Formulas / MAX
To get the largest value in a set of data.
MAX(number1, [number2], ...)
  • number1 - a number, numeric value reference, or range with numeric values.
  • number2, ... - additional numbers, numeric value references, or ranges with numeric values. Up to 255 total numerical arguments are accepted by MAX.


  • =MAX(12,17,25,11,23) // returns 25
  • =MAX(5,10) // returns 10

    Note how MAX can take a values as separate arguments in this example and the last example.

  • =MAX(A1,A2,A3) // returns the maximum in A1, A2, A3
  • =MAX(A1:A10) // returns the maximum in the range A1:A10
  • =MAX(A1:A10,C1:C10) // returns the maximum value in C1:C10 and A1:A10
  • =MAX(-1,TRUE) // returns 1

    MAX returns 1 in this example because MAX does not ignore logical values that are directly provided as arguments.

  • =MAX(-1,TRUE,"3") // returns 3

    In this example, MAX returns 3 because MAX does not ignore numbers in text when directly provided as arguments.


The MAX function returns the largest value from a group of values provided as numbers, names, arrays, or references.

  • The MAX function returns the largest numeric value from any type of numeric data.
  • The MAX function ignores empty cells, text values, and logical values (TRUE and FALSE).
  • MAX can take hardcoded constants, cell references, and ranges as arguments.
  • MAX can combine different types of arguments together when ti is evaluated.
  • Unlike MAX, MAXA calculates max with logical values and numbers in text.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MAX function?
The MAX function returns the largest value in a set of numbers. MAX can take up to 255 arguments, but only one is required.
How does MAX work?
MAX finds the largest value in a set and returns it. MAX only uses numbers in arguments that are arrays or references.
What are the limitations of MAX?
MAX returns 0 (zero) if there are no numbers in the arguments. Logical values, text, and empty cells in the arguments are ignored by MAX.
Is there a similar function to MAX?
Yes, the MAXA function is similar to MAX, but it includes logical values and numbers in text in the max calculation.

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