Formulas / AVERAGEA
Calculate the average of a set of numbers and text.
  • number1 - the first number, cell reference, or range to average
  • number2, ... - [OPTIONAL] additional numbers, cell references, or ranges to average


  • AVERAGEA(A1:A10)

    This function returns the average of the numbers in the range A1:A10. This includes logical values such as TRUE and FALSE, as well as numbers entered as text.


    This example returns 1.5 when given two arguments, TRUE and 2.

  • AVERAGEA("3",2)

    When given two arguments, "3" and 2, the function returns 2.5.


The AVERAGEA function is a powerful tool that can calculate the average of a variety of inputs, including numerical values, text representation of numbers, arrays, and references. It does not accept error values or text that cannot be converted into numbers.

  • AVERAGEA takes up to 255 arguments, including numbers, cell references, ranges, constants, or arrays.
  • AVERAGEA ignores empty cells and includes logical values and numbers entered as text in its calculation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AVERAGEA function?
The AVERAGEA function calculates the average of its arguments. The arguments can be lists of numerical values, and AVERAGEA returns a number indicating the average value of the arguments.
What does AVERAGEA do with text representations of numbers and logical values?
AVERAGEA includes text representations of numbers and logical values directly entered into the arguments.
What does AVERAGEA do with empty text?
AVERAGEA evaluates empty text as zero.
How does AVERAGEA handle non-numeric values in arrays or references?
AVERAGEA ignores non-numeric values in arrays or references.
What happens when error values cannot be turned into numbers?
AVERAGEA throws errors when error values cannot be turned into numbers.
What is the purpose of AVERAGEA?
The purpose of AVERAGEA is to measure the central tendency of a group of numbers.
What are the three common ways to measure central tendency?
  • Average
  • Median
  • Mode

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