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Sync SEOHealth data to Sourcetable


SEOHealth is a plugin developed by Hike, which can be used by business owners to enter a website’s URL - either their own or that of a competitor - and retrieve a detailed SEO performance report. The platform can be used to track key SEO information including backlinks, page views, traffic data and keyword rankings.

Sync SEOHealth data to Sourcetable

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Find out how to make the most of your SEOHealth data with Sourcetable

Sourcetable Benefits

Query SEO data quickly & easily

SEOHealth provides business owners with insight into how their site is performing compared to competitors, identifies areas that need to be addressed, and presents opportunities for enhancing organic search traffic. Syncing findings from SEOHealth to Sourcetable, and combining it with inputs from other platforms and databases, allows users to keep track of their SEO performance and confidently adapt their campaigns based on the metrics that matter most.


Sourcetable allows users to automate processes from SEOHealth and other platforms, freeing up time to focus on other important aspects of their business.

An example interface to create an automation when sales surpass certain number


Sourcetable users can query key insights from SEOHealth and other platforms without having to learn SQL – making critical SEO data accessible to all team members.


Sourcetable’s full suite of visualization tools caters to all your reporting needs, including visually striking dashboards, bar charts and line graphs, burn charts, mapping, scatter plots and more.

A simple flow showing how a table converts to a chart easily

Find out how to get the most from SEOHealth with Sourcetable

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Smart Templates

Use out of the box, tried and tested templates to compile SEOHealth data and enhance data collaboration across your entire organisation.

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Quick Analysis

Analyse SEOHealth data alongside findings from other key platforms in instantaneous cross-channel reports.

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Ease Of use

Compile all relevant SEOHealth data into a single spreadsheet to find the business intelligence behind the numbers and improve future campaigns.

Who uses SEOHealth data in Sourcetable

📈 SEO professionals

👷🏿 Marketing and Advertising professionals

👨‍💻 Sales and Sales Ops folk

🏢 Product Managers

👩‍💻 Developers

Sample companies

Online businesses integrating SEOHealth with Sourcetable have access to all relevant data regarding authority scores, backlinks and page views.

  • Retail online stores

  • B2B Platforms

  • B2C Marketplaces

  • Software as a Service

    (SaaS) companies

What makes Sourcetable special?

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Connect, sync and query data from SEOHealth with findings from 30+ other sources, to drive decisions and improve SEO campaigns.

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Automate your SEOHealth data and processes, to save time and focus on what matters most: selling your product.

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Create workflow templates based on findings from SEOHealth and other platforms, and share among team members, no coding required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync my SEOHealth data to Sourcetable?
Sourcetable is currently in Closed Beta. Sign up to the Beta here to tell us a little about yourself and request information on how to sync your SEOHealth data.
How easy is it to visualize my SEOHealth data using Sourcetable?
Sourcetable spreadsheets are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so anyone can view key findings from SEOHealth - and other SEO platforms and plugins such as Semrush and Yoast SEO - at a glance, without code.
Which SEO plugin works best with Sourcetable – SEOHealth or Yoast SEO?
Sourcetable enables users to combine findings from both platforms, to better understand the relationships among available data, gain new insights for making better decisions, and identify new opportunities.

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