Formulas / ATAN2
Calculate the arctangent using x- and y-coordinates.
ATAN2(x_num, y_num)
  • y - the arctangent of x
  • x - the x-coordinate of the point where the tangent is to be found


  • =DEGREES(ATAN2(x,y))

    The ATAN2 function takes two arguments and returns the angle between the two points. This angle is returned as a radian. To get the angle in degrees, use the formula

  • =ATAN2(x,y)*180/PI()

    The formula above gives the angle in degrees.


The ATAN2 function is used to calculate the arctangent of a point in radians, which is the angle from the x-axis to a line connecting the origin (0, 0) to the point (x_num, y_num). The result is a value between -pi and pi.

  • The ATAN2 function calculates the arctangent of a point using the x- and y-coordinates, and returns the angle in radians.
  • The ATAN2 function returns a negative angle if the y-value is negative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ATAN2 function?
The ATAN2 function calculates the arctangent of its arguments. This arctangent is the inverse tangent of the arguments, and is the angle from the x-axis to a line that contains the origin and the point (x_num, y_num). The angle that ATAN2 returns is in radians, and is between -pi and pi, excluding -pi.
What arguments are needed for ATAN2?
The x_num and y_num arguments are required for the ATAN2 function, and these are the coordinates of the point to analyze.
How can ATAN2 be expressed in terms of other functions?
ATAN2 can be expressed in terms of ATAN, where ATAN2(a,b) equals ATAN(b/a). It can also be expressed in degrees by multiplying by 180/PI(), or by using the DEGREES function.

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