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Monthly Expense Reports: Reimbursable Costs

Keep track of your expenses with this easy-to-use Monthly Expense Report template!


(Total Expenses - Total Reimbursements) / Total Months

How do I calculate the monthly expense report?

It is important to keep accurate records of monthly expenses in order to gain a better understanding of the financial status of the company. An expense report can be used to track how much money is being spent within a department, on a project, and to reimburse employees for business expenses. Expense reports come in different forms and can be cumulative or more specific. An expense report should include the date the expense was paid, the payee/vendor the money went to, whether the expense is allocable to a specific client or project, the total amount paid, including taxes, commissions and fees, and the type of expense. To calculate monthly expense reports, it is important to use a reliable spreadsheet program such as Sourcetable and to follow the formula of (Total Expenses - Total Reimbursements) / Total Months.

What is an expense report?

An expense report is used to reimburse employees for business expenses.

What purpose does an expense report serve?

A small business may ask employees to submit expense reports to reimburse them for business-related purchases. A small business owner can use expense reports to track business spending and project spending.

What does an expense report track?

Expense reports track business spending and work-related expenditures.

Key Points

How do I calculate monthly expense report?
(Total Expenses - Total Reimbursements) / Total Months
Track Business Spending
Expense reports are used to track spending within the business. This allows employees to submit and reimburse business-related expenses, and it helps managers monitor the company’s cash flow.
Create Reports with Software
Most accounting software offers the ability to generate expense reports quickly and easily. Excel is also a great choice for manually preparing expense reports.
Monthly Reports
Monthly expense reports provide an overview of cash expenditures that have been made over the course of the month. This helps managers keep track of the company’s spending and budget accordingly.

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