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Analyze Actual vs. Budget Reports

Budget vs. actuals is a report that allows companies to measure their performance by comparing planned finances with the final financial results of a period of time.


(Actual - Budget)/Budget

How do I calculate the actual vs budget report?

In order to calculate an Actual vs. Budget Report, it is essential to perform a Budget to Actual Variance Analysis. This involves comparing a company's budget to actual results. A formula to calculate the variance between the two is (Actual - Budget)/Budget. Tools such as Sourcetable can be used to assist in calculating the variance. It is important to keep in mind that this type of analysis is a key function for a FP&A professional to perform.

What is a budget report?

A budget report is a financial report created before a fiscal period. It includes the specific amounts that companies spend or earn during the period and often includes sources of income, costs of goods sold, expenses, and other figures a company may hope to record.

What is the difference between an Actual vs. budget report?

An Actual vs. budget report is a comparison of actual expenses and income versus what was budgeted. The report can help to identify any variances between actual and budgeted amounts and help to identify areas where there may be a need to adjust the budget.

What information is included in an Actual vs. budget report?

An Actual vs. budget report includes information such as actual income and expenses, budgeted income and expenses, and the variance between the actual and budgeted amounts. Additionally, a formula may be used to calculate the percentage of variance between the actual and budgeted amounts (percentage of variance = (actual amount - budgeted amount) / budgeted amount).

Key Points

How do I calculate actual vs budget report?
(Actual - Budget)/Budget
Budget vs. Actuals Overview
Budget vs. actuals is an important financial planning tool that compares the actual amounts spent with what was budgeted. This comparison allows businesses to get an understanding of how well they are managing their finances and whether or not they need to change their budgeting process for better results.
Identifying Financial Variances
By comparing budgeted amounts to actuals, businesses are able to identify areas where there are financial variances. This helps them to identify areas where they may be overspending or underspending and make adjustments accordingly.
Improving Future Planning
By analyzing the budget vs. actuals report, businesses can learn from their mistakes and improve their future budgeting and financial planning processes. They can also use the information to make better decisions in the future.
Monitoring Performance
The budget vs. actuals report is a great way to monitor the performance of a business. It can help to identify areas where there is room for improvement, as well as areas where the business is doing well.
Providing Insight
The budget vs. actuals report can provide a great deal of insight into a business's financial health. It can help to identify areas where the business is doing well, as well as areas where it may need to make changes or adjustments.

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