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Invest in Secure Blue Chip Stocks

Blue chip companies are well-respected and financially sound, offering high-quality products and services that are traded on major stock exchanges.


Price/Earnings Ratio = Current Price/Earnings per Share

How do I calculate the blue chip?

One of the key elements of investing is analyzing the potential of stocks to gain value. Blue-chip stocks are some of the most reliable and stable investments. To calculate the value of blue-chip stocks, use the formula Price/Earnings Ratio = Current Price/Earnings per Share. This formula will give you a good indication of the value of a blue-chip stock. To use this formula, you will need to use financial software such as Sourcetable to obtain the current share price and earnings per share. Additionally, you can research the company's history and performance to determine if it is a good fit for your portfolio. Blue-chip stocks offer dependable returns and are a great way to diversify and protect your investments.

What is the Blue Chip Frequently Asked Questions blog?

The Blue Chip Frequently Asked Questions blog is written by Jeff Gillman.

What topics does the Blue Chip Frequently Asked Questions blog cover?

The blog covers topics related to investing, financial markets, and financial planning.

Key Points

How do I calculate blue chip?
Price/Earnings Ratio = Current Price/Earnings per Share
Well Established
Blue chip stocks are nationally or internationally recognized companies that are established and financially sound.
Quality Products and Services
Blue chip companies sell quality products and services that have been proven over time.
Major Stock Exchanges
Blue chip stocks are typically listed on major stock exchanges, giving investors easy access to their shares.

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