Formulas / MOD
Calculates the remainder when two numbers are divided
=MOD(number, divisor)
  • number - the number being divided
  • divisor - the number doing the dividing


  • =MOD(7,3) // returns 1

    In this example, the MOD function returns 1.

  • =MOD(7,-3) // returns -2

    In this example, the MOD function returns -2 because of how INT rounds down negative numbers.

  • =MOD(12,3) // returns 0

    MOD returns 0 in this example.

  • =MOD(12,5) // returns 2

    MOD returns 2 in this example.

  • =MOD (100,33) // returns 1

    This is another example of how to use MOD. Here, MOD returns 1.

  • =MOD(6.25,1) // returns 0.25

    In this example, MOD returns 0.25, a decimal.

  • =MOD(-3,2) // returns 1
  • =MOD(3,-2) // returns -1
  • =MOD(-3,-2) // returns -1


The MOD function is used to calculate the remainder of a division operation between two numbers. The result of the operation will have the same sign as the divisor.

  • The MOD function can be used to return the remainder of a division, to find "every nth" value in a formula, or to get the time from a date.
  • The sign of the number that MOD returns is the same as the divisor.
  • If the divisor equals zero, MOD will throw a #DIV/0! error.
  • Use the QUOTIENT function if you want to discard the remainder and only keep the integer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the MOD function do?
The MOD function returns the remainder from dividing two numbers.
What arguments does the MOD function take?
The MOD function takes two arguments: number and divisor.
Are both arguments required for the MOD function?
Yes, both arguments are required for the MOD function.
What does the MOD function do with its arguments?
The number argument is divided by the divisor argument.
What error does MOD throw when the divisor equals 0?
MOD throws a #DIV/0! error if the divisor equals 0.
Can MOD be expressed using the INT function?
Yes, MOD may be expressed using the INT function: MOD(n, d) = n - d*INT(n/d).

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