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Revenue Reports

A revenue report is a financial document that details a company's revenues, or total income, from its business activities over a specific period.


Sales Price x Quantity Sold = Revenue

How do I calculate the revenue report?

It is important to understand how to accurately calculate revenue reports for businesses. The formula for calculating revenue is Sales Price x Quantity Sold = Revenue. Revenue is generated from normal business operations and is the top line on a company's income statement. Sourcetable is a great tool to help track and calculate your company's revenue.

What is revenue?

Revenue is money generated from normal business operations. It is calculated as the average sales price times the number of items sold. It is also known as sales on the income statement.

What is the formula for calculating revenue?

The formula for calculating revenue is Revenue = Average Sales Price x Number of Items Sold.

What are some examples of revenue?

Revenue is only sales proceeds. Examples of revenue include money generated from sales of products or services.

Key Points

How do I calculate revenue report?
Sales Price x Quantity Sold = Revenue
Required to Include Corporate Information
Following the stock market crash of 1929, an annual report became a regulatory requirement that must include general corporate information.
Describes Financial Condition & Performance
An annual report is a document disseminated to shareholders every year that describes a company's financial condition and performance.
Narrative Text & Graphics
The annual report typically contains a narrative text, graphics, and photos.
Evaluate Performance
The annual report is used to evaluate a company's financial performance.
Full Report for Shareholders
Mutual funds must provide shareholders with a full annual report each year.
Holdings by Category
The annual report includes a table, chart, or graph of holdings by category.
Audited Financial Statements
The annual report includes audited financial statements and is published annually.
Condensed Financial Statements
The annual report includes condensed financial statements.
Returns for 1-5-10 Year Periods
The annual report includes returns for 1-, 5-, and 10-year periods.
Directors & Officers
The annual report includes information about directors and officers.

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