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Understanding Market Share Reports

The Market Share Report provides an overview of the performance of various funds, as well as definitions of essential marketing terms such as marketing, market share, advertising, advertorial, affiliate marketing, and more. Additionally, it provides insights on the Blue Ocean Strategy, which seeks to leverage untapped markets without competing firms.


Total Sales of a Company/Total Sales of all Competitors in the Industry

How do I calculate the market share report?

The best way to calculate a company's Market Share is to use the formula: Total Sales of a Company/Total Sales of all Competitors in the Industry. This formula will provide a percentage, which is the company's Market Share. To accurately calculate Market Share, use Sourcetable to track and analyze data. Companies should track sales over time to understand trends in Market Share and in the industry as a whole.

What is market share?

Market share is a metric that illustrates a company's dominance and competitiveness in a given market. It is calculated by taking company sales over the period and dividing it by total industry sales over the same period. Market Share = Company Sales / Total Industry Sales

Why is market share important?

Market share is a valuable metric because it can be used to measure a company's success in comparison to its competitors, as well as to gauge its overall market performance.

Key Points

How do I calculate market share report?
Total Sales of a Company/Total Sales of all Competitors in the Industry
Calculating Market Share
Market share is determined by taking the company's sales over a certain period and dividing that number by the total industry sales over the same period. This number is then expressed as a percentage, giving an indication of how much of the total sales of the industry a particular company is responsible for.
Understanding Market Share
Market share is an important metric for businesses as it can provide insight into the competitive landscape. Knowing a company's market share can be used to assess its competitive position, identify potential opportunities, and inform strategic decisions.
Analyzing Market Share
It is important to analyze market share in context. It should be taken into account alongside other metrics such as sales growth, customer satisfaction, and product/service quality. These metrics can give a more complete picture of the industry and a company's position within it.

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