloud-based nature ensures that users can access their analytics and reports from any location. Being completely managed, it reduces the need for in-house IT support for maintenance.

    Integration with Google Applications

    Tight integration with Google applications like Google Ads and Analytics simplifies the data import process, streamlining workflow within the Google ecosystem.

    User Interface and Accessibility

    The platform's user-friendly interface allows for quick adoption and ease of use in report creation. Granular access controls enable precise permission settings, enhancing data security.


    As a free tool, Google Data Studio provides an affordable solution for business intelligence tasks without additional software costs.

    Data Connectivity and Blending

    Support for live connections to various data sources ensures up-to-date information. The ability to blend data sources allows for comprehensive analysis across different datasets.

    Optimal for Google Service Users and Simple Dashboards

    Those already using Google services will find Google Data Studio especially beneficial for its seamless compatibility. It also caters well to users who require straightforward dashboards for their analytical needs.

    Google Data Studio

    Disadvantages of Using Google Data Studio for Business Intelligence

    Time-Consuming Report Creation

    Building reports in Google Data Studio is a time-intensive process, which can slow down analytics workflows and delay insights.

    Lack of Real-Time Data

    Google Data Studio's inability to update dashboards in real-time may lead to decision-making based on outdated information.

    Limited Visualization Options

    The platform offers a restricted range of charts and interactive elements, hindering the creation of more sophisticated reports.

    Restricted Data Connectivity

    With limited data connections available, users may struggle to integrate and analyze data from a diverse set of sources.

    Performance Issues

    Performance can degrade significantly when attempting to use multiple data sources, which can result in broken dashboards.

    Complex Visualizations Not Supported

    Google Data Studio's lack of support for complex visualizations limits the depth of analysis possible within the tool.

    Dependence on External Data Sources

    The tool can only report on data that is pulled from other applications, potentially limiting the scope of its analytics capabilities.

    Google Data Studio

    Frequently Asked Questions About Google Data Studio

    Is Google Data Studio free to use?

    Yes, Google Data Studio is free.

    How does Google Data Studio differ from other data visualization tools?

    Google Data Studio is a Business Intelligence tool that transforms data, whereas data visualization tools only visualize data. It is more similar to Tableau, Looker, and Power BI.

    Can non-technical users easily learn to use Google Data Studio?

    Yes, Google Data Studio is easy to learn and has a drag-and-drop interface, making it suitable for non-technical users.

    Is Google Data Studio suitable for digital marketing reporting?

    Yes, Google Data Studio is good for digital marketing reporting.

    Can Google Data Studio handle different types of data use cases?

    Yes, Google Data Studio is good for a variety of use cases.

    Use Cases for Google Data Studio

    • Google Data Studio

      Building dashboards

    • Google Data Studio

      Analyzing ungoverned data

    • Google Data Studio

      Blending Looker-governed data with data from over 500 sources to generate insights

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    Advantages of Minitab for Business Intelligence

    User-Friendly Interface

    Minitab's interface is designed for ease of use, facilitating quick adoption among business intelligence professionals.

    Statistical Analysis Capabilities

    Powerful statistical tools in Minitab enable comprehensive data analysis, critical for informed business decision-making.

    Data Visualization Tools

    Effective visualization options in Minitab assist in the clear communication of complex data insights.

    Software Compatibility

    Minitab's compatibility with various software packages ensures seamless integration into existing business intelligence systems.

    Time-Saving Features

    The time-saving features of Minitab allow for more efficient data processing, speeding up the analytics workflow.

    Support and Resources

    Extensive support and resources for Minitab users contribute to a smooth experience and continuous learning.

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    Disadvantages of Minitab for Business Intelligence

    Limited Data Handling

    Minitab's lack of advanced data manipulation features can be a significant drawback for business intelligence tasks that require complex data preparation.

    Programming Limitations

    The limited programming capabilities of Minitab hinder the automation and customization of reports and analytics, which are essential for business intelligence efficiency.

    User Accessibility

    Minitab's steep learning curve may be challenging for beginners, potentially leading to longer training periods and decreased productivity in business intelligence processes.

    Cost Implications

    The relative expense of Minitab compared to other analytics tools can increase the cost of business intelligence operations for organizations.

    Restricted Analysis Scope

    Minitab's limited non-statistical analysis capabilities can restrict the depth of business intelligence insights, particularly in multidisciplinary analysis scenarios.

    Platform Dependency

    Being available only on Windows restricts Minitab's usability across different operating systems, which can be a disadvantage in diverse IT environments.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Minitab

    Does Minitab offer any special pricing for educational institutions or students?

    Yes, Minitab offers special pricing for students and teachers, as well as special academic pricing options.

    Are there any discounts available for government agencies interested in purchasing Minitab?

    Yes, Minitab provides special pricing options for government agencies.

    Is it possible to purchase a Multi-User License from Minitab?

    Yes, Minitab offers Multi-User Licenses.

    Who should I contact if I need help with the order and payment process for Minitab?

    Cleverbridge Customer Service can assist with the order and payment process for Minitab.

    What kind of help can I expect from Minitab Support?

    Minitab Support can provide technical assistance with their products.

    Use Cases for Minitab

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      Increasing annual cost savings and operational efficiency as demonstrated by Maxion Wheels

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      Reducing product overfill to save costs, like the initiative at a leading candy manufacturer by USC Consulting Group

    • tool icon

      Standardizing employee review processes as applied by Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group

    • tool icon

      Validating critical manufacturing processes, such as the pouch-sealing process at Boston Scientific

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      Enhancing productivity and revenue, as shown by the use cases of Fresnillo Plc and Mosaic Corporation

    Google Data Studio
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    Comparison between Google Data Studio and Minitab

    Both Google Data Studio and Minitab are tools used for data analysis and visualization. They allow users to create reports and dashboards to interpret data effectively. However, the list of facts provided does not include any information about Minitab. Therefore, a direct comparison cannot be made based on the instructions given. For accurate and SEO-optimized content about similarities between Google Data Studio and Minitab, specific details about both services are required.

    Google Data Studio
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    Google Data Studio vs. Minitab

    Platform Nature

    Google Data Studio is a web-based reporting tool that offers interactive report and dashboard creation. Minitab is primarily a software package for statistical analysis.

    Data Visualization and Reporting

    Google Data Studio focuses on data visualization and sharing interactive reports. Minitab provides advanced statistical analysis tools and is used for quality improvement and Six Sigma projects.

    Integration and Connectivity

    Google Data Studio can connect to a wide variety of data sources, including integration with Looker Studio through built-in and partner connectors. Minitab's connectivity is generally focused on importing data from files or databases for statistical analysis.

    Collaboration and Sharing

    Google Data Studio allows real-time collaboration and sharing of dashboards and reports with individuals, teams, or the world. Minitab does not inherently focus on collaborative features or dashboard sharing.


    Google Data Studio is free to use, making it accessible for a broad user base. Minitab is a paid software, which may limit its accessibility to certain users or organizations.


    Google Data Studio can be extended through the Looker Studio developer platform. This extensibility is not a primary feature of Minitab.


    Comparison of Google Data Studio, Minitab, and Sourcetable

    Google Data Studio

    Google Data Studio is a free, web-based reporting tool focused on creating interactive reports and dashboards. It supports real-time collaboration and offers a variety of built-in and partner connectors, enabling connection to virtually any data source. Its reports can be easily shared and embedded on web pages. Data Studio is known for its data visualization capabilities.


    Minitab is a statistical software designed for data analysis. It is not free and is primarily used for more complex, statistical analysis, rather than interactive dashboards or reports. Minitab lacks real-time collaboration features and is not primarily web-based, which differentiates it from Google Data Studio. It does not have the built-in capability to embed reports on web pages.


    Sourcetable is a spreadsheet-based tool that allows for data integration and collaboration. Similar to Google Data Studio, it allows multiple users to collaborate in real-time. However, it is designed to operate like a spreadsheet, which can be more familiar to users but may not offer the same level of interactive dashboards as Data Studio. Sourcetable's sharing capabilities are not defined in the provided facts.

    Key Differentiators

  • Interactivity: Google Data Studio focuses on interactive dashboards; Minitab on statistical analysis; Sourcetable on spreadsheet-like functionality.
  • Cost: Google Data Studio is free; Minitab is paid; Sourcetable's cost is not specified.
  • Collaboration: Both Google Data Studio and Sourcetable allow real-time collaboration; Minitab does not.
  • Data Sources: Google Data Studio connects to a wide variety of data sources; Minitab and Sourcetable's data sources are not specified.
  • Embedding Capability: Google Data Studio can be embedded in any web page; Minitab and Sourcetable's embedding capabilities are not specified.
  • sourcetable

    Frequently Asked Questions About Sourcetable

    What is Sourcetable and who typically uses it?

    Sourcetable is a spreadsheet application that allows users to access data from most 3rd party applications, query data, and build live models. It is typically used by growth teams and business operations teams.

    Does Sourcetable require any coding skills to use?

    No, Sourcetable does not require coding skills. Users can create reports and build models without needing to write code.

    How often does Sourcetable sync data?

    Sourcetable syncs data every 15 minutes on the regular plan and every 5 minutes on the pro plan.

    How much does Sourcetable cost?

    Sourcetable costs $50 per month for the starter plan and $250 per month for the pro plan. Additional seats cost $20 per month per user.

    Is there a free trial available for Sourcetable?

    Yes, all plans of Sourcetable come with a 14-day free trial.

    Google Data Studio

    Google Data Studio Cost

    • Current Status of Looker Studio

      Previously known as Google Data Studio, Looker Studio is available for free as of 2024.

    • Limitations of Free Version

      The free version of Looker Studio includes certain limitations.

    • Looker Studio Pro Pricing

      The exact cost of Looker Studio Pro is not specified.

    • Additional Costs

      Using Looker Studio may incur third-party costs.

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    Minitab Subscription Cost

    Minitab provides subscription-based access starting at $1851.00 USD annually. The final cost may include sales tax, depending on the user's location. Subscriptions feature comprehensive support such as software updates, technical support, and access to the latest upgrades.

    • Additional Costs and Discounts

    • Prices are adjusted for local currency in the shopping cart.
    • Special pricing is available for academic institutions and government agencies through GSA pricing.
    • Volume discounts are offered for multiple subscriptions.
    • Industry-Specific Modules

      Minitab offers modules tailored to various industries, including healthcare and supply chain. These modules provide specialized statistical guidance and machine learning capabilities for predictive analytics.

    Google Data Studio

    User Reviews of Google Data Studio

    Google Data Studio is recognized for being a robust Business Intelligence (BI) tool. Its free cost of entry is frequently mentioned in reviews, distinguishing it from many other BI solutions. Users appreciate the ability to connect to a vast range of data sources, with over 300 partner connectors available. The functionality to upload CSV files is also noted as a positive feature, enhancing its data integration capabilities.

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    User Reviews and Ratings of Minitab

    • Overall Satisfaction

      Minitab has received a total of 308 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. The software is praised for its functionality, receiving a 4.5 out of 5 rating in this category. It is regarded as a highly rated statistical software and a professional statistical package used by a diverse group of professionals for various applications.

    • Usability

      Users find Minitab easy to use, as evidenced by a 4 out of 5 rating for ease-of-use. It is favored for its small learning curve and streamlined, user-friendly interface, making it a good tool for beginners and professionals alike. The software's ease of use also contributes to its suitability not just for classroom use, but also for more professional environments.

    • Functionality

      The software offers a wide array of statistical analysis tools and is considered the best tool for quality management and essential for Lean Black Belts. It includes features such as ANOVA, hypothesis tests, and design of experiments. Minitab's functionality is also highlighted for allowing users to analyze data graphically, which is described as great, although it has been noted that Excel has better graphical outputs in comparison.

    • Support and Value

      Minitab is recognized for providing good customer service, with a 4 out of 5 rating for customer support. It also scored the same rating for value for money, indicating a balance between cost and benefits. The software is affordable for academics and can be deployed to multiple computers with a license server, adding to its value proposition.

    • Comparison with Other Packages

    • Minitab is easier to use than other statistical packages.
    • It requires less disk space and is more affordable for academics.
    • However, it is considered less complete compared to other statistical packages.
    • Despite its affordability, some reviews note that Minitab is more expensive than other statistical packages.
    • Areas for Improvement

      Users suggest that Minitab's dashboard and worksheet need improvement. Although Minitab has been improving their graphical outputs, it has been pointed out that it cannot do a back-to-back stem plot, indicating that there is room for enhancement in its graphical capabilities.


    Google Data Studio and Minitab serve distinct purposes within the business intelligence spectrum. While Data Studio provides a more visually-oriented tool for reporting and dashboarding, Minitab focuses on statistical analysis for deeper data insights.

    For businesses looking for a more straightforward solution, Sourcetable offers an alternative by integrating real-time data syncing across various services into an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface. This can enhance efficiency and accessibility for users accustomed to traditional spreadsheet tools.

    Simplify Your BI Tooling

    Sourcetable is the AI spreadsheet that lets you analyze your data in one place. Get unlimited access free for 14 days.