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What is Commission?

A commission is a fee paid to an individual or organization for facilitating or completing a transaction, typically calculated as a percentage of the transaction's value.


SUMPRODUCT(amounts, rates)

How do I calculate the commission?

It is recommended to use the SUMPRODUCT function to calculate commissions using a tiered rate table in Sourcetable. The formula for calculating commissions is SUMPRODUCT(amounts, rates), where "amounts" is a range of values corresponding to the rate table, and "rates" is a range of values corresponding to the commission rate for a given tier.

What is the Financial Commission?

The Financial Commission is an external organization that resolves disputes.

What services does the Financial Commission provide?

The Financial Commission provides dispute resolution services.

What types of disputes can the Financial Commission resolve?

The Financial Commission can resolve a variety of disputes between parties involved in the financial markets.

Key Points

How do I calculate commission?
SUMPRODUCT(amounts, rates)
Aligned with Mission
The commission structure should be designed in a way that will help the organization achieve its mission. This ensures that the organization can maximize its resources to reach its goals.
Aligned with Goals
The commission structure should be designed to support the organization's goals. This allows the organization to use its resources to achieve the desired outcomes.
Reflects Values
The commission structure should reflect the organization's values. This ensures that the organization is following its core values and can make decisions that will benefit the organization in the long run.

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