Formulas / NA
Create an #N/A error.
  • No arguments


  • =IF(ISBLANK(NA()), "Yes", "No")

    NA() is a function in Sourcetable that is used to indicate that a cell is empty. It is often used in conjunction with the IF function, which can be used to return a value based on whether a cell is blank or not. For example, the following formula will return "Yes" if the cell is blank, and "No" if it is not blank.

  • =IF(ISNUMBER(NA()), "Valid Date", "#N/A")

    The NA() function can also be used to create an error message when a cell does not contain the expected information. This formula will return "Valid Date" if the cell contains a valid date, and the #N/A error if it does not.

  • =IF(NA()="", "Cell is empty", "Cell is not empty")

    The NA() function can also be used to check if a cell is empty or not. This formula will return "Cell is empty" if the cell is empty, and "Cell is not empty" if it is not.

  • =SUM(NA(), A2)

    For example, if you want to calculate the sum of two cells and return a result even if one of the cells is blank, you could use the preceding formula. This formula will return the value of cell A2 even if the cell containing the NA() function is blank.


The NA function does not take any arguments and requires empty parentheses. It is used for displaying and handling missing or undefined data values in R.

  • The NA function returns the #N/A error, which means "not available" or "no value available".
  • Using the NA function requires empty parentheses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NA function?
The NA function is a financial analysis function that is used to identify empty cells and highlight cells with missing information.
What can I use the NA function for?
The NA function is used to:
  • Identify empty cells
  • Highlight cells with missing information
How do I use the NA function?
The syntax for the NA function is as follows:
The value argument is the value to be tested. If the value is missing, the function returns the logical value TRUE. If the value is present and not empty, the function returns the logical value FALSE.

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