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Fixed Assets: Property, Plant & Equipment

Fixed assets are tangible property or equipment owned by a company and used in operations. They are reported on the balance sheet and are subject to depreciation.


FA = SUM(Assets-Depreciation)

How do I calculate the fixed asset?

It is important to correctly calculate fixed assets in order to accurately value a business. Fixed assets include buildings, furniture, office equipment, machinery, and producer's plant resources. To calculate fixed assets, you will need to determine the cost of each asset, subtract any accumulated depreciation, and add the total value of all assets. This can be done either manually or using spreadsheet software such as Sourcetable.

What are fixed assets?

Fixed assets are tangible items that companies own and use in their business operations, such as equipment or property. They are expected to be kept for at least one year, and provide long-term financial benefits.

What is the importance of fixed assets?

Fixed assets are important for several reasons, including their ability to provide long-term financial stability and their ability to generate cash flow. They also generate revenue and help provide services to customers.

How are fixed assets depreciated?

Fixed assets are typically depreciated over time according to the straight-line method, which is calculated by dividing the purchase price of the asset by its useful life.

Is leasing fixed assets common?

Yes, leasing fixed assets is very common and can be beneficial for companies that don't have the funds to purchase the asset outright.

Key Points

How do I calculate fixed asset?
FA = SUM(Assets-Depreciation)
Fixed Assets are Tangible Property or Equipment
Fixed assets are physical objects owned by a company and used in operations. They are expected to last for at least one year and include things like buildings, vehicles, and equipment. They appear on the balance sheet as property, plant, and equipment.
Fixed Assets are Subject to Depreciation
Fixed assets are subject to depreciation, which is the process of allocating the cost of an asset over its useful life. Depreciation reduces the value of the asset and helps companies accurately reflect the cost of the asset on their balance sheets.
Fixed Assets are Also Referred to as Property, Plant, and Equipment
Fixed assets can include anything, not just buildings and vehicles. They are often referred to as property, plant, and equipment, which is the name given to them on the balance sheet.

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