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Cash Disbursement Report Overview

The Cash disbursements report is an easy way to keep track of checks issued to payees, with subtotals for each one and a grand total at the bottom. Split accounts are also clearly marked with "SPLIT".

How do I calculate the cash disbursements report?

It is important to accurately calculate your Cash Disbursements Journal report. To calculate the report, add up all the checks written for each payee and then add up the subtotals for each payee to get the grand total at the bottom of the report. To calculate a cash disbursement report in a spreadsheet, start by opening your preferred spreadsheet software. Create a new blank spreadsheet and label the columns with headers like "Vendor/Recipient," "Invoice/Transaction Number," "Description," "Payment Amount," and "Payment Date." Fill in the corresponding information for each column, such as listing vendors or recipients, providing invoice or transaction numbers, describing the payment, entering the payment amounts, and noting the payment dates. To calculate the total cash disbursements, use a formula to sum up all the payment amounts in a cell below the "Payment Amount" column. Format the payment amount cells and total cash disbursement cell as needed for improved readability. Optionally, you can include additional columns to track payment methods or other relevant information. Sourcetable offers easy-to-use spreadsheet programs that allow you to enter the data and calculate the total quickly and accurately.

What is a cash disbursement journal?

A cash disbursement journal is a financial document that tracks cash payments made with cash or a cash equivalent.

What information should a cash disbursement journal include?

A cash disbursement journal should include specific information about the payment, such as the date, payee, amount, and description of the payment.

What formula is used to calculate the total amount spent on a transaction?

The total amount spent on a transaction can be calculated using the following formula: Total Amount Spent = Amount Paid + Cash Equivalent

Key Points

Record Transactions
A cash disbursement journal itemizes all financial expenses and records the disbursement amount, the check number, the transaction type, the payee, and any other pertinent information.
Create Financial Statements
A cash disbursement journal creates financial statements which provide a record of a company's financial transactions.
Track Disbursements
A cash disbursement journal provides an organized way to track disbursements, ensuring that all payments are accurately recorded.

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