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Alteryx vs ThoughtSpot: A Comparative Analysis

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    Comparing Alteryx and Thoughtspot reveals distinct approaches to business intelligence and data analytics. Alteryx is known for its advanced data blending capabilities, while Thoughtspot stands out for its search-driven analytics.

    Businesses often face the challenge of choosing the right tool that aligns with their data analysis needs. Both platforms offer unique features that cater to different aspects of data processing and visualization.

    This guide examines the strengths and limitations of Alteryx and Thoughtspot. Additionally, we'll explore how Sourcetable provides a modernized, spreadsheet-like interface that syncs with your data as an alternative for your business intelligence tasks like reporting and data analytics.


    What is Alteryx?

    Alteryx is an analytics platform utilized by analytic leaders to enhance data-driven decision-making. It facilitates the democratization of analytics, making self-service insights more accessible for users. Alteryx strengthens collaboration among business stakeholders and ensures alignment of analytics with organizational strategic goals.

    • Business Efficiency and Data Management

      The platform streamlines essential business functions such as budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. It improves the accuracy and efficiency of financial processes while minimizing risks associated with these activities. Alteryx supports analytics initiatives across various business sectors by enhancing data quality and governance and ensuring robust data security measures are in place.

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    What is ThoughtSpot

    ThoughtSpot is an analytics platform that integrates artificial intelligence to provide self-service analytics for business and data teams. It enables embedding insights directly for customers through a search and AI-driven insights platform. With the ability to understand natural language queries, ThoughtSpot simplifies data exploration and analysis.

    • Core Features

    • AI-powered analytics
    • Self-service functionality
    • Search and AI-driven insights
    • Natural language query processing
    • Flexible, scriptable, and governed data model
    • Granular controls with end-to-end auditability
    • Pattern analysis utilizing artificial intelligence
    • Capabilities

    • Embed analytics into other products
    • Automate report generation, replacing manual reports
    • Analyze and explore data comprehensively
    • Share insights across teams and stakeholders
    • Handle complex ad hoc analysis with AI-assisted coding
    • Design and integrate AI-driven analytics into products

    Key Features of Alteryx

    Search Platform

    Alteryx includes a search platform for efficient data discovery.

    ETL/ELT Capabilities

    Extract, transform, and load (ETL) and extract, load, transform (ELT) processes are supported, facilitating data integration.

    Data Preparation

    Data preparation tools are available for cleaning and organizing datasets.

    Data Enrichment

    Alteryx provides features for enhancing data with additional context or information.

    Data Quality

    Ensures the accuracy and consistency of data with its data quality capabilities.

    Data Analysis

    Robust analysis capabilities are included for in-depth data examination.

    Geospatial Capabilities

    Alteryx offers geospatial analysis features for location-based insights.

    AutoML Capabilities

    Automated machine learning (AutoML) is available for model creation and deployment.

    Reporting Capabilities

    Reporting tools are provided for sharing insights and results.

    Analytics Applications

    Analytics app capabilities allow for the development of custom analytics applications.

    Data Storytelling

    Data storytelling features are included to communicate data narratives effectively.

    AI Generated Insights

    Utilizes artificial intelligence to generate insights from data.

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    Key Features of ThoughtSpot Analytics Cloud Release 9.10.5

    Liveboard AI

    Liveboard AI facilitates rapid insights, providing users with summaries and analyses of significant metric changes. This feature enhances data exploration efficiency.

    Mode Connector

    The Mode connector integrates AI-powered analytics capabilities with ThoughtSpot Mode datasets, allowing for sophisticated data analysis.

    Custom Sets

    Custom Sets enable the classification of data into reusable groups. These sets support multiple analyses, optimizing data management and reporting.


    Advantages of Alteryx for Business Intelligence

    Streamlined Analytics Process

    Alteryx automates every step of analytics, enabling businesses to streamline their reporting and data analytics tasks. This automation translates to significant time savings, reducing manual work and increasing efficiency.

    Usability and Collaboration

    With its user-friendly interface, Alteryx is accessible to a wide range of users, helping to democratize analytics within organizations. It also fosters collaboration among teams, further enhancing the analytics process.

    Scalability and Support

    Alteryx is designed to scale with enterprise needs, ensuring that growing data volumes and complexity are managed effectively. The platform is backed by an active community of over 500K members, offering support and shared knowledge.

    Upskilling and Recognition

    Alteryx aids in upskilling employees, allowing them to leverage advanced analytics capabilities. The platform's numerous awards attest to its effectiveness and industry recognition.

    Endorsement by Leading Brands

    Influential brands such as McLaren, Coca Cola, and Siemens Energy trust Alteryx for their analytics needs, which serves as a testament to its capabilities in handling diverse and complex data tasks.


    Disadvantages of Alteryx for Business Intelligence

    Cost Implications

    Alteryx may present financial challenges for businesses, with the high price point being a significant drawback. The software is perceived as expensive, which can be a barrier for some users. Additionally, automating workflows incurs extra costs, which can accumulate and impact the overall budget for business intelligence operations.

    Performance and Scalability Concerns

    Users experience latency issues when loading data into Alteryx, which can hinder efficiency in reporting and analytics tasks. Scaling Alteryx for larger, enterprise-level projects is challenging, making it less suitable for widespread deployment across bigger organizations.

    Functionality Limitations

  • Alteryx lacks some tools and functionalities, which can limit analytical capabilities.
  • The neural networking and forecasting tools are complex and not user-friendly, complicating predictive analysis tasks.
  • Creating new functionalities within Alteryx is cumbersome, which can stifle innovation and customization.
  • For data visualization, Alteryx is not the optimal tool, necessitating integration with other software to fulfill this need.
  • User Experience and Support Issues

  • Error messages in Alteryx can be vague, making troubleshooting a time-consuming task.
  • There is a lack of training materials, such as videos, which can steepen the learning curve for new users.
  • Support for databases other than MS SQL Server is limited, which can alienate users working with different database technologies.
  • Alteryx's response times can be slow, potentially delaying time-sensitive reporting and analytics processes.
  • Operational Restrictions

    Chaining or scheduling workflows is not a built-in feature in Alteryx, which complicates the automation of sequential data processes. Alteryx is more tailored for individual projects rather than collaborative or continuous data operations, restricting its functionality in a team-based business intelligence environment.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Alteryx

    What is the Alteryx Marketplace?

    The Alteryx Marketplace is where you can find verified assets that have undergone rigorous validation.

    Can I download Add-Ons for any version of Alteryx Designer Desktop or Server?

    The Alteryx Marketplace currently supports Add-Ons for Alteryx Designer Desktop and Server versions 2021.4, 2022.1, 2022.3, and 2023.1.

    Are Add-Ons from the Alteryx Marketplace free?

    Yes, Add-Ons on the Alteryx Marketplace are free to download.

    Who is eligible to download Add-Ons from the Alteryx Marketplace?

    Users with an active Designer or Server license can download Add-Ons.

    What is the relationship between the Alteryx Marketplace and the Community Gallery?

    The Alteryx Marketplace is complimentary to the Community Gallery, which is for peer-to-peer interactions, examples, use cases, and more.

    Use Cases for Alteryx

    • Alteryx

      Improving training and performance for professional athletes

    • Alteryx

      Enhancing operational efficiency for manufacturing companies

    • Alteryx

      Integrating data from multiple CRM platforms to create comprehensive dashboards and reports

    • Alteryx

      Optimizing data science reporting through A/B testing

    • Alteryx

      Predicting email marketing campaign performance

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    Advantages of Using ThoughtSpot for Business Intelligence

    Comprehensive Services

    ThoughtSpot's Professional Services team provides a full spectrum of services for AI-Powered Analytics, ensuring a robust utilization of the Modern Analytics Cloud for business intelligence.

    Expert Project Management

    The team excels in managing all facets of project delivery and staffing, offering clients a seamless experience in analytics project implementation.

    Consulting and Solution Delivery Experience

    With extensive consulting background, the solutions architects and engagement managers bring valuable insights into analytics solution delivery.

    Modern Data Stack Proficiency

    Deep knowledge of modern data stacks, cloud platforms, ETL processes, data warehousing, and analytics is embedded within the team's expertise.

    Dedicated and Skilled Team

    ThoughtSpot boasts a cadre of highly dedicated and experienced engagement managers and solutions architects, ensuring high-quality service delivery.

    Proven Customer Success

    The Professional Services team has a track record of aiding hundreds of customers in reaching their business intelligence objectives successfully.

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    Disadvantages of Using ThoughtSpot for Business Intelligence

    User Adaptation and Comfort

    ThoughtSpot can pose a challenge for non-analytics business users, with a significant learning curve that requires time to get comfortable. Some users may never fully adapt to the platform.

    Organizational Features

    Lacking the ability to organize reports in directories, ThoughtSpot falls short in helping users maintain structured data environments. Additionally, the absence of limitations on report creation can lead to clutter and management issues.

    Technical Limitations

    The platform's more complex data model can be a hurdle when compared to other tools, and users may encounter bugs that disrupt their workflow.

    Training and Usability

    Comprehensive training is necessary to harness all of ThoughtSpot's features, which can be a barrier to immediate, effective use.

    Visualization and Customization

  • ThoughtSpot provides limited visualization options, restricting users from fully tailoring data presentations.
  • Limited cosmetic formatting, font, and color customization options constrain the ability to align visuals with company branding or preferences.
  • The platform's drill down function lacks effectiveness, potentially impacting data analysis depth.
  • Users may find the few chart size options restrictive when trying to present data insights.
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    Frequently Asked Questions About Thoughtspot

    How can I find out which version of ThoughtSpot I am using?

    You can find the version of ThoughtSpot by clicking on the information center icon and looking in the About section.

    Why am I not seeing certain columns or values in the dropdown?

    You may not see certain columns/values in the dropdown either because the index has not been built with the latest data, or the column is being dropped.

    How can I verify if a column is available in ThoughtSpot?

    To verify that a column is available, you should use the Data page.

    What should the INDEX PRIORITY value be set to for proper indexing?

    The INDEX PRIORITY value should be set to 1.

    Use Cases for Thoughtspot

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      BI strategy

    • tool icon

      Data visualization

    • tool icon

      Self-service analytics

    • tool icon

      AI-driven insights

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      Data modeling


    Why Sourcetable is a Superior Alternative for Business Intelligence

    • Streamlined Data Management

      Sourcetable offers a simplified approach to data management by consolidating various data sources into a user-friendly spreadsheet interface. This eliminates the complexity often associated with multiple analytics platforms.

    • Enhanced Accessibility

      With its intuitive spreadsheet-like environment, Sourcetable makes data analytics and reporting more accessible, catering to users who seek efficiency without the steep learning curve of platforms like Alteryx or Thoughtspot.

    • Optimized for Collaboration

      Sourcetable facilitates real-time collaboration, enabling teams to work together seamlessly on data analysis tasks, which is essential for dynamic business operations.

    • Cost-Effective Solution

      By focusing on essential BI features within a straightforward interface, Sourcetable provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on functionality, making it a practical choice for businesses of all sizes.

    • Agile Data Syncing

      The platform's ability to sync data across services ensures that all information is up-to-date and reliable, supporting better decision-making processes compared to the more segmented approach of traditional BI tools.

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    Comparison of Alteryx and ThoughtSpot

    Analytics Platforms

    Both Alteryx and ThoughtSpot are recognized as advanced analytics platforms.

    AI and Data-Driven Decision Making

    Alteryx and ThoughtSpot use AI to enhance data-driven decision making within organizations.

    Self-Service Analytics

    They facilitate self-service analytics, enabling users to gain insights without extensive technical expertise.

    User Base

    Both platforms are utilized by various leaders and professionals such as analytic leaders, data scientists, finance leaders, IT leaders, and marketing leaders.

    Data Democratization

    Alteryx and ThoughtSpot democratize analytics, making data accessible and actionable for a broader audience within the enterprise.


    They provide features that support collaboration between data scientists and business stakeholders.

    Improving Business Processes

    Both platforms offer solutions to streamline business processes like budgeting, forecasting, and reporting, aiming to improve accuracy and efficiency.

    Data Governance and Security

    Alteryx and ThoughtSpot offer features to ensure data governance and security, vital for maintaining data integrity and compliance.

    Marketing Optimization

    Marketing leaders leverage both platforms to unify customer data, improve campaigns, and optimize spend.

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    Alteryx vs. ThoughtSpot

    Analytics Platform

    Alteryx is a comprehensive analytics platform with AI capabilities that supports enterprise analytics. It democratizes analytics and enables self-service insights for various users including analytic leaders, data scientists, finance leaders, IT leaders, and marketing leaders. ThoughtSpot, on the other hand, specializes in search-driven analytics and interactive data visualization, focusing on making data easily accessible to business users.

    AI and Data Science

    Alteryx uses AI for smarter, data-driven decision making and helps data scientists collaborate effectively with business stakeholders. ThoughtSpot leverages AI in the form of search and AI-driven insights but with a more user-friendly approach tailored toward business users without deep technical skills.

    Finance Functionality

    Alteryx provides robust support for finance leaders to streamline budgeting, forecasting, and reporting, while also improving accuracy and efficiency. ThoughtSpot offers financial analytics but emphasizes ease of use and instant insights through search functionality rather than deep financial process integration.

    IT and Data Governance

    Alteryx is used by IT leaders to support analytics initiatives, ensure data quality, governance, and security. ThoughtSpot prioritizes user empowerment and quick insights, but with less emphasis on the IT governance aspects compared to Alteryx.

    Marketing Capabilities

    While Alteryx helps marketing leaders unify customer data, improve campaigns, and optimize spend, ThoughtSpot's strengths lie in providing instant insights and visualizations to marketing data, aiding rapid decision making.

    User Base

    Alteryx caters to a broad range of users including analytic leaders, data scientists, finance leaders, IT leaders, and marketing leaders, while ThoughtSpot is primarily focused on business users looking for immediate insights through an intuitive search-driven interface.


    Comparison of Alteryx, ThoughtSpot, and SourceTable

    Alteryx vs. ThoughtSpot

    Alteryx is an analytics platform known for data-driven decision making and enabling self-service insights. It offers AI-powered features such as AiDIN Copilot, and is geared towards democratizing analytics within organizations. Alteryx facilitates collaboration between data scientists and business stakeholders and aligns analytics with strategic goals. It streamlines processes for finance leaders and ensures data quality, governance, and security. ThoughtSpot, on the other hand, is recognized for its search and AI-driven analytics. While Alteryx provides a broad suite of tools for analytics, ThoughtSpot focuses on making data accessible via a search-driven interface. Both platforms aim to simplify analytics but take different approaches: Alteryx with a comprehensive analytics toolset and ThoughtSpot with a search-centric user experience.

    Alteryx vs. SourceTable

    SourceTable is a spreadsheet interface that provides simple automation and data integration from various sources. Alteryx offers advanced analytics capabilities, including AI enhancements and data governance, which are typically beyond the scope of SourceTable. Alteryx ensures high data quality and security, suitable for larger enterprises with complex data needs. SourceTable, while effective for data integration and automation, may not offer the same level of advanced analytics, security, and governance as Alteryx. Both platforms enable data-driven decision making but are suited for different levels of complexity and user needs.

    ThoughtSpot vs. SourceTable

    ThoughtSpot is known for its AI-driven analytics and intuitive search functionality, catering to users who need quick insights through a simple query process. SourceTable, alternatively, offers data integration and automation within a familiar spreadsheet format. ThoughtSpot’s AI capabilities provide more advanced analytics compared to SourceTable’s more basic automation tools. Both are user-friendly but serve users differently: ThoughtSpot through search-driven analytics and SourceTable through spreadsheet automation.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Sourcetable

    What is Sourcetable and who typically uses it?

    Sourcetable is a spreadsheet application that replaces workflows typically done in Excel, Google Sheets, and Business Intelligence tools. It's used by growth teams and business operations teams to centralize, analyze, and model data that updates over time.

    How does Sourcetable integrate with other applications?

    Sourcetable allows users to access and sync data from over 100 applications and most databases. Data integrations update every 15 minutes on the regular plan and every 5 minutes on the pro plan.

    Do I need to know how to code to use Sourcetable?

    No, Sourcetable does not require coding. Users can query data and build live models that automatically update without the need for any programming skills.

    How much does Sourcetable cost?

    Sourcetable costs $50 per month for the starter plan and $250 per month for the pro plan. Each plan starts with a 14-day free trial, and additional seats cost $20 per month per user.

    How quickly does data update in Sourcetable?

    In Sourcetable, data integrations update every 15 minutes on the regular plan and every 5 minutes on the pro plan. Models update automatically as data updates.


    Alteryx Pricing Information

    • Alteryx Designer Cloud

      Starting at $4,950 USD, Alteryx Designer Cloud offers the Professional Edition for cloud-based analytics.

    • Alteryx Designer Desktop

      The desktop version of Alteryx Designer is available at $5,195 USD, providing a different platform for users preferring a local installation.

    • Additional Costs for New Customers

      New customers are subject to a platform fee in addition to the cost of Alteryx Designer editions. A minimum purchase requirement for new customers is set at three users.

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    ThoughtSpot Pricing Overview

    • Small Teams Plan

      Monthly cost: $95 User limit: 5 Data limit: 5 million rows Features: Natural language search, in-app/community support

    • Monthly cost: $95
    • User limit: 5
    • Data limit: 5 million rows
    • Features: Natural language search, in-app/community support
    • Small Companies Plan

      Annual cost: $1250 per month User limit: 20 Data limit: 25 million rows Features: Natural language search, automated insights, in-app/community support, row-level security

    • Annual cost: $1250 per month
    • User limit: 20
    • Data limit: 25 million rows
    • Features: Natural language search, automated insights, in-app/community support, row-level security
    • Most Popular Pro Plan

      Billing: Annual Users: Unlimited Data limit: 500 million rows Features: Natural language search, automated insights, in-app/24x7 support

    • Billing: Annual
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Data limit: 500 million rows
    • Features: Natural language search, automated insights, in-app/24x7 support
    • Developer Plan

      Cost: Free User limit: 5 Data limit: 3 million rows Features: Natural language search, in-app/Discord support, API/dev tools access Restrictions: 5 worksheets, 5 answers, 10 liveboards

    • Cost: Free
    • User limit: 5
    • Data limit: 3 million rows
    • Features: Natural language search, in-app/Discord support, API/dev tools access
    • Restrictions: 5 worksheets, 5 answers, 10 liveboards
    • Pro Plan

      Users: Unlimited Data limit: 5 billion rows Features: Natural language search, automated insights, in-app/24x7 support, API/dev tools access

    • Users: Unlimited
    • Data limit: 5 billion rows
    • Features: Natural language search, automated insights, in-app/24x7 support, API/dev tools access
    • Enterprise Plan

      Users: Unlimited Data limit: Unlimited Features: Automated insights, in-app/24x7 support, API/dev tools access

    • Users: Unlimited
    • Data limit: Unlimited
    • Features: Automated insights, in-app/24x7 support, API/dev tools access
    • Studio Plan

      Cost: Free Designed for: Individual analysts

    • Cost: Free
    • Designed for: Individual analysts
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    User Feedback on Thoughtspot

    • AI Capabilities

      Users recognize Thoughtspot for its AI capabilities, highlighting its advanced analytics and data exploration features.

    • Comparisons with PowerBI

      There is a user base that prefers using PowerBI over Thoughtspot, indicating a competitive preference in the business intelligence tools market.

    • Promising Outlook

      A sentiment shared by some users is that Thoughtspot appears promising due to its innovative approach to data analysis.


    Alteryx and Thoughtspot both offer robust solutions for business intelligence with distinct features suitable for different business needs. Alteryx provides a powerful analytics workflow tool, while Thoughtspot offers a search-driven analytics platform.

    For businesses looking for a more streamlined and familiar approach, Sourcetable syncs data across services in real-time into a spreadsheet interface. This can simplify the business intelligence process by leveraging a toolset that many users are already accustomed to.

    Simplify Your BI Tooling

    Sourcetable is the AI spreadsheet that lets you analyze your data in one place. Get unlimited access free for 14 days.