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Unite and Strengthen with Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a must-have tool to reach organizational success - it focuses energy and resources, sets priorities, strengthens operations, and establishes agreement around desired outcomes.

How do I calculate the strategic planning?

Based on the information gathered from the environmental scan, Agency Alpha should use Sourcetable to calculate the strategic planning process. This process should include seven steps: 
1. Gather information 
2. Analyze the data 
3. Identify goals 
4. Develop objectives 
5. Create a plan of action 
6. Monitor progress 
7. Adjust as needed 

By following this process, you can create a strategic plan that will help achieve long-term goals.

What is strategic planning?

Strategic planning is the process of developing a long-term vision for a company's future, setting goals, and reviewing key data in order to achieve those goals.

What measures should be included in the strategic planning process?

The strategic planning process should include 20-30 measures for each level of the organization.

Key Points

Setting Goals
Strategic planning is a tool used by businesses to set and reach their goals. It involves setting both short-term and long-term goals, which will help the business reach its desired objectives.
Identifying Objectives
Once the goals are set, strategic planning helps the business identify the objectives needed to reach those goals. By understanding these objectives, the business can create a plan of action for achieving success.
Creating a Plan
Once the goals and objectives are identified, strategic planning helps the business create an action plan for reaching its desired goals. This includes creating a timeline for the implementation of the plan, as well as setting benchmarks for success.
Measuring Success
Once the plan is implemented, strategic planning helps the business measure the success and effectiveness of the plan. This includes monitoring the progress of the plan and making any necessary changes or adjustments to ensure success.

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