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Alpha: Global Leadership Conference

Alpha is an international leadership conference designed to facilitate safe conversations about faith in churches, ministries and for individuals. Digital assets are available to run Alpha worldwide.


Actual Return - Expected Return = Alpha

How do I calculate the alpha?

The alpha is an important measure of a portfolio manager’s performance, as it measures their ability to generate higher returns on a risk-adjusted basis. To calculate the alpha, one needs to use the following formula Actual Return - Expected Return = Alpha. This can be calculated using spreadsheet software such as Sourcetable.

What is Alpha?

Alpha is a series of Christian faith-based sessions designed to create conversation in groups of small.

Is Alpha free?

Yes, Alpha is free.

Where is Alpha run?

Alpha is run all over the world.

Who can attend Alpha?

Everyone is welcome to attend Alpha.

Key Points

How do I calculate alpha?
Actual Return - Expected Return = Alpha
How Alpha Males Need Coaching
The book discusses how alpha males need coaching to develop and reach their full potential. It emphasizes the importance of finding the right coach to help guide an alpha male in the right direction and to ensure that the alpha male is taking the necessary steps to reach success.
Working with a Coach
The book also explains how important it is for alpha males to work with a coach to help them reach their potential. It outlines the benefits of having a coach, such as having someone who can provide guidance, feedback and accountability. It also discusses how working with a coach can help an alpha male develop their skills, make better decisions and become more successful overall.

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