Formulas / OR
Tests multiple logical conditions simultaneously
=OR(logical1, [logical2], ...)
  • logical1 - the first condition to evaluate
  • [logical2], ... - [OPTIONAL] additional conditions to evaluate


  • =OR(A1="x",A1="y")

    This function returns TRUE if either "x" or "y" is in cell A1. If neither "x" nor "y" is in A1, it will return FALSE.

  • =OR(A1>0,A1>75,A1>100)

    This function will return TRUE if the value in cell A1 is greater than 0, 75, or 100. If the value in A1 is not greater than any of those numbers, it will return FALSE.

  • =OR(A1<0,A1=25,A1>100)

    This function will return TRUE if either A1 is less than 0, equal to 25, or greater than 100. If none of these are true, it will return FALSE.

  • =OR(A1>75,B1>75)

    The function returns TRUE if either the value in cell A1 is greater than 75 or the value in cell B1 is greater than 75. If both values are less than or equal to 75, it will return FALSE.


The OR function is a logical function in Sourcetable that returns either TRUE or FALSE based on whether any of the arguments provided to it are TRUE.

  • The OR function returns TRUE if any argument is TRUE and returns FALSE if all arguments are FALSE.
  • The OR function can be used with other logical functions like the IF function or the AND function.
  • The OR function can evaluate up to 255 logical conditions.
  • AND and OR return results as a single value only, meaning OR cannot return an array of results.
  • OR will return a #VALUE! error if there are no logical values to evaluate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OR Function?
The OR function performs a logical test to determine if any conditions are TRUE. It returns TRUE whenever any argument is TRUE and FALSE if none of its arguments is TRUE.
What types of arguments can the OR function take?
The arguments for OR function must be logical values like TRUE or FALSE.
What does the OR function do for non-logical values?
OR ignores text and empty cells and throws a #VALUE! error if its arguments have no logical values.
Does OR work with arrays?
Yes, OR works with arrays.

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