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Understanding Capital Expenditure Reports

Capital expenditure is an important part of any project or investment, and includes purchasing equipment to help make the process easier.


Capital Expenditure = Cash Inflows - Cash Outflows

How do I calculate the capital expenditure report?

Calculating the capital expenditure report can be done using the cash flow statement of a company's financial statements. To calculate this, subtract the cash outflows from the cash inflows. This should provide the total capital expenditure for the period. A formula for this is: Capital Expenditure = Cash Inflows - Cash Outflows. Sourcetable can be used to help with calculations like this.

What is CapEx?

CapEx stands for Capital Expenditure and is used to fund new projects or investments, as well as to maintain existing property and equipment.

What expenses does CapEx cover?

CapEx covers investments in new projects and investments, as well as the maintenance of existing property and equipment.

Key Points

How do I calculate capital expenditure report?
Capital Expenditure = Cash Inflows - Cash Outflows
Investment in New Projects
Capital expenditure is used to undertake new projects or investments that will help the business grow and expand. This could include the purchase of new equipment or investments in research and development.
Purchasing Equipment
Capital expenditure may also include purchasing a piece of equipment that is necessary for the business to operate. This could include things like computers, machinery, or other equipment that are necessary for the business to function.

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