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Yield Curves Explained

Yield curves are used as a benchmark to compare different debt securities in the market.


YTM = (Price - Par Value) / Par Value / Number of Years to Maturity

How do I calculate the yield curve?

It is important to understand how to calculate the yield curve in order to make informed investment decisions. The Treasury yield curve is a benchmark for other debt in the market and can be used to predict future interest rate changes. Rates can be found on the Treasury's website each trading day. To calculate the yield curve, use the formula YTM = (Price - Par Value) / Par Value / Number of Years to Maturity. This formula can be used in programs such as Sourcetable

What is a yield curve?

A yield curve is a graphical representation of the relationship between bond yields and maturity dates. It plots the yields of a group of bonds with similar credit quality but varying maturities to show how yields change as the maturity of the bonds increase.

Where can I find yield curve rates?

Yield curve rates are usually available at Treasury's interest rate websites by 6:00 p.m. ET each trading day.

Key Points

How do I calculate yield curve?
YTM = (Price - Par Value) / Par Value / Number of Years to Maturity
Yield Curve Shows Relationship Between Interest Rates & Bond Yields
The yield curve is a graph that shows the relationship between different interest rates and the yields of various bonds. It is plotted with the y-axis showing the yields of different types of securities, and it slopes upwards from the bottom left to the right. This means that as interest rates change, the yield curve shifts.
Yield Curve Risk
Yield curve risk is the risk that a change in interest rates will have an impact on securities with fixed interest rates. This is because when interest rates increase, the yield on bonds of shorter maturities increases more than that of bonds of longer maturities.

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