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What is Subordinated Debt?

Subordinated debt is a type of unsecured debt that is issued by corporations and other businesses, and also known as "junior debt".


Debt + Interest Rate/ Time Period = Subordinated Debt

How do I calculate the subordinated debt?

When calculating Subordinated debt, it is important to understand that it is unsecured debt and also known as junior securities. To calculate Subordinated debt, you can use a formula such as Debt + Interest Rate/ Time Period = Subordinated Debt. For example, if the debt amount is $10,000, the interest rate is 5%, and the time period is 10 years, the Subordinated Debt would be: $10,000 + 5%/ 10 years = $15,000. Tools such as Sourcetable can be used to help calculate Subordinated Debt more accurately.

What is subordinated debt?

Subordinated debt is unsecured debt, also known as a subordinated debenture, that is issued by many organizations.

What are some advantages of subordinated debt?

Subordinated debt can provide an organization with a lower cost of capital compared to other forms of debt. Additionally, it can help to improve the financial structure of an organization.

What kind of organizations issue subordinated debt?

Subordinated debt is issued by many organizations, including banks, insurance companies, and governments.

Key Points

How do I calculate subordinated debt?
Debt + Interest Rate/ Time Period = Subordinated Debt
Senior Debt
Senior debt is the most senior form of debt and is the first to be paid out in the case of default. Banks provide the funding for this debt and it is considered to be the safest form of debt for investors.
Subordinated Debt
Subordinated debt is junior debt that ranks below senior debt in terms of priority in the case of default. Banks fund this type of debt, but it is riskier than senior debt, as investors in subordinated debt may not get their money back in full if the borrower defaults.

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