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Inventory Valuation: Summary Report

The Inventory Valuation report is a comprehensive overview of warehouse activity, including transaction types and reasons, and totals for allocatable, non-allocatable, and retail warehouses.


Inventory Valuation = Cost of Newest Inventory - Cost of Oldest Inventory

How do I calculate the inventory valuation report?

The FIFO (First In, First Out) method of calculating inventory valuation is a reliable and accurate way to determine the value of your inventory. This method is based on the principle that the oldest inventory is used first. To calculate the inventory valuation using FIFO, you need to determine the cost of your oldest inventory and subtract it from the cost of the newest inventory. The formula is as follows: Inventory Valuation = Cost of Newest Inventory - Cost of Oldest Inventory. 

Using this formula, you can easily calculate the inventory valuation of your business. Sourcetable is a useful tool for tracking and recording inventory cost and valuation. By using these tools, you can ensure that your inventory is accurately and properly valued.

What is an inventory valuation report?

An inventory valuation report is a financial statement that provides detailed information on the cost and value of the items in a company's inventory.

What does an inventory valuation report include?

An inventory valuation report includes information about the quantity, cost, and value of each item in the inventory.

Does an inventory valuation report include a cost adjustment feature?

Yes, an inventory valuation report includes a cost adjustment feature, which allows costs to be adjusted according to changes in market prices.

Key Points

How do I calculate inventory valuation report?
Inventory Valuation = Cost of Newest Inventory - Cost of Oldest Inventory
Summarize Inventory Value
The Inventory Valuation Report summarizes the value of inventory at a specific point in time by category, analyzing the quantities and value of active, on-hand inventory items.
Item Details
The report details the name, description, inventory value (in dollars), percentage of total inventory value and quantity on hand for the item named in the report.
Identify Problem Items
Identify any problem items using the Inventory Valuation report. This can be done by looking for items with a high value or low quantity.
Inventory Valuation Detail Report
The Inventory Valuation Detail Report can be used to examine the transactions related to items that are problem, such as false orders or incorrect stock levels.

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