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Understanding Customer Profitability Analysis

Customer profitability analysis is a tool used to shift the focus from product line profitability to individual customer profitability, utilizing activity based costing to determine profitability. It identifies the costs incurred in relation to servicing a specific customer or segment of customers.


Customer Profitability = Gross Profit – Costs associated with the customer

How do I calculate the customer profitability analysis?

Customer profitability analysis is an important tool for any business to understand its customer base and make informed decisions. It is a process of analyzing customers and their spending patterns to determine how profitable it is to keep each customer. By using this metric, businesses can improve their decision-making and overall business operations.

To calculate customer profitability analysis, businesses can use a simple formula that utilizes the gross profit earned from each customer and subtracts any costs associated with the customer (such as marketing or customer service costs). The formula looks like this: 

Customer Profitability = Gross Profit – Costs associated with the customer

Tools like Sourcetable can be used to easily calculate this metric and gain valuable insights into customer profitability.

What is Customer Profitability Analysis?

Customer profitability analysis is a process that helps businesses measure the profitability of individual customers and customer groups. This analysis is used to identify and target customers who are more likely to provide more profitable business opportunities.

What are some examples of customer profitability analysis?

Examples of customer profitability analysis include total sales volume, frequency of purchases, customer lifetime value, customer segmentation, and customer retention rates.

What is the purpose of customer profitability analysis?

The purpose of customer profitability analysis is to identify and prioritize customers that are more likely to provide more profitable business opportunities. It also helps businesses better understand customer behavior and preferences, which can improve customer service and loyalty.

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Key Points

How do I calculate customer profitability analysis?
Customer Profitability = Gross Profit – Costs associated with the customer
Identifies Potential Credit Risks
A Customer Aging Report is a crucial tool for identifying potential credit risks. By categorizing accounts receivable based on the length of time an invoice has been outstanding, businesses can spot customers who consistently make late payments. Early identification of these risks allows a company to take proactive steps to mitigate possible losses.
Facilitates Cash Flow Forecasting and Strategic Planning
The Customer Aging Report provides valuable data for forecasting cash flow and planning strategically. By understanding the timing and likelihood of receivables, businesses can make more informed decisions about their financial management, including budgeting, investment, and debt servicing.
Improves Collection Efforts
By breaking down outstanding invoices into different time periods, a Customer Aging Report can help businesses improve their collection efforts. It highlights areas where the collection process may be lacking and provides a clear visual representation of the company's outstanding receivables, making it easier to identify potential issues and trends.

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