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Tracking Sales Commissions with Reports

The Sales Commission Report is a useful tool for tracking sales for any salesperson or employee in a sales-oriented company. It tracks individual sales and the associated unit price, markup %, total price, and commission owed.


SUMPRODUCT((Rate Table)*(Commission table))

How do I calculate the sales commission report?

To calculate a Sales Commission Report, the SUMPRODUCT formula is a great tool for the job. This formula can be used in Sourcetable and is used to calculate the total payout using a tiered rate table. To calculate the total payout, use this formula: SUMPRODUCT((Rate Table)*(Commission table)). This will give you the total payout for the given sales commission report.

What is a Sales Commission Report?

A Sales Commission Report is a document that outlines the details of a sales commission plan. It includes the total amount of commission earned, as well as the specific criteria used to calculate the amount. 

Why is the Commission Plan Confusing?

The commission plan can be confusing because it is often complex and detailed. In addition, it can be hard to understand the exact criteria used to calculate the commission amount. 

Key Points

How do I calculate sales commission report?
SUMPRODUCT((Rate Table)*(Commission table))
Data-Driven Storytelling
A commission report is an effective way to tell a story about the data generated by a sales team. By clearly displaying the data, it can help salespeople, sales managers, and executives understand the overall performance of the team.
Comprehensive Data Collection
A commission report should provide a comprehensive collection of data to create an accurate story. This includes metrics such as total sales, sales goals, commission rates, and any other pertinent data.
Visual Representation
In addition to collecting data, a commission report should also provide visual representations of the data. This can include graphs, charts, and tables to make the data easier to digest and understand.
Comparison and Trends
Comparing the data of a commission report to previous periods can provide valuable insights into the performance of the team. This comparison can then be used to identify trends and make more informed decisions.
Actionable Insights
By understanding the story of the commission report, sales teams and executives can then use the data to make more informed decisions regarding how to improve performance. This can include changing commission rates, setting new sales goals, or other changes that can help the sales team succeed.

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