Formulas / CONVERT
Convert units of measurement.
CONVERT(number, from_unit, to_unit)
  • number - the value to convert
  • from_unit - the unit for number
  • to_unit - specifies the units for the result


  • =CONVERT(100,"yd","m")

    The example converts 100 yards to meters and returns 91.44.

  • CONVERT(22,"C","F")

    The example converts 22 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit and returns 71.6.

  • =CONVERT(1,"gal","l")

    The example converts 1 gallon to liters and returns 3.79.


  • The CONVERT function takes three arguments: number, from_unit, and to_unit - which are used to convert a number from one measurement system to another.
  • The CONVERT function is used to convert a number to the new measurement system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CONVERT function?
The CONVERT function is a tool used to convert a number from one system of measurement to another.
What types of conversions can the CONVERT function do?
The CONVERT function can do many types of conversions, including length, weight, temperature, and volume.
What is the syntax of the CONVERT function?
The syntax of the CONVERT function is =CONVERT(number, from_unit, to_unit).
What are some examples of conversion types?
Some examples of conversion types are:
  • Length: Miles to kilometers
  • Weight: Pounds to grams
  • Temperature: Fahrenheit to Celsius
  • Volume: Gallons to liters

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